Anti-Trump GOP candidate: We're not living up to this moment 1

Anti-Trump GOP candidate: We’re not living up to this moment


Michael Wood, a Republican whose anti-Donald Trump message resulted in a crushing defeat in a special election for a Texas US House seat over the weekend, said the party is compromising its values by spreading the former president's falsehoods.
"It seems like right now, the dividing line in our politics is going to be between those who speak the truth and those who engage in conspiracy theories. And that's really unfortunate," Wood told CNN's John Berman on "New Day," adding that he is concerned about the direction of the GOP. "It feels like in a lot of ways we've gone through a looking glass, and those of us in the party who are against insurrection and lying are finding ourselves turned into fringe candidates. It's a sad commentary on the party. It's a sad commentary on the country."
A Marine veteran and outspoken critic of Trump, Wood finished ninth in the crowded field for the congressional district seat that has been left without representation since the death of GOP Rep. Ron Wright. Wood, who received roughly 3% of the vote, has called for Republicans to reject the former President and stop pushing conspiracy theories like the 2020 election was stolen and QAnon. He was backed by Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a vocal Republican Trump critic in Congress.

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    1. Politics is only dividing up the 99% and keep em busy eating PROPAGANDA while they keep extort and exploit you truth hurts folks

    1. @JP Slayermayor like how your cornpop Biden is running the country fantasy land or candy land

    2. @Meg Gourley they say that how many years now? I guess your savior Biden is going to fix everything

  1. From Germany: Kudos to Michael Woods. I ain`t Republican but this man has got a spine, morals and values. Respect, Sir.

    1. @Ken Albertsen As young as he is, Michael Wood seems to be a BTTP (Before the Tea Party) Republican.

    2. @michael virgini There is supposed to be a separation of Church and State. But every time a Republican gets in office, women’s rights come under attack, the Bible (upside down in Trump’s photo-op) becomes a symbol of the irrational far-right mentality and having guns becomes more important than caring about your fellow citizens.

  2. This is what we call dignity!!this guy will be a true leader,the truth shall always prevail..

    1. @Suzanne Chiarenza not all in the military loves or even likes him. One shouldn’t generalize any group. peace 🙂

    2. @Sue Legacie I’m sorry you didn’t recognize the sarcastic/tongue in cheek statement. As an adult and a Black woman I do not generalize.

    3. @NHRA Gold Yeah no, America is on the mend, but I’m sure you’ve heard differently on Snoozemax, didn’t you?

    4. Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….

      …and I can now confirm that
      “The Ukraine” has
      “finally” called, to “congratulate”
      me, on my “strange” victory….

      I’m releasing their “funds”,
      next week……………….

  3. Well Sir, as a proud Democrat you’re a winner in my book, you stood up for what you believe

    1. Be careful you don’t want the cops to hunt you down. If you leave your house you will end up dead.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas well. In the usa those moderate democrats are the republican party to the rest of the modern world.

    3. @President NotSure we have the technology, the constitution disagrees, and no one cares if you have a size issue and need guns to make your self feel good.

  4. Now that’s a true leader stand up for what they know is right even though they know they’re going to lose.

    1. Absolutely not. He voted for trump…twice…which makes him part of the problem. If he had been part of Congress, he might complain, but ultimately he would be in lockstep with the heist. He would not have voted to impeach trump either time. Don’t feel sorry for this guy for finally realizing just how ugly his party has always been! He gets no pity from me!

  5. Leaving the party isn’t going to make it better. I hope Michael Wood continues the fight.

    1. Sometimes things get so bad it’s best they fade away. Unless Republicans suddenly get a freezing cold shower of reality the party will go.

  6. Don’t worry about the Little Falls you get the truth will win out in the end. I really truly believe this

  7. “Those of us in the party against insurrection and lying have become a fringe ” So sad.

    1. It is, yet this fringe has the capacity to help keep those that would intentionally hurt this country out of office. With one of the two parties so lost and corrupted we need the people to step up to change the direction this country is headed.

    2. Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….

      …and I can now confirm that
      “The Ukraine” has
      “finally” called, to “congratulate”
      me, on my “strange” victory….

      I’m releasing their “funds”,
      next week……………….

  8. There are many of us who respect & support Michael Wood. I certainly hope he never gives up.

    1. If there is no room in the Republican party for guys like this then the Republican party is already dead.

  9. This is a thoughtful man and boy does America need more of this. I’m not Republican but he inspires hope for America’s political future

    1. His party didn’t miss it. That’s why they hate him. Because truth and facts no longer fit their agenda.

  10. He won in my book. Also, he said he made certain people really angry, and those were the people who are wrong and hurting but know they’re wrong and acting out in anger. Good for this guy!

  11. He sounds so defeated while trying to do the right thing in a party that is eating itself, and the world, alive. Prayers for him.

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