Leon Panetta: 'We Are Very Much Still In A War On Terrorism' 1

Leon Panetta: ‘We Are Very Much Still In A War On Terrorism’


Andrea Mitchell continues her interview with former Defense Secretary and former CIA Director Leon Panetta, who says even as the U.S. leaves Afghanistan, "I think it's pretty clear that we are very much still in a war on terrorism dealing with Al Qaeda in various parts of the Middle East, dealing with ISIS, dealing with other elements like Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, and the reality is those terrorists have one goal and one goal only, which is to kill Americans."
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  1. Fundamentally the future of Humanity is on the line. “Getting people out” falls short of where we are at as an international community. All of Humanity is called upon to change course. Violence is not acceptable.

    1. There are violent people in the world, that is a undisputed fact. So then how do you deal with violent people. Police, military, United Nations. Is there another way

  2. The Talaban was secretly escorting american and allis to the airport so actually it was not as un organized as its made out to be its the drama that gets views is what news organizations want

  3. Taliban 2001 banned women’s education, TV, music and sport.
    Taliban 2021 watch media, take selfies and listen to music on their phones.
    Taliban 2021 park their Humvees and Black hawk helicopters outside Kabul tea houses.
    How times have changed. Will US 2021 stop bombing countries in the name of peace?

  4. Heck it was an chaotic strategic retreat with some collateral damage . Be happy it wasn’t a total rout with a lot more casualty as it could have been .

    1. Yes very strategic planning to give them enough arms and explosives to takeover neighboring Country’s 🤦‍♂️

    2. Exactly how much worse could it of gone? 13 service members were killed, billions on dollars in weapons were handed to the Taliban on a silver platter and we have left hundreds of Americans behind. (Not Americans who “wanted to stay”..)

      Everyone agrees they needed to come home but how it was done was absolutely disgraceful. So much for liberals caring deeply about our relationship with allies or respect on the world stage.

  5. They WANTED TO STAY! Yes this is a bad situation but a lot of Americans stayed for family. Stop saying we left people behind.

  6. So, just to recap – after 4 presidents over 20 odd years, more than $2 trillion, 2,448 US service and 3,846 US contractor casualties, the USA has successfully replaced the Taliban with – the Taliban. Biden did the right thing.

  7. What does it say about our government that the lesson we’re supposed to be learning is about the last several WEEKS and not to let that happen again. How about the lesson of the last two decades??? If we learn from that, what happened over the last several weeks simply won’t be an issue. It’s very discouraging listening to the takeaways of the people who have headed our government over the last twenty years. It isn’t actually a question of learning, but as Matthew Dowd, Jason Kander, Lucas Kunce and others have noted, it’s a question of not lying to the American people anymore. You know it’s bad when Barack Obama wanted to get out of Afghanistan and then when he got in office, ramped it up instead. I think he meant well when he became president, but he sure got coopted by the entities that make billions off of war. I bet if you ask him today, he would find some way to excuse what he did. It’s sickening, and listening to Panetta’s BS was painful.

  8. Pretty clear there’s people in Joe’s Administration that should step down… After how bad the last mission went !!!

  9. America just gave them enough explosives to take out large states. They now have Tens of thousands of family members to exploit across U.S

  10. US is suffering blowback. Trace the origin of Taliban and Al Qaeda and you will find the original American and Western “sin”. What Panetta is suggesting is doubling down on an erroneous path without an honest rethink of American foreign policy. Good luck.

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