Another House Destroyed by Fire in Central Kingston | TVJ News – Aug 16 2022

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  1. Only the innocent seems to be getting hurt in this war
    I’m from the area but I’m off the island
    Thank god

  2. well if it is not firebam do your investigation on give them the answer, because they live there on telling the police what happened

  3. Turn in the gun men in the area simple unnu kno who a war n unnu naw talk I DONT CARE FROM UNNU DON’T CARE

  4. Iam a jamaican living in the United Kingdom since:1964 and I still regard jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡²as my homeland, so please can we have a bit of Cherrie news,as everyday the news seems to be gloom and doom.

  5. Maybe its mercenary because as far as I’m concerned they plan to gentifry the sections of downtown.

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