1. Dear Susan after you voted yes on Kavanaugh Confirmation and These fool’s tried to take you out. MISGUIDED PUTZ

    2. it’s all about importing them browns, my brotha! Just bide our time and then we will have enough people from South America to vote in Democrats for the next 1000 years. Let’s face it, no brown people vote Republican, am I right? Just another few years. Be patient 😉

    1. @bryanatwku I guess you’re right. There is no need of evidence when the Democrats have said they don’t even need a crime to impeach the President. It all seems fair to me.

    2. Democrats have already impeached so the evidence has to be overwhelming….. Furthermore, they say it’s ironclad, uncontested and irrefutable….. That’s sounds like a GIANT slam dunk to me.

    1. The constitution also says the senate has the sole power of trial. Key word is sole, you, Pelosi nor I have any say.

    1. Considering there’s no actual evidence that would stand up in a court of law most of it’s hearsay and second hand Witnesses would only help Trump

    2. @Alexander Cartier the impeachments of Nixon and Clinton were based upon actual criminal charges.

      Trumps “impeachment” is based upon congressional revenge against a political opponent, intent to influence the 2020 election, congressional criminal intent, subjourning perjury, etc..

    3. @Slapdat Hugh Jass don’t forget:
      Raskin (d), testified before house rules committee the day before the “impeachment” vote, claiming “we dont need evidence, these are just allegations”!
      That IS evidence that house dems have been attempting “guilt by accusation” from the start!

  1. She had concerns about bret kavanaugh. And in the end what did she do. She got in line with the rest of the rep. I don’t believe her she’s a coward like the rest.

    1. @Hotter One1DemRats will lose the house because they truly suck at what they do . DemRats have done more for Trump’s re-election and the GOP then they did for their own party . How could anyone think the DemRats are doing a good job . Unbelievable !!!

    2. @Keeping It 100% Nah, not one bit. It says it all over your face. You one stupid one indeed. Stop fighting trying to hold on to the plantation offers of welfare and get your butt working. Go get a job in this great economy and shut up and be productive for a change.

    3. @Theresa Vasquez Let me guess , you came here illegally and dropped a couple kids . Now American taxpayers have to foot your bill . . . Am I wrong ?

  2. Before Susan Collins “Made in Maine by Maniacs” / With Susan Collins “Made in China by Chiniacs” Retire Susan Collins asap

    1. @joshua Thanks and yes… Before Susan Collins… The citizens of Maine had better employment opportunities… there were better jobs… Timber…Textiles…Paper Mills… I could go on…. There are not so many of those jobs anymore… People proud of the things they made… proud of the people they are…. In my opinion… have lost proper political representation… need to retire Susan Collins and find someone who better represents the people of Maine… Susan could have fought to bring back those industries before it was too late…. or replace them with high wage jobs…

    2. All this does not matter. The longer the Dems hold on to this fake impeachment, the more Americans are turning against the Democratic Party. The Dems have no vision. You can put a fork in them because they’re done.

  3. Oh dear, Susan Collins said that Mitch McConnell was acting “inappropriate” by coordinating with WH on the Impeachment trial! What’s next? Is she going to upgrade to ‘Deeply Concerned’? Or maybe, ‘Very Troubled’? GASP! Don’t clutch your pearls too hard Susan!
    No doubt she votes with the GOP to aquit Trump. She’s full of meaningless words and phony concern in an attempt to appear independent.
    Make no mistake, Susan Collins is a Republican first. #RememberKavanaugh
    Vote out #SelloutSusan!

    1. Or then credible defense during house. Hearings. But afraid to have DOJ investigate Hunter the deadbeat father. He may get Killaried if there is even an inkling of Hilary involvement

    1. All this does not matter. The longer the Dems hold on to this fake impeachment, the more Americans are turning against the Democratic Party. The Dems have no vision. You can put a fork in them because they’re done.

  4. Imagine how fast you would be disqualified from jury duty if you declared that you “may” listen to witnesses and look at evidence

    1. this is a political process, not a court of law…Nanci Pelosi should have demonstrated that to you by now.

    2. @David Parker Yeah, you do have to prove your innocence when prosecutors have enough evidence to bring you to court. You’re just confusing the right to be “presumed” innocent until proven guilty. And like it or not, congress was able to bring enough evidence and votes for Donald to be impeached and have a trial.

    3. @Susan Galea Not true. You flagrantly misrepresent. Witnesses are not required for fairness, nor is the US Senate required to hear witnesses. It is their call.
      Pres. Trump never obstructed; White House counsel took the matter to court. The House Dems skirted legal precedent and principles by never passing legislation to authorize articles of impeachment, hence they never had “judicial enforcement powers” for their subpoenas. Pres. Trump was protecting the excutive branch and its executive privilege, as have US presidents since George Washington. For this reason the second article is baseless, and the House Dems know it!
      The Schiff “investigation” was counter to legal precedent, legal principles such as due process, trampled the President’s constitution rights, and was unfair.

  5. NEWSFLAHS: Collins and McClaustki are only posturing so she can use it as a negotiating leverage for things she wants from McConnell that have nothing to do with impeachment

    1. @conference Justice
      Actually, impeached Con Don Chump is the impeached “president” who has not stopped moaning and crying about that😭😭😭😭!

    2. @Jpkrao
      Dumbass Trump’s really not impeached thanks to Nazi Pelosi for not handing all documents to the Senate.

    3. None of the Dems stand up for themselves. The Dems want the green new deal but the Dems dont have the balls to stand up to China and india over carbon emissions. Dems obsess over abortion rights when 12 women oppose abortion. Dems obsess over LGBTQ rights when they only account for 5% of the population. The base of the Dem Party is working Class. My party forgot about me. And the Dems will be saved in 8 years after we remove the Left-wing losers. Im what you call aREAL democrat.

  6. does susan collins really think anyone is fooled by her disingemuous BS? She has zero credibility or respect for voters.

  7. yeah! remember how she stood up and demanded a thorough investigation of kavanaugh! oh, right. she didn’t. well, remember how she stood up to mc connell over the garland nomination to the supreme court! oh, right. she didn’t. so she’s trying to fool people a third time. good for you, susan.

    1. ​@FilthyFascist NO HE WAS NOT!?!? He’s been accused multiple times, & your defense of him shows that your truly just a willful peasant doing the bidding of the elites – Voting against your best interest XD We ALLLLL know you don’t benefit from Trump policies. At least the senate, house, & media-related republicans make CRAZY amounts of money for their disgrace – YOU PAY THEM, JUST TO WEAR THAT lmaoo #TrumpsBaseWhiteUneducated

    2. @OURevolution Bernie2020 You sound neurotic and dumb, of course you believe that bullshit highschool groping story was good enough to ruin someones life, all the media had to do was repeat how “credible” Ford was with her bullshit child trauma voice, manipulative bullshit, credible people go to the authorities, they tell their parents, friends, counselors etc etc, they dont sit on it for 30 years and wait for a politically convenient moment to share their bullshit story. “He has been accused multiple times” what a desperate thing to open up with, not one of those accusations were credible or went anywhere for that matter, what a dummy

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