President Biden delivers remarks on COVID-19 vaccination efforts | USA TODAY 1

President Biden delivers remarks on COVID-19 vaccination efforts | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden says that requiring all federal workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 is “under consideration," as the delta variant spreads across the U.S. and Americans still refuse the shot.


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  1. This has nothing to do with a virus or a vaccine…besides, the hoards of people flowing up from mexico are not even checked, let alone vaccinated..

    1. @Lincoln6Echo people are coming in through the border with covid. Both Canada and America have the northern border closed because of covid but the southern border is wide open. F Biden

    2. @Mike Wilson Like the man said, it has nothing to do with a virus, masks wont even stop a virus

    1. @Maecy Moore My Dr told me I was too young to have heart problems without doing a single test, I was 35 at the time. Last fall my friend that is 10 years younger than me died of a heart condition.

  2. If you all care so much about the rising cases, you’d close the southern borders. Meanwhile, my uncle can’t even visit his 90-year old parents in Canada without quarantining for 2 weeks before/after. F this guy

  3. So get vaccinated, so you still wear a mask, and then in a few months, there will be an additional shot to “protect” against the new alpha, gamma, omega variant, and then you’ll need a 4th shot and so on and so on. what a joke.

  4. So you let in over a million people better get to the border with your vaccines oh flew and bused them all over the country..

  5. Why did Dementia Joe and Clueless Kamala tell us they would not trust President Trump’s vaccine before the election?

  6. Why does he care so much about the unvax if the vax is “safe and effective”?? If it’s so “safe & effective” why do you need more than 1 shot. At this point ppl need 20+ shots. No thanks.

    1. Hopefully they can fire the man trump appointed to fix the defunding issue. I run an online small business and my mail gets lost 1/5 times since the end of last year. And my post office is short staffed now so I can’t even file a claim without waiting 6 months. Was never an issue until the last few months of 2020.

    2. @Anthony Domante The US Postal Service endorsed Joe Biden. There are some wild discrepancies surrounding this last election. Have you been paying attention to the audits? More importantly, have you been paying attention to the DNC spending millions and millions of dollars trying to stop these audits?

    1. @Mountain Fisher if you’re saying that to imply democrats didn’t fail us – you’re insane. Two parties ONE agenda.

    2. @Mountain Fisher Look around you. Democrats are in control of much of this country, including the White House and Congress. Joe Biden tweeted: Because of what Trump has done to undermine the global healthcare, we are not prepared for a pandemic. When did he tweet that? OCTOBER 2019, two months before the first case supposedly occurred in China. The Pandemic was created by the Democrats to ruin this country.

  7. “You don’t need the mask if your vaccinated…” “You need to wear the mask no matter what….”

  8. “You need to wear a mask because the vaccines don’t work.”
    “You need a vaccine because the masks don’t work.”
    — Joe Biden

    1. DC has had 2 Two, Covid deaths in the past 2 weeks. There were 8 citizens shot dead in the same 2 weaks.

  9. When he was asked if he can “mandate the vaccine to all Americans” he said “we don’t know that yet” ….get ready

  10. this guy couldn’t explain what flavor of Popsicle he was eating. ‘just trust me, or you ain’t black’. –Joe Biden.

  11. I won’t take this shot if Joe Biden tells us to take it I won’t take the shot if kamala Harris tells us to take it

  12. If you’re here illegally do you have to show a valid I.D. to receive the $100 bucks to get the vaccine?

  13. “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” — George Orwell

    1. Recently, I invested in both stock and crypto but currently I believe Crypto is doing more better!!

    2. The Rich become richer by spending like the poor and investing non stop , while the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not making any investment

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