Allegations made by Meghan and Harry 'could be lethal' for monarchy in Canada: Nanos 1

Allegations made by Meghan and Harry ‘could be lethal’ for monarchy in Canada: Nanos


Nik Nanos breaks down the allegations of racism surrounding Buckingham Palace and says it 'could be lethal' for the monarchy in Canada.

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    1. @Mike Wood You wish in your dreams. Canada belongs to Canada buddy. Let’s be honest the only land that belongs to Britain is that tiny land smaller than Ontario in europe.

  1. These commentators have some difficulty with identifying truth from subjective opinion and bias.

  2. Lol the lady saying she was “stunned” that the Federal government issued a “tone-deaf” statement about the Commonwealth this morning – Um, could be because it’s COMMONWEALTH DAY..?! SMH.

    1. @albertannationalist Monarchy is useless & archaic. Abolish it like France, Germany, Italy & countless other countries did

    2. @Kevin Maroon you mean the countries who replaced it with fascism?

      Oh yeah we’ll get right on that.

    3. @albertannationalist These days getting rid of something doesn’t mean replacing it with something better.

  3. I think Queen Elizabeth is an exceptional woman, I think Princess Diana was the best thing to ever happen for the Monarchy, and I think Meghan is the worst thing. There…I’ve said my piece.

  4. Here is the thing….why exactly would I value the opinions of those two? What have they done to earn attention and respect?

  5. It could be seen as déjà-vu due to nonchalant ways among each other all together not just in England. Royalty has a way of stopping on their steps just because the Castle’s Council advises or says so. Listen to Mr. Protocolisto and what others may see and say. As an advisor… Let it ride.

    1. Laziness and nostalgia, we don’t feel like going through the hassle of changing the constitution and older Canadians born during the mid-20th century are still fond of the monarchy.

    2. it would be extremely divisive. every province has to degree. PEI could say so and that’d be it. it’s not water any politician wants to go into.

  6. It is long past time Canada becomes a Republic. They contribute next to nothing, but cost millions when they “Tour”.

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