1. The party that says that men can get pregnant wants to control misinformation on the internet. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  2. .With the backwardness of our economy, increment in the price of gas, alarming rates of unemployment. I must confess our country have taken a wrong turn. Vividly I don’t know how else to carter for my expenses.

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  3. Lego made an epic mistake by partnering with Epic. Fortnite is a dying game. It’ll be dead in 3 years. Roblox should have been the company they partnered with. Roblox has games that will be adding the Battle Royale format and that will crush Fortnite. For example Bed Wars will have a Battle Royale option soon.

  4. Right when people start shopping for the holidays, of course they’ll up the prices. Like enough stuff isn’t already going up out of sight right now as it is. They might not sell like they normally do this year where prices have increased on everything else so much. I know a lot of kids & even adults love legos plus it’ll put some jobs in the works.

    1. @Clark Thompson Life has become very expensive for most people. Also, “back to school” stuff is being put on the shelves in stores now. Although that is not a Holiday, it’s an expensive time for many parents as well. Then the Holidays approach fast; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. I just started getting into Lego but I will drop this expensive hobby in favor of my other hobbies. Lego has become a luxury toy for children, a collectible for adults and an investment for the greedy. It should have been a regular priced toy for all children to enjoy!

    2. @Katherine Laura as an avid Lego collector, I would like to see the cost go down. Victim of its own success

  5. LEGO is has some of the most overpriced pieces of plastic.
    This is from someone who had legos, and has bought lots of legos for my kid and others.
    The prices are way overinflated, but if they’re going to keep raking in $$, they might as well make them in the USA.
    Every company who uses offshore labor should pay a 15% higher income tax rate, no exceptions if they don’t operate in and employ US citizens for 95% of their workforce.

    1. @LoboKhan1 Most LEGO sets are priced by the piece count. So something around 800 pieces is going to usually be around $80.

      If a LEGO set is based on an IP, the price might be raised a bit despite the piece count.

      If LEGO sells a set with large and specially molded pieces, such as gold LEGO bricks or LEGO animals such as seen in City, Ninjago, and Jurassic World, that’s going to have a bigger price point despite the piece count since specially molded pieces cost more for LEGO to create.

      It’s how their business has always run. Sure, there is inflation going on, but LEGO has never fully been overpriced (excluding what’s going to happen with sets over in Europe). They simply sell based on how much plastic they use in each of their sets.

    2. @Jaydon Magan 800 pieces of plastic does not cost even 1/4 of $80, counting labor and transport included.

    3. @LoboKhan1 It’s all about how LEGO prices each individual piece. One small piece could be about 4 cents while someone like an animal mold could be ten to twenty dollars to produce. All of that is combined into making the price point for each LEGO set. That’s how the company works.

      It doesn’t matter that you think all LEGO sets need to be cheaper. LEGO made these guidelines long ago when they started to evolve their business. Everything has a cost to make. The plastic. The molds needed to make the pieces. And the time required to design the sets.

  6. Lego has barely any
    Lego train sets for sale
    Yet the market for lego trains amongst adult collectors is phenomenally huge.

  7. Reminder…Lego was located in Enfield, Ct. until 2006. It was a manufacturing plant and distribution site. Nothing new to us! Good luck, Virginia, until another downturn.

  8. “You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you had to overcome to reach your goals.” -Booker T. Washington

  9. “People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed. Similarly, when someone is failing, the tendency is to get on a downward spiral that can even become a self-fulfilling prophecy.” -Tony Robbins

  10. This is good news because as a country we need more Legos. People come over and take my Legos because they can’t get their own and I don’t know if I’ll get some of them back or not, well from now on I say to them: Buy your own!

  11. Hoping the rise in freight costs will yield more job opportunities in the US.

    Virginia could certainly use something like this.

    China has been the cheapest, most convenient for decades. Time we strengthen North and South American trade network now.

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