Another Woman Accuses NY Governor Of Sexual Harassment | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Another Woman Accuses NY Governor Of Sexual Harassment | The Last Word | MSNBC


NY Times Albany reporter Jesse McKinley joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the new allegation of sexual harassment against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and the previous allegations by two former Cuomo aides. Aired on 03/01/2021.
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Another Woman Accuses NY Governor Of Sexual Harassment | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Not to dismiss inappropriate sexual advances, BUT the deaths of so many in nursing homes should that precedence with Cuomo

    1. @Zoom Shaka-Laka I sourced what I said in this very thread. Wow it’s frightening how misinformed people are and comfortable displaying their ignorance for all to see.

    2. HBO Just announced a new series- The Making of a Murderer : Death Camp Commandant Cuomo and the 15000 Deaths in NY Nursing Homes . And the Governor’s brother Chris Cuomo will be playing Fredo the brother in this series.

    3. @Crimdor why ? Cuomo told us in NY that he was saving lives and California locked down tighter then just about anyone in the country. If all of these lockdowns and masks worked, shouldn’t they have some of the lowest numbers and not the higher ones? HHmm ???

    4. @Crimdor I am not arguing against you but I think the Democrats AND the Republicans used this as a cash grab opportunity.

  2. Hmmm, suddenly a few sexual assault accusations are more important than moving 15,000 elderly into covid-ridden nursing homes, sentencing them to death.

    1. HBO Just announced a new series- The Making of a Murderer : Death Camp Commandant Cuomo and the 15000 Deaths in NY Nursing Homes . And the Governor’s brother Chris Cuomo will be playing Fredo the brother in this series.

    2. @Keith Torrence I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m not concerned about COVID-19. It’s exaggerated.

    3. @Brandon Nystron both are still wrong…one of the women said he forcibly kissed her and that can be considered assault to some ppl. I wouldn’t want to be kissed by a random person. Would you? What if he did that to you?

    4. @lollylollylollycindy ….Sorry for the late response…..Okay. Allow me explain exactly what I mean by accountability & responsibility. First of all…Your political Leaders created this mess to begin with. They created a society where Men and Women cohabitate & work together in close quarters in the same office space where they are face to face in a constricted area filled with heterosexuals working side by side together and you expect them Not to be attracted to one another?.Please! This is plain old stupidity! Human Beings have always been either physically or mentally attracted to one another. It’s a part of our natural animal instinct[the way God made us!]. If you try to deny this natural instinct as a scientific fact then you become delusional and illogical in your decision & desire to create and establish a so-called equality in the workplace thru cohabitation. In fact,you will actually create more inequality. Its a proven scientific fact that both Men & Women put off hormonal energy coupled with ethreal Male & Feminine energy all the time…Even when they are not even trying to such as[cologne & perfume included!]. Then when an offense occurs in the workplace,the natural response is to discipline the Man!. They will not even bother to take into consideration the possibility of flirtatation which naturally occurs between Men & Women in the workplace all the time. You just assume that the guy must just be a pevert! And when people like me try to even remotely suggest the possibility of implementing segregation of the two sexes in the work place.. You get mad at us and say that your Rights are being violated!. This is absolute madness! When you consistently try to integrate the workplace with both TESTOSTERONE and ESTROGEN then you will continue to get the same results… FIREWORKS!….And that is exactly what that kind of hormonal combination produces? But you guys call it Sexual Harrassment,when it is actually nothing more than a natural primordial attraction that happens to naturally exist & occurs between Men & Women all the time! Period!..So whats the solution…SEPARATION of the Sexes in the workplace.That’s the accountability I speak of and it is the only responsible way to resolve this never ending reoccurring problem in the workplace….Period!…That’s all…Shalom

    1. This is all a ploy to divert attention from that very thing. No one cares about this! He literally murdered people!

    2. Funny thing is, we all knew this months ago. And now it’s just getting the news. It’s seriously sad, evil, and brain dead to think sending positive patients into nursing homes is a brilliant idea. NJ Governor Murphy did the same. I don’t know how he’s not being lit it.

  3. I feel like they are trying to divert from the fact that this dude killed many grandmas and grandpas

    1. @Founding Fodder sir. I’m going to try to spell this out for you. But I need to know how every other person in here can see that I’m a child except for you. I’m a 10 year old kid who simply asked a question. I don’t know what you mean by Dancing around the facts. I just wanted to know if the man walked in there and killed people. I got my answer from the other nice people in here. There’s no need for you to talk anymore

    2. HBO Just announced a new series- The Making of a Murderer : Death Camp Commandant Cuomo and the 15000 Deaths in NY Nursing Homes . And the Governor’s brother Chris Cuomo will be playing Fredo the brother in this series.

    3. @zeke1220 , stop gaslighting, zeke, you hardly sound neutral in your zealous attempt to defend a despicable scoundrel. Just thought I’d point that out for ya, lemming. Just thought I’d point that out for ya too.

  4. It’s impossible to follow Youtube Community Guidelines when commenting truthfully about this sh*tbag.

    1. @Alfred Stiffcock I probably differ from you politically, but I respect your opinion and your voice.

    1. @Mike G his time is up period. I’m a New Yorker he’s done a lot of damage to this state. I’m a Democrat by the way we need new leadership

    1. @The Hot Box

      No Donald Trump will be living rent free in one of our prisons… Unless he takes the Jeffery Levine get out of jail free card option, right?

    2. HBO Just announced a new series- The Making of a Murderer : Death Camp Commandant Cuomo and the 15000 Deaths in NY Nursing Homes . And the Governor’s brother Chris Cuomo will be playing Fredo the brother in this series.

    1. @Custom Chevys
      I don’t get people like you, why play games. Own your opinions, it’s the USA.. You don’t have to back pedal because you can come up with an actual explanation. Saying ‘nice attempt’ is still insinuating they were consciously trying to distract in the first place. I said, what I said… You don’t have to agree or even like it. If you choose to post on a public forum, people can reply…

    2. @Froggy77100 Thanks for the stream of consciousness you vomited out. Your projection is epic. The remarkable thing about the Fascist radical woke left is the void where critical thinking would be expected to reside. Nope, nothing there. Thousands of deaths hidden by command, and when was the last time your propaganda ministries spent time updating the story and investigation? And don’t lie when you post something. President Trump never said he wanted testing stopped. Not ever. Save such lies for your fellow Fascists to discuss; that is what you’re trainers been developed you all to do.

    3. @Peachpie and left the massive Javit’s Center emergency medical operation virtually untouched.

    4. @Froggy77100 I said what i said feel free to read it again. I cant help it that you quoted me wrong trying to troll up some BS. Better luck next time. Im done with you. You are trying to work it like you know what another person thinks.

    1. @Wintercourse I live in NY and no one would miss him. He has his moments but he is mostly talk and no action. Let’s get an LGBT Black Women why not, giving white men the job for so long has only stinted progress. Let’s do it.

    2. @Big Boomer , what about the biden/hunter scandal where biden used a quid pro quo to get an attorney fired. The attorney was investigating hunter. Nothing has been done about that. Hypocrites, all of you

    1. @Jon-Laurence deCespedes When are you going to make Donnie accountable for his responses to the pandemic…..????
      I believe he is the one that promoted the spread of this disease……


    3. @Gerald Sutton Add to that, thru don’t take the time to research anything. If it’s their perceived enemy they just attack. It’s a cult, nothing more…

    1. For those who are saying “how?” …When it comes to the real issue, of Cuomo putting covid patients into nursing homes leading to mass loss of life, many Governors have done the same thing and the system allowed it to go on. So, in order to protect itself, the system will highlight one Governor, throw him overboard with unrelated issues and then everyone will forget all about the real issue and move along. Protecting the other Governors and the system that allowed it to happen. Some of you are already going along with it. Not the first time it’s been done.

    2. Covering up murder with sexual harassment. That sounds like his logic, I’ve heard his briefings.

  5. Why did the relief ship sit empty at the docks while covid patients were being annihilated in nursing homes? That decision alone was murder.

    1. HBO Just announced a new series- The Making of a Murderer : Death Camp Commandant Cuomo and the 15000 Deaths in NY Nursing Homes . And the Governor’s brother Chris Cuomo will be playing Fredo the brother in this series.

    2. @J SMARTIN If I wanted a babbling incoherent lecture from a provisional clod I would have looked you up you ignorant $hit twister!

    3. @chris chris right this is coming from the guy who has no education and likes to lick windows. It wasn’t a lecture window licker it was facts.

    4. @J SMARTIN Several counties in Colorado had more votes than people living there. As in, over 100% turnout. I don’t need much more proof than that. We watched counting stop and the numbers flip, real time. Don’t really need documented proof when you got your own two eyes.

  6. Listen, we don’t wanna hear about the women. We want to hear about the elderly that he had killed

    1. @Gerald Sutton Those deaths are a direct result of bad policies by Governors.
      Trump didn’t tell Governor Chomo to put sick people in to nursing homes.
      Randy Andy decided to do that all on his own.
      Trump actually gave him a navy hospital ship and had the Javets Center refurbished in to a field hospital, both of which went unused, to avoid these situations.

    2. @Gerald Sutton yes but that’s down from the 2million every was so sure would die in 2020 alone. That is what was expected. So technically he saved 1.5 million people with his policies and quick action. Right?

    3. @John Patrick And Donnie was saying it was “not a big thing, like the flu, will go away in a couple of days”……500,000 deaths later………and he knew…????

    4. @Gerald Sutton come on down to Chinatown. I’ve got these blonde hairs on my legs that stand up in the water.

    1. @my diet is fruits’ nutt and seed cool my opinion has changed I voted twice for coumo in NY and I am not to sure if I’ll be voting democrat again next election. How’s that for change?

    2. @my diet is fruits’ nutt and seed imagine being so naive and gullible it took this for you to see how sleazy Cuomo is

    3. He is still the democratic horney golden boy. He will be just fine in a couple month and will look into running in 2024 and all will be forgotten. Old news

    1. Who cares about this guys sexual harassment. Do you really care if Jefferey Dahmer told a woman she had a nice @ss? There are tens of thousands of dead elderly people because of this guy and billions of dollars in play over those deaths. All of this is a distraction.
      The Dems want to take this guy out over something small so they don’t reveal their morbid scheme to get death numbers up during an election cycle.

      Don’t be distraction from the elderly genocide over petty sexual harassment stories that may or may not be true. It isn’t that he shouldn’t be held accountable but not at the expense of sweeping this genocide under the rug which is happening right before our eyes.

    2. @Guided Meditation I agree with you! I thought the same thing because no one is talking about the deaths anymore. They are actually trying to cover him, it’s so disturbing!

    1. It’s a cover up. Basically a easy out. They don’t want to touch the covid thing because they were using this guy to grind into people’s heads orange man bad. They can’t go back on it.

    2. They are both real issues and both are being addressed, its not a conspiracy to divert from the nursing home issue they are both being handled by separate investigations.

      Bottom line is Cuomo’s career is over, 3 women now most seem to think are credible and the nursing home lies are enough to end his career provided these women aren’t somehow discredited which is unlikely.

      Again as a Democrat if the are true fully condemn his actions on both parts, I just wish the Republicans handled their representatives in the same manner, but the fact is Trump has over two dozen accusations 2 of which are in court right now over a dozen were reported and we literally have Trump admitting on tape he assaults women whenever he feels like it, we have him hanging out with Epstein a known sexual offender of minors among other things and yet not a single Republican condemns or even questions Trumps actions yet time and time again the Democrats hold their own accountable, Roy Moore is another example of how Republicans ignore allegations and are hypocrites Roy Moore went after a 14 yr old when he was 32 and still had the backing of the entire GOP and its base.

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