Car salesman tossed from hood of allegedly stolen vehicle

Surveillance cameras captured the harrowing moments when Moe Al-Kaissy clung desperately to the hood of a car that was allegedly stolen from his family's car dealership in London, Ont.

Police confirm that they have opened an investigation into the incident.

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  1. How about that driver at @0:13 texting and driving. That was the grim reaper himself. Didn’t even brake; he should be charged, too.

    1. Maybe it was his brother Mustafa trying to catch the thief. Apparently, it’s ok if your brother hit you with his car.

    2. @fotogëanick Ya. Why would u get another person to drop u off? Their license plate is exposed and it leaves more evidence behind but I guess they could be that stupid

  2. Why were the other cars on the street almost hitting him? Whats up with that? The guy is pretty lucky regardless, he could have been killed.

  3. Respect Moe, you are a brave dude! I wish your feet a full recovery .. and I hope everybody involved in the theft gets nabbed..

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