People Of New Orleans Congregate To ‘Wait For Some Sort Of Help’

Ellison Barber shows "real-life impacts" of New Orleans on Day 3 without power.

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People Of New Orleans Congregate To 'Wait For Some Sort Of Help'


    1. Alternative power set-ups are looking good. A person can get a quote for close to $30,000 for a house, ….or that person can do it himself for about an eighth of that.

    2. The US economy is tanking as it is… printing $3.5 Trillion will make inflation go berserk mode & it won’t end hurricanes, no infrastructure bill ever has

    3. @Joe beetz you just showed you don’t understand how inflation works, Dow can go to 100,000 it doesn’t matter , look at Stocks in Weimar & Venezuela… wow so rich. Pff so many zeros! LoL it’s like im talking to children …. This country is never going back to normal, know that

  1. what’s it with red states not having electricity? sure, blame mother nature, never blame themselves for putting electricity wire on tree trunks of yesteryears, yestercentury.

    1. @Lily Jade lol it dosent work like that lily. If you have ever seen the aftermath of a category 4 or 5 hurricane you would know

    2. @Jason M and if the wiring for electricity ain’t hanging on tree trunks, would electricity go out, Southerner?

    3. @Lily Jade 🤦‍♂️they have inspections and building codes, they dont just “hang them on tree trunks” sheesh the education system sucks these days.

    4. @Jason M and what century were these tree trunk electricity wiring from? 1950s ish. LAST CENTURY.
      geez, gop do not get time passes.
      Taliban have moved back into 4th century yet driving cars and holding guns.

  2. This is why having renewable energy for each house/property is vital. There wouldn’t be issues of communities without power, each house would generate it’s own electricity…. without using gas.

    1. @Carin Wiseman if your home was under 9 feet of water the house is pretty much totalled anyway and wont be habitable for over a year anyway. this is called disaster planning and mitigation thinking, retrofitting a property so it is flood and disaster resistant. Insurance companies can help with these costs to prevent future expenditure by elevating the house up level. If rebuilding, build the home up a level to prevent future flood events from demolishing the home eg monolithic dome Pensacola beach Florida. Also Solar panels can go on roofs same with mini wind turbines…. these are all above the water flood level. You can easily rework the electrics to be situated in the attic instead. Look up earth ships…. the basic principle is the building structure provides for you eg electricity, water, food, shelter, warmth.. off the grid, sustainably, with minimal maintenance and no monthly bills…. why cant every home have these features? Why cant homes be disaster resistant like monolithic dome construction which is hurricane proof, earthquake resistant, flood proof, wildfire proof…….I have even seen a small monolithic dome survive an f4-f5 tornado in the news media help flyover… everything else was matched but this dome stood without damage…. I dont understand why Americans have such a bad image of renewable energy because it really could save lives after disasters…. think about it in Puerto Rico millions were without power for months and 3000 people died because they didnt have electricity for meds or medical equipment. If each home had it’s own solar and wind power system…… they wouldn’t need to rely on the mains system. If they used electric chainsaws they could easily be charged instead of trying to find gas when infrastructure is out, heck even applies to electric vehicles to get you to hospital in an emergency after the storm.

    2. @601salsa While I agree with self sustaining energy methods,I don’t think solar panels storage batteries and air turbines are useable after a cat 4 hurricane blows the roof off and everything on it.Meanwhile the flooding would.pretty well wreck the storage batteries too.Quit building at or below sea level over and over for the same result.

  3. In an emergency America people line up in their cars whereas in the rest of the world they line up on their feet. Just an observation!

  4. Pray for New Orleans. That’s why America need to build things a lot better for America the intersection Bill need to be passed now look how it is down there in New Orleans sad America sad America

  5. Shout out to Ellison! Telling it like it is. Just evacuated. If there is anything anyone can do the help those in the river parishes please do. New Orleans will be okay, it’s the smaller cities and communities that need assistance

  6. Why does New Orleans routinely seem completely incapable of taking care of itself for the first 72 hours after a disaster…. like the rest of us?
    I thought republican states like Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and so on were the “I don’t need no govmint help” crowd?
    Instead, these incompetent, unprepared, fail-to-learn-from-history imbeciles start begging and moaning before the skies even begin to clear.

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