Armed National Guard Deployed To Protect Capitol Ahead Of Trump Impeachment Vote | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Armed National Guard Deployed To Protect Capitol Ahead Of Trump Impeachment Vote | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NBC's Vaughn Hillyard reports that "more than 6,600" National Guardsmen are deployed in the Washington, D.C. area. Aired on 01/13/2021.
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Armed National Guard Deployed To Protect Capitol Ahead Of Trump Impeachment Vote | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @Herb W russians aren’t that bad. At least they don’t pretend to stand for human rights while invading oil rich nations to fatten their own pockets. Plus russian nationals can blame putin for being a dictator. What’s america’s excuse?

    2. @Janet Crawford too busy pretending like nothing is their fault and pointing fingers at everyone else whose not even a fraction as hypocritical as americans. You know, the trump/american way to avoid responsibility while accusing others of the crimes they commit themselves. Same thing every year…

    3. @Janet Crawford Russians are fine people. Putin and his oligarchs are criminals who will be brought to justice. There is already murmurs among the Russian people about a coup.

    1. @Sarthak Sharma there were people arrested and there were right wing extremists arrested and police let some of those right wing extremists groups get away with the damages they done.
      Wonder how many were at the Capitol last week that was involved last summer.
      Trump supporters rolling into Portland in there pickup trucks. like Isis did when they took over Iraq when the last American Soldiers left there.
      look up the states many were arrested but BLM and peaceful protesters didn’t go anywhere last summer to do harm to any Government Buildings or Government officials.
      That was the gun tooting right wing extremists groups in Michigan.
      And 13 were arrested 6 were going to kidnap the Democrat Govenor and the rest were going to blow up a bridge.
      11 arrested in Minnesota some was was from the bogoloo bio extremists group
      6 arrested in Oregon for the fires one was a known meth user to the police arrested and told on his 5 buddies.
      3 white nationalist arrested on there way to Las Vegas Nevada was going to blow up downtown where peaceful protesters were protesting.
      Rochester NY white man arrested with his face painted black for rioting and looting where there was peaceful protesters were protesting.
      Yes there was allot of people arrested last summer.
      There were always police at places where BLM were protesting.

    2. There you go, making me sad and hurting my feelings. I off to my Mothers basement to eat, enjoy and cry over my soy burger on my avocado toast……

  1. Why not always be armed? How are they supposed to protect themselves?
    Hand to hand combat?
    Oomph, there’s Rudy

    1. I was stunned they were not armed the last time. We depend on them to protect us and throw them into a mob with no means to protect themselves ?

    2. well i think a big reason is the kent state incident they dont want a repeat and they prob dont want the optics of people in military uniforms taking arms against citizens unless its absolutely needed. usually the national guard is more support role not fighting role. also there hasnt been to many situations where they have needed to be armed untill now considering most of their duties are natural disaster response ect. im glad they are armed this time because unfortunately i think its needed going into the innaguration. unfortunately i think. the mobs going to get more violent in the next few days. hopefully they wont need them but honestly who knows at this point

  2. America has to protect ourselves from Right Wing terrorism almost to the same level as we did from Al Queda after 9/11.

    1. Police unions should be banned. The military doesn’t have a union yet the police are an arrogant militarized unit. Police union bosses act like Mob Bosses.

    2. @rodimus371
      Don’t watch the news, don’t believe in narratives,don’t ascribe to any political party,…..thats why y’all get bent outa shape over ideals….and no one can be objective or fair cause they’re attached to a particular side rather than the truth. It’s now about ego. Stop watching the news and start looking at what’s actually happening without being spoon fed a perspective, try it you’ll see a fog lifted.

  3. DC needs state status NOW. Then there would have been enough protection from outset, instead of having help delayed by lawless POTUS!!

    1. The might not have a state police force, but they have the capitol hill cops (2,000) and dc metro (3,400?) and they have the dc national guard – 3,400 more

      Never blame incompetence for what can be easily explained by malice

    2. @goo guwl That’s a real good idea, actually. If you don’t like it leave it. Sorry, Texas is taken, but if you do a big go fund me we can probably make a good deal wtith Oklahoma, it happens to be owned ny the first peoples and they would just maybe build a wall around the folks like you for us if we asked them. Whatcah all gonna need in there? toothbrush, comb? oil to bath in? No problem! Gwon GIT this is America, thew pendul;am is tored of swinging. TRUST the Constitution to give you equal protection under the law or get the fucxk out of here

    1. @Chris Parker take a grain of salt on Irish GDP per capita tho… even the Irish Government ditched GDP as an indicator for Irish economy due to the fact that Ireland is a tax heaven

  4. I don’t want to see violence, but I do wonder what will happen to those fascist wannabe militia’s go up against a real army? just wondering?

    1. We’ll see how much these so called ‘real patriots’ do when they go up against a force who’s sworn duty is to defend the Republic from all threats, domestic and outside. I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes the way of the Munich Putsch.

    2. Sadly more people will die prayers for each and every one us .Godspeed I believe in us ( we the people ) and the Constitution .

    1. @RaymondKym Suttle The only way trump can take direct control of the National guard is by federalizing them. The national guard is a state militia, the president can’t just call them up for law enforcement duties without permission from the states.

    2. @RaymondKym Suttle the President is unable with the regular forces to execute the laws of the United States; the President may call into Federal service members and units of the National Guard of any State in such numbers as he considers necessary to repel the invasion, suppress the rebellion, or execute those laws. The “protest” in question is not considered an invasion nor a rebellion even prior to the riot. So the president cannot just call in troops from other states in advance to bulk up security without state permission. It simply does not work like that.

    3. Likely because the president wanted the rioters to get in to capitol hill to destroy democracy. As he is the one who wants to still the election!

    1. This is comment. Is underrated …. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. Dont stop the material , keep them coming.

    2. you mean, racial profile them, and send the to Guantamino Bay without legal resprentation? Have you not seen the Floyd protests? Tha’t is the same thing Trump said about us. Then in my town the outlawed protesting. America has been sacrificed and now about to be eaten

    3. @RJ Walchly is actually Brother agains White supremacist. And some other bandwagoner
      That just go with flow.

    1. What’s the point? We’ve let fascists and racists rule this nation from the beginning. There’s nothing to respect till that toxic element is forever gone.

    2. @Fester Adams What cheating are you talking about? You lost by 7 million popular votes. I am an American and I voted for Biden. To me Trump was never a real President. The only people that like Trump are just like him.

  5. Trump always wanted tanks on the streets of DC. He getting close to his wish come true.
    Like the Mayor would say Tank You!

    1. They’re NOT complete IDIOTS! They couldn’t be dumb enough to hold this outside. Not with all the chaos now. That would be stupid. If they held it outside and anything happened given all the hype now… it would look very VERY suspicious. I wouldn’t worry about it. No one with any common sense would even consider having this outdoors now. Too much has happened.

    2. @Carlos Ayala I
      Oh…for sure. That would be super safe. Anything outside…,it’s just common sense not to even go there with all the craziness,I think they’re much smarter than that.

    1. Agree because they live here and can blend in as well as be protected by their community since most in these places are like minded

    1. Trumps law and order is about insurrection and riots and would never accept accountability of his reckless words and actions

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