Another Pandemic Election in Jamaica? | TVJ Midday News - June 23 2021 1

Another Pandemic Election in Jamaica? | TVJ Midday News – June 23 2021


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  1. This man is crazy… Somebody needs to tell him that he is part and parcel of the leadership of this country. he only understands how to criticize and speak irresponsible. no wonder the people rejected him at the polls.

  2. Only slow people who are colour blind like cow can’t see these things. Hoping for a spike to change the protocols come late August. Unu can stay there sleeping.

    1. @sharon hall is that what was said by bunting……what uno need fi do is pressure both parties about the crime plan they claim they had during the general election. If they can’t implement 1 don’t vote….and further more ask for fixed election dates, that way nuhbady caan up to ntn…….

  3. why is it he want to give the seniors this jaberoo
    leave them alone let them die naturally

  4. The people of Jamaica need 2 eliminate these old fogies n elect people like ZenZen, Tania, Nick, Donna n others that r improving the lives of the poor n needy.

  5. I wish they would give you a higher podium to use and not have ypu looking like you oonk up, or open your jacket.

  6. If graduation is limited to 30, we need to cancel face to face school, cancel exams also and cancel parties, round robins etc.these events with drunk men pitting on each others must be cancel.

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