White House Council of Economic Advisers Member: 'We're Still Very Much Climbing Out Of A Hole' 1

White House Council of Economic Advisers Member: ‘We’re Still Very Much Climbing Out Of A Hole’


Recent Covid-19 case counts and job numbers show the U.S. economy is on the upswing, so does the government need to spend an additional $4 trillion on recovery? White House Council of Economic Advisers Member Jared Bernstein makes the case for President Biden's ambitious economic packages and tells Stephanie Ruhle, "We're still very much climbing out of a hole."

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White House Council of Economic Advisers Member: 'We're Still Very Much Climbing Out Of A Hole'


  1. People spend based on optimism and government investing in people while positive GDP growth numbers come out is the engine that fuels to further this growth

  2. ask this guy what the amount of tax cuts have been post the tipp o neal tax cuts done during reagains union busting. also factor in inflation caused by red ink dollars.

  3. Thank You Mr. Bernstein for your wisdom and clarity. Solid questions by the MSNBC reporter .

  4. This is what happens when you elect a failed reality TV show host who bankrupted multiple casinos, got conned into laundering money for Russians, and is leveraged to the hilt with debt to pay for his past mistakes.

  5. Just asking, those who “Don’t want to go back to work due to low wages and the government is already paying me more.” Do you have a source for that? Are you talking about unfilled jobs? Those jobs also require , for the most part, interpersonal interaction. Though Covid is way down, if I wasn’t vaccinated I wouldn’t want to enter those jobs either. So are the employers or the jobless to blame for the growing list of unfilled positions? Shouldn’t wages be climbing to get someone anyone into these positions? Why are they still at the minimum wage? No one WANTS to take a minimum wage job, it’s usually that or nothing. Today people have a cushion, once that goes away let the hunger games begin anew. And as always may the odds ever be in your favor.

  6. The trump family made millions through out the years skimming out of the taxpayers, of course you have to dig yourself out!

  7. President Biden did very good job for the American’s/consistently fixings damages that the loosers Mitch McConnell did not have any proposals at all!

  8. We are climbing out of a hole to fall into a hellish pit. Buckle up for this disastrous ride.

    1. Hellish pit like the last four years. You have the memory of a gnat. Your a minority trumpster.

  9. They should create IRS bounty hunters. Pay them a percentage of the amount they reclaim.

  10. Okay Stephanie, I am calling you out. Who knows that workers are staying home because the benefits are so great and what does that say about wages in America?

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