1. The only people who suffer are citizens. They lose their lives, homes, and livelihoods while the politicians stay rich and safe.

    1. @Romeo S You are an idiot. Israel is committing war crimes so is Hamas both should face justice. Most of the people dying have nothing to do with the conflict.

    2. @joshua foster not bbc. Ap and al Jazeera. Bbc it’s for drama for get people’s attention.B b c right and British channels

    3. @R Torres The jewish people dont believe it. The christions belive it. They dont belive jesus will destroy Jewish people. It’s part of prophecy needs to be fullfilled in order for Jesus to come back.

    4. @Iyash And before the partition, all the land was Jewish. You aren’t bitching about the 70% of Jewish land taken to form Jordan.

  2. It’s a shame that the people who run the world have everyone so thoroughly convinced that they should hate each other.

    1. @FederalReserveWolf THE FED WOLF You’d get a lot more support if you just stuck with current events like the illegality of the entity called israel and their racist subjugation of the Palestinian people.

    2. @Jbaz calling someone sheep while believing every word that comes out of a conman’s mouth. You can’t be serious. You believe the election was stolen and a bunch of other insane nonsense.

    3. @DoctorChained so because I called you a sheep. You assumed everything else?. You are pathetic. Open your eyes.

  3. Imagine if that airstrike was Russian ! I wonder what would the American and European reaction be ?!!

    1. Gee, since this building was the intelligence HQ of a terrorist organization, the strike was justified.

    2. @Joe Rogan’s TRT shots AP doesn’t harbor terrorists. Your opinion can’t be proven.

    3. Imagine Russian reaction if someone tries to shell Russian cities with rockets. Remember Chechnya?

  4. اللهم انصرهم وسدد رميهم وثبت قلوبهم،🇵🇸 وزعزع عدوهم🇵🇸
    اللهم كن حسبهم وعونهم فأنت نعم المولى ونعم الوكيل🇵🇸

    1. @Deborah Freedman “to stop the killing of children.” to achive that you kill over 50 kids? your logic is kinda broken!

    1. @Sina Bagheri Sarvestani You’re an example of what he was talking about. Tribalism. Hyper-Nationalism. Blaming one side over everyone else, and not allowing a little nuance into your conception of the world. Israel is not completely blameless, nor is Palestine/Hamas completely blameless. Israel is not completely good, nor is Palestine/Hamas completely good. Notice in your statement that there is no, “Israel has done a number of good things, here is a list of a few good things, and a few bad things that they have done.” When you cannot say a single good thing about an entity you clearly you hate, you have retreated to depths of humanity’s tribalist and xenophobic roots.

    2. @Sina Bagheri Sarvestani watchu going to do about it smarty pants?ask silicon valley to suspend their twitter account …they have nuclear war heads youre opinions dont really matter do they????

    1. Hamas has fired 1900 rockets into Israel so far……This is one building. Being used by Hamas to direct their propaganda effort. If they didn’t want to be in a war, Hamas shouldn’t have started firing rockets at Israel……. They’re screwed this time.

    2. Why would Hamas blow up their own intelligence HQ. Maybe the journalists shouldn’t have allowed a terrorist HQ in their building.

    3. @William Fraser 1900 locally manufactured and under the seige never like Israel rockets 1 big difference. But when you try to kill me kill my family what are waiting from us ..Israel destroying Gaza but they will not destroy people faith

  5. Imagine if we lived in a world where if anyone told a lie, they would immediately die.
    But then, I think there would be only a few hundred thousand humans left alive after 2 months.

  6. “Sorry, we have to leave. One group of people wouldn’t let another group of people into a temple to worship an Iron Age mythology sky deity, so this building is being blown up.”

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