Jamaica’s Road Fatalities Surpassed 300 Mark | TVJ News – Aug 16 2022

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  1. Friends one calamity’s that are going on around the world will lead to a Sunday Law Which will The Mark Of The Beast, Those that keep gods seventh day sabbath will be prohibited from buying and sell and persecuted. Jesus is coming are you ready?

  2. What are the chances that two Lancers crash into each other though? Hell of an odds!

    But close to Mobay and Westmoreland suh not impossible.

  3. Where do the majority of vehicles in Jamaica come from? Japan? Their vehicles are made to a much lower standard than other countries, plus their ppl know how to drive, obey road rules & are aware their cars aren’t safe. Jamaicans don’t obey speed limits or road rules, most i think bribed the authority to give them a license. They probably aren’t aware that the vehicles they’re driving are not the safest. If they knew maybe they would drive like the cars are made of glass..

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