1. Seems fitting they get hit with apocalyptic fires while having one of the highest carbon emissions in the world and have no carbon tax or plan. Temperatures are up over 1 celciuw while rainfall has been decreasing for decades. It’s a shame it doesn’t happen more often that the majority of natural disasters from global warming hit countries that are doing the least.

    1. elusive wild dingo wowww the classic ”but you’re contributing to this problem!” point. His point still stands, this happens cause of global warming. And there needs to be systematic change in our governments and in our corporations to even make a notable dent.

  2. No point in trying to reduce carbon emissions now. All your hard work “saving the planet” gets erased in one fire.

  3. Climate change is an obsolete term, we are in a climate emergency/crisis globally. Permanently. Wartime measures needed.- its possible to shift our way of functioning.

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