Army Veteran: 'I Wouldn't Be Alive Were It Not For My Afghan Interpreter 1

Army Veteran: ‘I Wouldn’t Be Alive Were It Not For My Afghan Interpreter


Former combat adviser with Afghan security forces Matt Zeller stresses the need to help the Afghan interpreters who were critical in keeping troops safe, but are now in danger as the U.S. withdraws from Afghanistan.

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  1. This is cya over congressional leaders forcing Biden’s hand, after sitting on this issue for months.
    The damage is already done for many.

  2. Why would people assist US forces in future conflicts if they’re only going to be left behind when US forces withdraw?
    They won’t. Get it done.

    1. Afghanistan is another Vietnam for the USA. A waste of resources, and most importantly, human lives. Were it up to some politicians, The US would stay another 20 years.

    2. the world has watched america WALK AWAY from her allies since, at least, Viet Nam. this will be no different. lip service is the best they can hope for. oh…. and some ‘prayers’.

    3. @Z Ham oh please. The US insinuated itself into Afghanistan and Iraq for its own purposes (and to its shame my country went along with it). Afghanistan was always unwinnable, history has shown that. Don’t blame these allies, they should be helped especially the interpreters who are most at risk of reprisal.

    4. The reason the Afghani people helped us is because the Taliban was their enemy. They weren’t looking for a free trip to America, they were trying to make their country better and safer place to live.
      Should we bring them here for helping us? Yes. Are they expecting to come here for helping us? No. They wanted to live in there country, not ours.

    1. For all America’s noise, they didn’t even get Marcus Lattrels savior and his family out ( Lone Survivor) , all the talk about caring for the civilians is a hilarious joke !

    2. @Sleep Smart Smash Stress Rwanda……..USA cares about your freedom and liberty….now where is your oil?

    3. @Murray Flewelling there’s a stock of oil off the coast of West Papua. The Indonesian & Australian governments are convinced that it should be theirs.
      The people of W.Papua have been striving for self governance for decades and have been routinely murdered for their efforts.
      It’s about to kick off again.

      Imo oil is undervalued. It should be worth many times more than a paltry few dollars per barrel.
      I believe future generations will look back with scorn at the way we squander such a useful resource.

  3. Black & Native Peoples to Muslims who trusted the white euros in the usa: “We could have told you so!!”

  4. Uh, not really? What we imagine in the UN, etc, is called a Translator. No one imagines an interpreter like that.

  5. Military needs to circumvent the politicians. It’s a death sentence for them, if not. Don’t burn them, they are not disposable.

  6. The American view (especially drump supporters) of friendly Kurds and Afghans would be probably ‘why bother, they are no longer of any value to us’ !

  7. Claire was more than fantastic. So many of my friends agreed. Bravo bravo bravo. Would love to hear more of her.

  8. Leftist leaders have already made this call. The Afghan interpreters will be thrown to the wolves. Just like the Cubans that they don’t think will vote democrat.

  9. For all America’s noise, they didn’t even get Marcus Lattrels savior and his family out ( Lone Survivor) , all the talk about caring for the civilians is a hilarious joke. America is known for offering money and safety in return for helping the military, then leaving them to be tortured and executed !

  10. They can’t leave those people again. They just can’t do it again. If they do it again, who in their right mind will trust the United States of America’s soldiers ever again. If fighting on foreign soil, this alone can cause any future operation to fail. These guys saved countless American lives! Get off your @ss Biden!

  11. Jesus loves you and cares about you so much He know all your problems and wants to help you all,So accept him as your lord and savior.

    Please like so more people can see this

  12. And still some Republicans in the House voted against getting these men and women out of Afghanistan. They have no shame and they have no idea what honour is..

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