Manitoba is now North America's new COVID-19 hotspot | Third wave crushing province's hospitals 1

Manitoba is now North America’s new COVID-19 hotspot | Third wave crushing province’s hospitals


Manitoba leads Canada and the U.S. in COVID-19 cases per capita as the third wave overwhelms hospital ICUs. Jill Macyshon reports.

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  1. Hi, my name is Manitoba and l got a fever, and the only known cure is more lockdowns.

    1. wotch ” *OVERWHELMED by COVID – is it really? Keean Bexte investigates* ” on YT… overwhelmed hospitals are a complete fabrication… even Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, Ottawa Critical Care stated that they are mostly dealing with overdoses and suicides as a result of lockdowns

  2. Lockdowns don’t work just open the country up. Everybody else is open …..if you are scared stay home , simple.

    1. The clerks in grocery stores and gas stations don’t want to be exposed to your cooties.

  3. It will go down then back up then go down and then back up and go down then back up and lock down then open up then lock down then open up then lock down…… what are we like in the 12 month or so or is it been longer?

  4. North America? Nice to leave Canada out of the headline, these hacks are worse than children.

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