Anti-Vaxxers a Distraction | TVJ News - April 22 2021 1

Anti-Vaxxers a Distraction | TVJ News – April 22 2021


Meanwhile anti-vaccine sentiments continue to stymie the government's inoculation drive against Covid-19. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jacqueline Bisasor-McKenzie, concedes anti-vaxxers are causing setbacks.

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  1. I don’t care what unnu call me, every man has a right to decide his destiny!!

    All who tek it congratulations to you
    Me nah fight against yuh but this bullying and trying to shame us who are against anti-cv concoction (because it is not a vaccine so let’s stop misleading folks), is really gone far enough! Propaganda is at an all time high right now.

    1. COVID and the COVID concoction are going to be with us for the rest of our lives, we just have to be careful and avoid them. Hopefully, COVID doesn’t spread when the government ease up on the lookdown and allow people to go about their business without mask.

  2. That mean the vaccine nuh good if you take it and still can catch COVID THAT MAKE SENSE WOMAN JUST MOVE UP

    1. @Dee Cashen Exactly teach them because most of these people just chat chat and chat and don’t know the facts no one is force to take the vaccine but don’t spread fault news and try to intimidate people if they wish to take it. Some of these people don’t read that’s is why they behave the way they do illiterate and foolish.

    2. @God’s Child the scriptures warn to be aware of the enemy’s devices. Take off God’s child off your name because you are in the spirit of the anti christ. A slave to the wicked world, no faith and no wisdom you hypocrite. It doesn’t need rocket science to see through what they are doing. The same jerk who wants to cut the population all of a sudden has a miracle drug that works by taking MULTIPLE shots.

    3. @Dee Cashen a response from an educated fools.
      How about I use what god made naturally to boost my immune system instead of putting substance in my body that doesn’t belong there which is in your vaccines.
      Like MRC-5 which is baby fetal tissue.
      Mercury which is one of the most toxic substances in alot of the se vaccines.
      No thank you.
      Keep being bamboozled by the devil

    4. @God’s Child dam zombie wake up n stop chAt madness why ppl who r dead spirtually calling people foolish u r the fool u don’t have any common sense like where is ppl common sense ur blind really bad u r program by what u say in ur statement dem wull u to with them cult its a scamdemic

  3. People with common sense = Anti Vaxxers

    Lmaoo so if we no want take it then unu have more fi unu self, be happy

  4. GOD naah sleep….GOD a look out fi we….don’t care how much wickedness a gwan pon the island ….we are GOD FEARING PEOPLE…..that’s why GOD always mek HURRICANE gage we island ……PEOPLE’ GOD love we….just observe the SIGNS ….GOD showing us…

    1. @Kenlar Thompson You really think YOU and LUCIFER can stop me from BLAZING the FIRE ??? …..hey SWORDFISH if is a man you a look….dow focus over yah suh!! .. man bun a fyah on a me.. you a pree ?

    2. @reel gena real yute that fish thing I leave to you ..I realize you weak and easily submissive,you see how easy you summit to wearing masks at your work can’t even stand up to the things you believe in..

    3. @reel gena real yute by the end of June ,you be vaccinated..your weak dude.just love to Yap and nothing to back up your Yapping..

    4. @reel gena real yute 1min u a talk about God, the next min u r the Devil advocate. U need to calm down.

  5. 560 deaths out of 3 million people. Does that sound like something you would need to vaccinate the entire population over?

  6. I am sorry but that vaccine cannot determine weather I die or live. Second I am not a life line for no one. God is the life giver. I shouldn’t be responsible for others people decisions. Your bullying and controlling society in emotional abusive manupulating, cunning, cut-throat way. Putting the burden on the rest of population to make them feel guilty for not taking a vaccine… That’s a guilt trip method that is. I am not encouraging any one not to take it but don’t force me to do something I don’t want to do! You all are causing the real distractions. There are other massive problem in jamaica right now that are ignored cus of covid like murder , Poverty ???? That’s what needs to be taken care of. Give the people freedom of choice they deserve. I will not feel guilty because I don’t take that. Our eyes are so fixed in this thing that we can see nothing else but more things are going to happen. Covid just the tip of the iceberg for now. Vaccine can’t save us from what’s about to come up on the whole world. Betta call on God cus you will need him. He alone can save and no vaccine will.

  7. WARNING ..

    Matthew 24:4
    And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.

    Revelation 18:23
    And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy MERCHANTS were the GREAT MEN of the earth; for by thy SORCERIES were all nations DECEIVED

    What is SORCERY?
    Sorcery is thee use of black magic, witchcraft, occultism,. Voodoo, MEDICINE , spell, VACCINE, the use of power gained from the assistance or control of Evil Spirit.
    There’s nothing good about this vaccine it is only there to modify man, to change your DNA that not even God can recognise you.Satan the chief enemy of mankind has designed this vaccine to wipe out the whole human race. If Jesus does not come not even one person will be left alive upon the earth. But for His elect sake He will shorten the time. Matthew 24:22.

  8. Government must set example when all the politicians take it then the rest will follow. Unnu same one know the effect . If it was gd noone would have to force them.

  9. I’ve got nurse try to name three of those ingredients in the vaccine you remember you can sue them must be because it works so great because it’s something that’s been tested and tried

  10. Sharpe vaccinated after him catch covid so why him still dead if its helping people. the vaccine is more important about something else not covid

    1. Its all about getting us in a mindset to be experimented on with Gene therapy nanotechnology. It’s like vybz kartel.said, dem want to computerize us

  11. Ok so… it’s the non vaccinated population causing the setback?? I thought there was a shortage.

  12. If someone who has taken it is at risk from those who dont take it then you need to take more .

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