Are Students Going Back To School Contributing To Rise In Covid Cases?

Dr. Michael Osterholm says, "we in public health have done a disservice to the education community because we've continued to put out documents saying we can do schools safe. We can do it safer." 

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Are Students Going Back To School Contributing To Rise In Covid Cases?


  1. The Afghan interpreter who helped rescue President Biden from a remote Afghan valley in 2008 has been left behind after the last US evacuation flight took off on Monday,

  2. my pop corn is ready, send the new cases to governors home, hospitals will be at full capacity right the way.

    kids have no vaccine, yet they might not show symptoms, their parent and relatives will.

  3. Chuckeeeeee boyeeeeee….Lisa Murkowski and the fire marshals kid, them crazy cool 64 earth quake wrecking crew cuts and big daddy Stank Murkowski prince of polish profit loss

    1. @John O They nudged us out last election. This cycle they are trying the suppression thing but if we turn out we have a chance

  4. Yes!! Kids go to school in September, flu season comes later in September too, expect similar outcome for Covid!!

    1. Vote the democrats out as more Americans have natural immunity and the masks on children are doing nothing as the have natural immunity and just think how many Americans millions didn’t need a vaccine or a booster as where is the science on natural immunity and where the science on masks doing nothing on children.

  5. Trying to have it both ways, huh!… Everybody, even media people too, said “the students have to go back to school” – granted.
    So there they are, and all of a sudden THEY are not making the problem better? BLAME it on the PARENTS!!
    Why CAN’T PARENTS MAKE SCHOOL environments “SAFE FOR ALL”?? They are causing all this chaos in “free countries”!!!
    Because of their freedoms, from what, RESPONSIBILITY? The media echo bubble has really lost it, “paid to do nothing, maybe”…

  6. Children are going to be sacrificed like the Aztecs did to their gods and Carthaginians did to their Gods. At least the children back then knew that their lives were being lost for a noble reason. Here they are being sacrificed for the economy so their parents can go back to work.

    1. It is worse than that. Children are being sacrificed for politicians to please Trumpers.
      Trumpers don’t seem to care much about kids. SAD SAD SAD

  7. i am amazed we don’t have any of this issues with vaccines here in Portugal even the kids over 12 are already vaccinated.

    1. I feel bad for the kids over 12 being vaccinated in Portugal. You only got a 1% increase in survival rate. lol

  8. Masking isn’t enough. You also need to have them fully vaccinated and also have UV sanitizing lights.

  9. I teach in California. We are in week 3. My students all wear masks, the teachers are vaxxed and so far, no students are out with covid. 🙏

  10. Well let’s put two & two together. A more contagious Virus is here.
    They are allowing masks to be optional in schools with 28 kids facing each other in a non ventilated room. What could go wrong? 🤷‍♂️

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