1. No, but not because I don’t like Joe, I do. He’s got too much baggage and his age is an issue. The Dems need to find a strong feisty candidate, just a tad left of center who will unite the party and can street fight as well as Trump. Someone with a solid record, a blue collar all American upbringing, and can charm not only your old fashioned grandma, but also your crusty uncle Charlie and your flighty 18 year old niece.
      I also like Harris, but she’s not what the Dems need going into 2024. She’d make a great Secretary of State though, or maybe Attorney General…..hell put her on the SOTUS if a position comes up, but keep her off the 2024 ticket.

  1. Part of the problem with politics is that they’re more concerned about the next election than doing anything in the now.

    1. I think it’s because the American 2 year wave of elections, and ridiculously long elections process keeps everyone in campaign mode. Should do everything on the same day every 4 years and cut the primaries and campaign times down to 2 months.

    1. @Patrick Johnson AOC is a congresswoman. So, yeah. She’s directly involved with politics

    2. @Adam Mcgrath interesting. Your country still seems to be here. Anyway, destroying something requires action. This administration has pretty much made inaction their entire platform

  2. This presidency is so feckless that I don’t think anyone would endorse him. There’s so much he could do right now through executive action, yet refuses to even talk about it. Hopefully he isn’t the “best” candidate we get in 2024. Plus the guy is getting up there in age and it shows.

  3. The answer, objectively, is almost perfect; Not partisan, cultish, blind, or disregarding the reality that the president needs to have plans, goals, appropriate views and evolving analysis of and for our country. I like the answer, it was not ruling him out, or abusing him in an inappropriate manner, yet holds him to account for his plans and actions.

  4. I admired AOC’s answer. Unlike the Republicans with their cultish, unquestioned devotion to the former president (as opposed to the constitution or their constituents), all she’s saying is that no politician deserves absolute loyalty. They have to keep earning it.

  5. From that interview – “We need to have a generational shift in the United States Congress in order to have a policy shift in the United States Congress.” That goes for the president also. It was a dumb question, about an election 2-1/2 years from now.

  6. Come on its way too early for presidential election season. Wait till next year at least . The midterms are what focus should be on

    1. I’m a boomer and I’m fed up with my generation. It is time to have Gen X and Millennials in office. And that goes for both parties.

  7. Why would she endorse when she doesn’t even know which democrats would be running? Obviously she would endorse Bernie over Biden since she generally supports candidates that’s are not backed by corporate money. This is so dumb

    1. What is dumb is you not comprehending the question. It was “If Biden runs, …”. If he runs, you think Bernie will play limp dog for a third time? One thing we do know, it won’t be VP Cackle.

    2. So the answer is NO.
      See not that hard, she can add context with “depends who else runs”.
      It still let’s us know she rather votes for someone else.

  8. A lot can change in 2 years. Two years from now she would be media locked into the answer she gave. Smart choice not to commit this far out. Yes just because? That’s getting old.

  9. It was pretty dumb to expect a definitive answer. I wouldn’t go on public record and give a yes or no answer about something that’s not for another two years.

    1. Her answer means that she really thinks he’s doing a crappy job right now. Read the room Gomer.

  10. It’s 2 years away. There are midterms this year. And they’re asking about the next presidential election He’s 79 years old and not doing too well on it. And you criticise AOC for holding fire. Jeez.

  11. This is, as Bill Barr might say, well, it starts with B. We are in the middle of several major issues (Jan 6 hearings, Ukraine, inflation, mass shootings, etc.) and Dana Bash wastes airtime talking about not this Fall’s elections, but talking about endorsing a hypothetical that’s over two years away. If that’s your “point”, I think you need to think some more about making it from this kind of garbage question.

  12. Good for her. She’s not wrong and maybe the Biden admin should start asking themselves why she refused to endorse him.

  13. I think she gave a pretty honest response considering the loaded question. We will see seems appropriate.

  14. I love Dana’s face during the answer. I and many others agree with Cortez. Check the polls.

  15. Running a country is literally as easy as riding a bike Joe. You did it Joe! Gas prices are lower than they’ve ever been! Grocery stores are stocked, everything is so cheap! Look at the stock market, truely amazing. I can finally take that vacation I’ve been dreaming of with airfare being so cheap! What a prosperous time to retire after working over 40years nonstop for a crooked system, truely blessed.

    1. @greatwhite Nah I Cant say I can relate, Gretchen’s charge is one-off and pretty reasonable when compared to what I benefit in returns.

    2. His brain is in recession, and the brain cells he’s not losing are devaluing at the same rate as the US dollar.

    3. My local supermarket have started selling their meat joints and steaks in hard plastic security tagged casings here……l kid you not.

    4. keep buying gas like a sucker lol I bought an EV 6 yrs ago because I no longer want to be a prisoner to oil and gas companies lol

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