Annette Gordon-Reed: History Teaches Us About Change Over Time | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Annette Gordon-Reed: History Teaches Us About Change Over Time | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Professor and author Annette Gordon-Reed continues her week-long discussion on Morning Joe of the themes in her new book 'On Juneteenth'.

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Annette Gordon-Reed: History Teaches Us About Change Over Time | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. If one accepts the premise that with only 70% of Republicans he’s lost “the majority” of Americans, which means they’re ALL out-numbered and trump is just “firing blanks”. People are just still jumping at “the noise”.

    1. A lot of “black” Americans have lived in America – generational speaking – than most “white” Americans there today. Who’s REALLY more “American”?

    2. @Michael Parks You replied to yourself? Sorry but no white man will validate my blackness. Not you and not sloppy jo.

    3. @Michael Parks
      (Google “Danny Woo Vk” in Bing for book of life, A science book that don’t exist in human world, if link missing in my video about bakekuchira)

  2. One need not understand the deeper love in order to benefit from it. Nor, should one expect payment, if sincere. It’s there, and it’s not going away. Confidence is high

  3. History teaches us that those trying to control and own people all those years ago…are doing it again today. Same tactics and all

  4. Depending on one stream of income had never made any millionaire and earning check don’t put you on forbes

    1. @Willie James
      I lost £1200 carelessly trading on a platform then I was referred to Mr Adam Douglas he recovered the loss and made an extra profit of £4600

  5. Well we learned about origin stories from Elizabeth Warren. Throughout her life she was able to profit from a false narrative about her American Indian heritage. He was able to obtain set-asides at college and she was able to advance because of affirmative action. Now we know that what she thought and what she told everybody was absolutely false.
    As a person with Scottish heritage which I can prove, my Scottish ancestors were imprisoned and enslaved by the Romans and then by the British. I think of the horror that my ancestors endured while in slavery. This history has had a profound impact on me and has driven me to succeed. As a lesbian female I worked hard to gain an education and then an advanced education, I grew my own business so that I would never be enslaved again. I am able to chart my own course.
    People with African heritage are being sold into slavery as we speak. A young Somali teenager can fetch as much as $150 to $200 on the African slave markets. The great thing about the professors book is that the United States government outlawed slavery as is the result of Juneteenth.

    1. Yet and still if you choose to compare the Scottish immigrant experience to the imported and enslaved African in the North American British colonies for many Scotts it was a place of “free” land and an opportunity to become wealthy by participating in some way large or small in the slave economy once they were granted “whiteness” by the W.A.S.P society at large.
      Many who have benefited from that perspective, now behave like “favored children” when confronted with their privilege in contrast to the sibling that suffered the abuse of a parent that did not love their children equally. The “favored” child often gets defensive and is usually in denial of any “special treatment” being responsible for their relative success compared to the abused sibling.
      This answers Joe’s question as to “why so many do not like to hear the true history of the United States when it reveals the origin of our society’s inequities.
      Who wants to hear that the parent who showed them, love, was actually a cruel and abusive oppressor to the other children who were forced to labor and support the family.

    2. @RJCHOICE Your post is resplendent in racial bigotry and racial triggering. The revisionist history spewed referencing “favorite children,” and ‘privilege’ and the term ‘whiteness’ is shocking but not unexpected and Is intended to disparage an entire race of people.
      I mentioned that slavery is still alive and well today in Africa. Slavery was alive and well in Africa and the Middle East long before the Atlantic slave trade began. We have to remember the huge African trade empires that existed at that time and were involved in the Middle East and Arab slave trade, selling captives. We have to remember that the trade empires allowed Europeans to establish ports in West Africa. We have to remember that the Europeans could not enter the interior of the country and to do so was a death sentence. The African empires then found great profit in selling captives to the Europeans. When we look at the very complete records of the Atlantic African slave trade, we know that the vast majority of human suffering were shipped to South America and the Caribbean islands. Others were sent to the Americas under British control long before the Revolutionary war. Following the war between the states the United States ended this “peculiar institution”, however it is still alive today can you stay Africa.
      I am highly offended by your attempt to diminish one form of slavery over another form of slavery. It is all a diabolical institution and to say that one group of slaves were better off than another is absolutely disgusting and should be called out.

    3. @RJCHOICE I am saying any slavery is a disgusting practice and abhorrent institution. I find it repulsive to view one set of peoples bound by slavery as less important than another peoples
      We recall the work of John Stuart Mill, the English philosopher and political economist who said, “almost every people now civilized have consisted in majority of slaves.”
      We also note a research at UK Berkeley who catalog the living conditions of slaves on plantations in the antebellum South. We know that the same conditions today exist in the minority enclaves of our most progressive cities. We also note that as previously stated, slavery is still alive and well in Africa today. Flea markets exist in Africa and the buyers of human suffering still exist in the Arabic world.
      I am glad that you are so obsessed with African slavery and I would suggest You go to Africa now, perhaps Somali would be a good starting point, and work to end the practice of slavery.

  6. A really good book on the topic is _Lies My Teacher Told Me,_ by James W. Loewen, which discusses the failings of American high school History text books. Omissions, alterations, fabrications of this country’s history do a huge disservice to students of color because they aren’t shown to be integral to the growth and success of the US, and a disservice to white students because it gives them a false sense of self-importance. That’s not to say that there weren’t important white contributions, of course. It’s just that they were not the _only_ contributors.

  7. She’s right, America is an Ideal, and it’s best to thrive as that ideal, instead of dividing it for the sake of a few.

  8. Binary thinking occurs because, while we live in a complex world, some still seek simple easy answers – which are almost always the wrong answers. They haven’t done the reading, thinking,

    questioning – they haven’t done the work. They take the easy way out, looking for a politician/TV talking head/Elmer Gantry to tell them what to do, what to say and what to think.

  9. but the whole focus on the dialect is the problem because the opposition isn’t between dates. the opposition is between the idea of america doing at once something exceptional. then promoting that it’s the definition of exceptionalism. actually too when it comes to what’s exceptional there’s a context that has to be referred to. it can obviously only be bloody as part and parcel of the achievement. but that’s the history. so that from there the perspective can then accept america’s shortcomings, and see it’s history as a continuum that includes successes as well as failures without concluding one or the other is definitive. again it’s american exceptionalism that’s the problem when it comes to the proper way of handling american history. drop it and see difficulties within a context that allows mitigation however and the story can actually pretty easily be told, thanks!!

  10. I am enjoying that this is on here to watch and understand. Can Joe stop colonizing the discussion though and let the short time she is on here speak what she can PLEASE!!?? I hope I don’t have to put this feedback in for the Wednesday installment either!

  11. I’d like to hear some of these Community leaders address the recent spike in violence in places like New York… maybe they could use their voice to make a difference instead of a profit

  12. 35th generation Deb Haaland would be laughing at the 6th and 7th generation pinkies deciding on what is and isn’t history.

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