Tucker Carlson Attacks Black Capitol Police Officer Ahead of Testimony 1

Tucker Carlson Attacks Black Capitol Police Officer Ahead of Testimony

Mark Zaid, attorney for Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, responds to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s attack on Dunn and speaks to how these kind of statements revive the pain for Capitol Police officers. Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele joins in the conversation. 

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    1. @JohnnyLightningV10 did you just fail to notify that Trump’s fans are intentionally self culling in an effort to own the libs. If he couldn’t win with them, I don’t imagine that he could win without them.

    2. @JohnnyLightningV10 nope. Just amused that someone would advertise that they’re a brainless follower

    3. @JohnnyLightningV10 no trump violated the emoluments clause of the constitution the whole time he was in office. You should try reading it.

  1. I promise you that those who are sending vile messages to and about P.O. Dunn would NEVER do so to his face, nor would they by any means other than anonymity.

    1. @Mugdorna, you mean a flippin diaper on my face, _I wish everybody here would take the ID 10 T exam_

  2. Once Mr Dunn said Racism you know that would trigger Tucker. Tucker can’t speak on his experience.

    1. Tuckieducky white boy privilege don’t have a clue.
      And I’m quite sure he used the (N) word amongst his friends.

    1. @Dusty Old Bones not at all. Why would it? Bet you were just itching to use that. Doesn’t show any cleverness or intelligence on your part.

      LOL I was right wasn’t too hard to find where else you used it. Did you also master copy paste or did you retype it?

  3. I would like to meet some followers of Tucker Carlson and hear their reactions to this and how they could follow such a man. How could they call themselves anything but racists?

    1. I work with sub contractors that blatantly say racist insults all the time and in their next breath with a straight face will look at you and say but I’m not racist cause I once dated a black or my best friend growing was black, I’ve had black people over my house. They deny, deflect and tell you what to think and get mad when otherwise

    2. @Overitall13
      What happens if you point out that if they stop performing racism they will not have to dispel the suspicion that they may be racist and that it will be a lot easier to call out racists?

      Playing dumb and asking them to explain weird statements and jokes is another way to deflate their utterances.

    3. Criticizing a black police officer is racist. All cops are racist killers, defund them now. Crap, we’re all racists.

  4. Carlson is like the rest of the
    Unstable Republicans who are
    too sick to understand respect and truth .

  5. I am surprised tucker hasn’t been taken care of the way he’s hurt people he feels doesn’t fit his while agenda

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