'Anyone Who’s Saying That Title 42 Is About Public Health Is Absolutely Wrong.' | MSNBC 1

‘Anyone Who’s Saying That Title 42 Is About Public Health Is Absolutely Wrong.’ | MSNBC


While the Biden administration is allowing unaccompanied migrant children into the country, it’s still enforcing the Trump-era order of Title 42 against adults and families. But advocates and even health experts have argued against the order. Caitlin Dickerson, a staff writer for The Atlantic, and Jess Morales Rocketto, the chair of Families Belong Together, joined American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss the effects of the order, how its contributing to new challenges, and what lawmakers need to do.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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'Anyone Who’s Saying That Title 42 Is About Public Health Is Absolutely Wrong.' | MSNBC


    1. @sree parthan Not true sree. You are misinformed. If you believe Democrats want open borders, you are incorrect. Finding this information is truly one of the easiest things you can Google. Maybe you aren’t “woke” enough. Shake off the Conservative media, and do a bit of research.

      Here’s some info you might want to consider:

      1) The southern border is NOT open

      2) Democrats do NOT want open borders

      3) A problem like immigration that’s been around for decades is not going to be solved in two months.

      4) Education is important, not just because of the knowledge it provides, but because it teaches critical thinking skills. The skills will help you get through life a lot better than swallowing what the Conservative media would like you to swallow. But, wait … higher education is expensive! WAY too expensive for everyone, including me. Hm, what to do, what to do. How about we get a Democratic president in office who cares more about the country than padding his pockets? And how about we get people to think about what they’re asked to believe by making education more affordable.

  1. If the NBC News App I download has malware that steal my passwords or encrypts mu files for ransom, can I sue NBC for damages?

    1. @Jorge Stolfi I think for that you have to go to the source. I doubt that MSNBC is reading every posted comment here. If they don’t have a designated team that reviews changes in coding, then I would encourage you to contact them about this. Having worked with code in my previous job I know how mind numbing it can be. But I also know that people are hired for this particular type of task.

    2. @Jorge Stolfi You don’t even know how YT works, yet you post about applications, malware, encryption, etc. Funny. Yeah, I was talking to you. That is how a post is made on YT when someone replies to the OP. Well, at least you learned something… hopefully.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera You have already proved you lack intelligence kid. LOL!!! Apparently, you’ve never heard of Ellis Island and what immigrants were required to do. I’ll be waiting.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera That wasn’t the issue now was it Tessmage? It was Title 42 wasn’t it? And Title 42 has been around longer than Covid.

    3. @lifecloud2 Yes, but it is also true that Title 42 was extended in May of 2020 and used as an excuse to eject migrants from the USA.

    1. If you’re not going to use facts instead of orange god lies, you’re just wasting everybody’s time, essentially screaming “hey, look at ME!”

  2. *i do not recognize your culture* … as advanced.. i recognize your culture.. as… *diseased* ..

    1. @espy
      why don’t you do something other than try and soothe your missing plug… do some nose picking or something…

  3. Sounds like we have a surge every two years.
    Like the Texas energy grid, if you know it’s broken and you don’t fix it, don’t be surprised when it fails completely.

  4. The problem is over population in the countries south, birth control is needed. If you can’t feed them, don’t breed them!

  5. The problem is solved at the root … at the country of origin. If we can spend the necessary money on assisting them in keeping their population within the country, we would save the money we’re currently putting into the immigration issue now.

    Also, if new facilities are built to provide humane holding units for migrants … and if those facilities are created by private organizations, then there’s a financial incentive instantly created to continue with the way things are now. This is the same thing that’s happening with privatized prisons.

    1. We used to send money to those countries, but Trump yanked it. Not saying it was working, the countries that receive it need to be held accountable that it is being used for the purpose it was being sent there for.

    2. @William Hunt Yes, blame everyone but yourself.
      Sending money does not mean the US should do nothing.
      This happend compleetly thanks to the current president and his “promises”.
      The immigrants that cross the border, all say it… There is no question of “who’s fault it is”.

    1. Who is they? Also, obviously, you only watched a very tiny part of the video. Anyway, I will try to help you regarding this matter. Borders, in every country, have always been a mess. There have been world wars over borders. As in other countries, if there are people on one side of a border starving, or their life is in danger, they will try to cross the border to the other country because they don’t have a choice. Here is the kicker: As in many countries, there are citizens that refuse to do certain jobs. You think those people across those borders starving will do those jobs?

      Of course, it is way more complicated than just the above, but the above is a great deal of the problems.

      Personally, as bad as it may sound, the U.S. should reject all immigrants for now. There are enough undocumented workers currently in the country to do jobs Americans will not do. With the pandemic/variations, still much needed relief, the bad economy, etc., those things need to be solved before there is more burden put on the U.S. because of immigrants.

      And, there are means where people can seek asylum to another country without ever leaving their home country.

      Also, even if many do not want to admit it, people in line at the border that are over-weight are not starving. Et.. So yes, of course, there are many that just want to take advantage of the USA, even it it is detrimental to the USA. As one point was made: Immigrant families are sending there children in by themselves so they will be taken in.

  6. We can’t have an open border and we can’t seem to make a humanitarian effort to fix it this is not acceptable! Congress do your job not everybody can come to US.

    1. Pay them to once only go home and start a business or something this has got to be cheaper.

  7. 4:01 they have to abandon their regular work enforcing the law and instead babysit.
    What exactly is their regular work? They arent enforcing unlawful border crossing.

  8. Minors are more easily molded into productive Americans that integrate and learn the language; unlike their parents. So if we want immigrants to come and fuel our future labor force than I think this IS the right way to go.

  9. The only reason you would trek across the continent and leave your family, friends, country, and home; is because the alternative is that there is no alternative.

    Well another reason might be because they think life will be better, easier, etc.
    Low income gov/financial assitance probably provides more money in just food stamps for one month, then the migrant hopefuls likely made in income over an entire year. Many dont even pretend like they want to be or become american citizens. They are proud of who they are, and the country they came from. All they have to do is make it across the border, and if worst comes to worse they get caught and are deported, they can just try again the next day.

  10. Doing a Moses by walking your children from Central America and then letting them cross alone is an act of desperation.

    I think it is strong evidence that the USA needs to make right the damage the USA did to the region by imposing corporate governance, per “banana republics”.

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