Are vaccine mandates legal? Here's what employers are allowed to do | Just the FAQs 1

Are vaccine mandates legal? Here’s what employers are allowed to do | Just the FAQs


Google, Biden and NY State have issued vaccine mandates for employees and federal workers. Here's how employees and unions are responding. RELATED:

Two days after the CDC issued new mask guidance, momentum continued to build for measures to contain the explosion in COVID cases across the nation, including mandatory vaccinations.

President Joe Biden announced Thursday that all civilian federal employees must be vaccinated against the coronavirus or to regularly test, socially distance, wear masks and be subject to restrictions on most travel, reported the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that fully vaccinated people wear masks indoors in areas with high transmission as the emergence of the delta variant and waning vaccination rates fuel a sharp rise in coronavirus infections and an increase in hospitalizations.

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  1. Thank you for showing America that there’s absolutely corruption in politics. Always need that there were some crooks in Washington but didn’t think it was that Bad. I pray that you can come back and finish the job that God has put you there. God Bless America and Our President Trump ❤️🇺🇸🙏
    President Trump I will always stand up for you and your family. Also thank you for all your trying to do too save this country.Can’t wait to see you back in the White House……….

    1. @Carole Goldsmith He doesn’t have to, he has already opened our eyes to the blazon Communist corruption in our government.

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    1. @Alicia Brown Well that is unfortunate. Perhaps you will find someone as naive as yourself s a partner. O_o
      good luck

  3. So much for people’s 4th amendment right to be secure within their person and right to choose.

    1. @IronskullGM Research, science, scientists, medical professionals are wrong and you’re right. You need medical help..

    2. @January wow… you’re really scared of people’s rights aren’t you… You know, if you think everyone who disagrees with you has a mental issue, chances are, its not them… 🙂

  4. Employers have been able to mandate vaccines for the last several decades. I am not sure why people are now surprised by this. What is different is that employers are now mandating a vaccine that is under EUA. However so far courts appear to be upholding the right of the employers to mandate a vaccine under EUA.

    1. But this is NOT a regulated vaccine.. or even a vaccine in general… let alone something that can or should be forced onto a person.

      Have you lost your ability to think critically ?? O_o

    2. @2bRealist Have you lost your ability to think critically? What part of my comment supported the ability of a company to mandate a vaccine that is under EUA? I just simply stated the facts and apparently that was enough to trigger you.

    3. @Greg Brance So you don’t even know the topic at hand, and yet you want to argue about it lol.

      your lost kid

    4. Only if they in certain fields mandated by state Statutes!!! Not anyone and everyone. See 2 days ago we had a choice. Now you demmys are jumping straight to mandates, what’s next??? How many jabs will you take from big pharma before you realize your stupidity???

    5. @The One And Only!!! My conspiracy friends told me that the mask mandates were a test on how far they could push us, and that worse mandates were coming.

      I laughed at them then… and yet here we are now with forced vaccinations O_o

  5. When an EMPLOYER makes COVID-19 vaccination a condition of employment, is the EMPLOYER liable for VACCINE INJURY?

  6. If I need to take a test to remain employed, I’ll look to do it on the clock. I’ll also look to to have them pay for it.

  7. What workers? They barely have any these days and these mandates guarantee they won’t have any.

  8. The stats are 60% of white americans are vaccinated. Among the rest of the population, very, very low numbers.

  9. Don’t wait.
    Don’t procrastinate.
    Don’t hestiate.
    Don’t be late.
    Don’t debate.
    Don’t investigate.
    Don’t tempt fate.
    Just vaccinate ?!

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