Manley: ‘Series Of Pressure Tactics’ Needed To Pass Minimum Wage Increase | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Manley: ‘Series Of Pressure Tactics’ Needed To Pass Minimum Wage Increase | The Last Word | MSNBC


Jim Manley, a 21-year veteran of the Senate, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss why a proposal for increasing the minimum wage “doesn’t have to be a one off” and why pressure tactics are needed to “put Republicans in a difficult position on the minimum wage.” Jason Johnson also joins the conversation. Aired on 03/01/2021.
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Manley: ‘Series Of Pressure Tactics’ Needed To Pass Minimum Wage Increase | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. Yes spread the word. Go to school. Get an education. Education makes minimum wage irrelevant.

  1. 01:45… Paired with tax breaks for the wealthy???!!! Give me a break. How many effing tax breaks do the wealthy need?

  2. For once I’d like to see “unfair political scheming” to be used to help working Americans instead of corporations, you know, like EVERY OTHER TIME.

    1. @Margaret Nicol Simple math and basic economics. Companies exist to make money for their owners (stock holders). They do not exist to create jobs. You want a good job? Create more value for your company than it costs them to pay you. Artificially inflating a wage beyond the market value for that labor only accelerates inflation. Not only does it help devalue the dollar, you’re right back to needing another wage increase in another few years. Vicious cycle that many don’t seem to understand.

    2. @Christina OK – sticking with the basic math – take away the workers (they don’t want to pay a living wage to) how do the owners make their money?

    3. @Margaret Nicol Minimum wage is just that, MINIMUM. It was never intended to be a livable wage. $10 – $15/hour jobs are for young people.  None of my employees make minimum wage, because I require a certain level of intelligence and skill. Adults are expected take proper steps to ensure their ability earn a living. Anyone not taking advantage of education and training opportunities in this country, entrepreneurial opportunities as well, have no one to blame but themselves.

    1. i don’t think people on minimum wage spend much time on vacation – they are working two jobs, working in hard, dirty jobs and are just the next generation born into a scarcity mindset – the Human experience is meant to be an inclusive one – give the others a chance to get to the trough

    2. ​@Warren Kay – Ya okay then.
      Take a virtual trip then or do your research on CA.
      Jesus Karen…

  3. Msnbc literally deleted the video from a couple days ago where everyone was crapping on the idea of a 15$ wage increase.
    That’s actually pretty hilarious.

    1. Brother Mine – ya no duh you don’t see it, they deleted it.
      I had tons of conversations on it and when I went to check back, the video shows up as 3 dots with a grey box background and doesn’t load the video.

    2. @Crimdor really? cause i watch this channel a lot and there are zero missing videos from that last several weeks…

  4. Nothing screams ELITIST, like refusing to raise the minimum wage.

    In retaliation for the overwhelming support the majority of Americans have for the Dem proposal to raise the minimum wage, Republicans just proposed a bill to lower the minimum wage to $1 an hour.

    1. Democrats are looking to counter with a maximum wage of $18/hr. They fear if people make too much money they will lose votes.

  5. I want to see Republicans go on record against it! Great campaign slogan 2022! Also, Cops Are Not Props

    1. @William Steed Through tax breaks and new tax revenue as people will make more money, they will pay more in income tax. If we cut taxpayer subsidies (corporate welfare) to Exxon Mobil and actually tax their trillion dollar profits, which we do not do now, that would pay for the wage increase, and a lot of other things sorely needed.

    2. @William Steed My family has owned a small business, for which I did the books. I have a background in micro and macro economics. I am not an “educated by media” person. I do my own research.

    3. @William Steed It’s Orange man’s puppeteers who have done this, destroying small businesses and the middle class with bad policies.

    4. A couple years ago I researched the claim that increasing the minimum wage just causes prices to rise. It’s false. I found a chart that showed both inflation and the minimum wage, and it’s clear that the minimum wage steadily loses ground relative to the cost of living except for the moments when Congress compensates for that lost ground by increasing the minimum wage.
      In most industries, the cost of labor is only a fraction of total cost, and only a fraction of net profit.
      I do suggest exempting the few businesses that are so unprofitable that paying the higher wage would push the business owner below the poverty line.
      I also suggest Bernie flesh out the “tax and spend” alternative to the minimum wage that he considered a few days ago, which would DIRECTLY affect the budget so the Parliamentarian would presumably allow it to be unfilibusterable. He dropped the idea because he got pushback and because there isn’t enough time right now to work out the details. But it has a lot of potential. It could be designed to create a strong incentive for profitable businesses to “profit share” with workers enough money to keep the workers out of poverty. It would tax profitable businesses the difference between what they pay their workers and a “living wage,” plus a surcharge to cover the federal cost of administration. (That surcharge would create the incentive for businesses to pay the living wage to avoid the tax.) The IRS would send monthly checks to workers earning less than the living wage, to make up the difference. Both the tax and the checks would DIRECTLY affect the federal budget, so under the Byrd rule the Parliamentarian should allow them into the unfilibusterable budget reconciliation process, and the next opportunity will be later this year for the 2022 budget.

    5. @Brother Mine I should have phrased that differently. They have been avoiding going on record with any vote, but especially on votes against popular programs, ones for which there is great public support, but which nonetheless , they will oppose. MO for 15 years at least . Now this comes to the floor, and like it or not, they will go on the record for it…..hence the campaign slogan. There are a lot of falsehoods about economics out there. Been trying to dislodge some of the garbage from dialogue.

  6. I find it impossible to believe there are so many voters in America and their politicians who are able to accept that a minimum wage of $15 per hour is unacceptable and claim it will destroy their society but a wage of $7.25 an hour isn’t destroying your society at this very moment.
    No wonder you have 43% of your citizens living in a home where somebody owns a gun.

    1. @Craig Norris There appears to be a large part of your brain missing that should’ve contained knowledge of how other people in your country grew up and what they experienced.
      Take for example; As many as 50 million Americans have an IQ of 85 and below.
      If they are teenagers their ability to be able to finish high school is almost zero.
      The military will not take on people with an IQ this low as they are a burden to maintain.

      Now, how about people who have a condition where they have an IQ high enough to complete school but are unable to concentrate or their home life makes it impossible to study to make the grade. The list goes on and on.
      Please study and think about things before you state platitudes that are built on ignorance.

    2. You’re right, there aren’t. Two thirds of Americans support a $15 federal minimum wage. The remainder are either brainwashed by far right propaganda or crying loudly because they won’t be able to exploit people for starvation wages any more when this is passed.

    3. @i minabrons you are correct I should have clarified. I was referring to those who keep walking into interviews and the first thing they ask is do you drug test. The warehouses are full of them. They prefer to make 10/hr and retain their right to smoke weed rather than be able to pass a D.O.T. physical and make 30/hr. I suppose you feel these people deserve a higher pay to afford more weed.

  7. Here’s a pressure tactic; Every single person who wants the $15 minimum should contact their local and state politicians – and DEMAND they vote for it – if they want your votes next time!

    1. @Aaron Helvig Thank you. I hadn’t spotted that typo!
      PS: Are you trying to put pressure on me? 🙂

    2. Any tactic that requires action by millions of people is doomed to fail. There’s a huge “free rider” incentive to save time by sitting back and letting other people take care of it, since one additional person won’t make a difference.

    3. @Brother Mine Yes but if everyone took that route women still wouldn’t have the vote! Luckily there are usually enough who get off their backsides.

  8. Republicans need to support the working man.. The tax cuts for the rich its done straight away, but anything that helps the poor takes forever. $15 minimum wage would really help families. People are struggling.

  9. It doesn’t matter if it was raised to $20 an hour. shoving more money into people’s pockets isn’t the answer. It’s teaching people how to spend their money wisely. So maybe instead of schools teaching kids that they can identify themselves as a unicorn, maybe teach them how to budget.

    1. How “wisely” you’re spending your money is a moot point if you don’t have enough of it to cover your basic necessities.

  10. Two thirds of Americans support increasing the federal minimum wage to $15/hour. It’s ridiculous that the majority is suffering under the tyranny of a minority. Democrats need to start playing hardball. Remove the filibuster, make DC and Puerto Rico into states, institute electoral reform to prevent Republican voter suppression and do away with the electoral college as soon as possible.

  11. Of course Shumer decides to push things through by ignoring the rules. Why are there even rules then?

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