Arizona Republican Official Calls Latest Election Conspiracy ‘Unhinged’

Election officials in Maricopa County are fighting against Trump’s Big Lie about the 2020 election, while an outside group conducts an “audit” of ballots. Maricopa County Recorder, Stephen Richer says, “I ran on the slogan of making the Recorder’s office boring again. These continued lies are hugely inappropriate and they’re disrespectful to so many people.”
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    1. Straight outta ‘Scrooged’: “for the love of God, and your own body, will you stop with the Gawdam hammering!”

    1. @Ejaz Moghul “a cover to introduce doubt.” The doubt was there long before the audit. According to the poll taken shortly after the election, approximately 3/4 of Republicans, 1/3 of independents and even 1/5 of democrats believed the election was stolen.

    2. @roger smith and do you not think that the doubt was introduced because trump insisted on many occasions before the election, that the only way he would lose was if the was election was rigged? At first he said he would win by a landslide and then when polling suggested Biden may prove a tough opponent he started talking about rigged elections as the only reason he may lose. This is his MO, he talks up big about winning but also talks up the about the other side cheating so it covers him for losing. According to trump he has never lost at anything in his life even though many would disagree. Even now with all court cases, with many republicans saying there was no fraud, with independents saying there is no fraud, you still hang in to it. Once again, if democrats did this, you’d never ever stand for it, yet you still blame the democrats. Grow up.

    3. @Ejaz Moghul
      Good grammar is essential in communication. Do something about your writing skill

    4. @Jedediyah Aaron Yisrael
      That is an unnecessary formality because the syntax is correct and no other word follows the last word

  1. Wait a minute there’s not 2 parties there’s one party with 2 names this is one of the most difficult lessons I’ve had to learn over my 64 years of intense political involvement they’ve covered it up so carefully but people being people enough has come out through their unguarded candid moments now that we’re decades into the digital age

    1. @Scott Prost-Domasky You are dopey. Finance and access to money and trade run the world. D and R are masks.

    2. @Scott Prost-Domasky These people are all socialists. We are all selling our energy for tokens we can spend at the company store. The bankers decide the value of the fiat currency and what we can spend it on.

    3. @John O’Brien lol its like uve never heard of lobbyists before
      or actually think its in the countrys best interest to shut down a pipeline that would make gas cheaper
      cuz u dont know who it makes richer
      just like u prolly think its a good thing obamacare gave healthcare to 20 million ppl by taking it away from 60 million ppl
      and in the process raising premiums for everyone making insurance companies and banks a lot of money
      or u prolly think its a good thing obama bailed out the auto industry which years later canceled 80% of their product lines and moved more factories out of the US

    4. Just a question to you all. What kind of government WOULD you like? Think about that. I’m really interested.

  2. Poor Stephen, this has all stressed him out so much he literally starting pulling his hair out… at least that’s what it looks like

    1. @Deus Ex Machina
      Here’s how uninformed you are… its the most transparent audit in history… they filmed the ballots from the original location under county control being loaded onto the trucks live stream, then filmed the trucks going from that location to their current location where they have been under 24 hr video surveillance, and in fact live streamed ever since… each table has 3 cameras on it, anyone can apply to observe, and there are indeed democrats observers
      , dem officials have been invited several times to observe, and they refused… they had a media day where they explained all of the procedures they were using, and what they were looking for, what the different colored uniforms were for etc.
      The state also has their own observers… CNN does a story about it… who do they interview? The sherriff whos campaigne recieved 2 million from george soros, and aother person who is part of the “non partison” group of observers who were appointed by the opposition ryan macias who they referred to as a “verified independent”… wich is absolutely laughable…

      The MSM has been exposed as propagandists by project varitas… caught on hidden camera admitting it…

      So watch with that in mind… they are no longer journalists, they are activists lying to protect dems, and printing unverified stories that are damaging to republicans…

    2. @Deus Ex Machina The only one
      ” gaslighting” here is you. And you stink at it. Dems are allowed. They have refused to watch. Now try getting your information from some reputable sources Instead of cnn and MSLSD.

    3. @NightBloodRayna Dems refused to participate?? 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣
      And stop with the fake news msm crap, that stopped being relevant 4 yrs ago.

    4. @Deus Ex Machina Nine public live-stream cameras on 24/7 is total secrecy? Observers hand picked by the very people trying to stop the audit, is total secrecy? What is messed up about your absolute dishonesty, is the only “audits” that have happened until now, were literally done in private without independent observers. Enough of your lies! Your time is over!

    5. @iRestRep Restrepo State judge to Giuliani : Were republican observers present in counting area?

      Giuliani and his lawyers : Yes a non zero number were present 🤣🤣

      In other words, YES there were republicans OBSERVING the count.

      So yes, enough you lying right wing 💩, enough!

    1. It’s hilarious how scared these ppl are. Of course they don’t know what this audit with a democrat judge looking over it has already found. Bc sheep don’t want details. They want to believe what they’re told to believe. So of course truth does not need to hide. But these boot lickers will do everything they can to hide it. Like not showing up for a hearing today bc they don’t have any answers to some very simple questions. Like how come these ballot bags aren’t sealed or how come ballots are missing out of these bags? I wonder how much it cost these corrupt billionaires like zuckadick overall to put a usurper with dementia in the White House?

  3. We shall see, 1 vote, 1 person. Why you so nervous? Just let ‘em count. Another Cheney fan. Go AZ Senators!

  4. The Audits are over the target. They are getting scared. Why would the auditors stop? They are halfway through. Carry on.

    1. Well, they are a lot less than half way. But that is because they keep finding new evidence, and are slowing down to look even deeper. The beginning is near.

  5. Rinos get the biscuit in the deep state. Doj couldn’t lean too much so they sent this group in.

    1. 60 out of 60 DOJ decisions not to recount. And a lot of those Republican and Chump appointed. Dude, get out of fairy and conspiracy land.

  6. “they go home, they rout for the Suns, they watch Netflix, and they don’t ask so many goddamned questions.”

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