Covid Cases Surge Among Children In North Carolina 1

Covid Cases Surge Among Children In North Carolina


North Carolina reports a current Covid positivity rate of nearly 9%. NBC News reporter Dasha Burns reports on the surge from Durham, NC. 

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  1. I have great sympathy and compassion for infected children. I don’t for adults who refuse medicine available to the.

    1. @Demetria Karnavas That’s right the eagerness to return to masks and lockdowns is actually caused by people with a different view, instead of your fondness for authority

    2. @Sam Harris Interesting point. They say they are resisting authority, but are willing to follow a wannabe dictator.

    3. @SeanPat1001
      Parents don’t give their children diseases.

      Your COVID vaccine is literally giving you COVID.

    1. Children cannot be vaccinated. They can catch COVID from anyone passing by. What, exactly would you blame the parents for?

    2. @Larry Garland As of 7/15, in the US, about 4 million children have been diagnosed with COVID. It appears some states have stopped reporting hospitalizations and deaths, but as of 4/15, there had been 15,000 hospitalizations and 297 deaths in the US.

    1. @No Show Joe Inventing reasons to expose yourself to a contagious pandemic. Not the brightest bulb on the tree.

    2. @No Show Joe Research covid after effects and I don’t mean on facebook, twitter or right wing media. Read/ listen to what experts in the medical and science communities are discovering. It’s not just about dying.

  2. I live in NC. My husband and I are both vaccinated, but our daughter is too young to have it yet. I wish people would grow up and do what’s necessary.

    1. @Lulu Garcia that is not true. Thousands of children have died of COVID. There is proof of that. Where is proof that children have died from the vaccine? Especially when it has not even been approved for children. Evil is people spreading lies causing people harm!

    2. @kathy weis DUH … thought I thought you cared about me ????
      Bahhhhhhh its alot like the Vaxxers calling to give me the jab of death ……because they Care about my health


    3. @O S Well, your argument for experts to be finite and depraved is because they are human, that only means you are more finite and more depraved. Why would your argument elevate your opinion above those of the experts? You are just desperately trying to delude and validate yourself and Pascal’s wagers shows your logical course if action would still be to abide by the public health measures not to flaunt them as you are advocating and no calling others as not logical changes the fact that you are not being logical even if your suspicions of experts were warranted. Keep digging your hole, academics will be studying how you bury yourself in cognitive bias for decades as it’s all on the internet.

    4. Wow, you really think your “argument” is legitimate? If you followed what I said you’d know that there aren’t people that are “more or less” finite and depraved. That’s kind of like saying these dead people vary in their degree of “deadness”.🙄 You continue to elevate science to absolute truth and it’s practitioners (“experts”) to finders and dispensers of that absolute truth. Simply put, your relativistic worldview DOES NOT and CAN NOT be practiced on the BASIS of absolute truth. Despite this, you continue in vain to seek a degree of consensus from finite and depraved “specialists” as a woefully lacking proxy for what your ideology can never have.

  3. It is beyond astonishing that there are so many Americans who are perfectly happy to wallow in ignorance.

    1. @Inflation Biden Hairy Legs Biden is just a big dumb distraction. The dumber he gets the more effective.

  4. If the Insurance companies for these schools refuse coverage if unvaccinated or unmasked children attend, things would change fast.

    1. Why don’t they?….. Oh wait its because among young people death rates are purty much zero!

    1. Funny how they don’t report a death rate…. Oh wait thats because among kids its purty much zero.

    2. @4part harmony you are right most people survive just like the flu; but you never know if you will be the one that doesnt; do u have polio; oh yea there is a vaccine for that and the disese is nearly eraticated in the entire world

    3. @Rob M The polio vaccine has been proven to work effectively. This vaccine is basically experimental. There is no study of efficacy in the vaccine or its side effects done over years of research.

    4. @Vegan For The Animals yea so what; this was pushed as it was affecting the entire world not just 1 country or region; it has saved hundreds of thousand lives with some side effects just like all new medicines; which yes normally do take yrs of research and testing

  5. Well in Vegas now if you work in Vegas you got to wear a mask when you working. Vegas is worried about a shutdown.

  6. Feel sorry for those children and their teachers and school staff for being failed by the parents in their communities.

  7. Is this the case of the sins of the parents will fall on the children? Children have no voice and they can be indoctrinated by unstable and unhealthy parents..

  8. Those kids who are eligible to be vaccinated but their parents refuse to allow them to and those kids get sick and possibly die from COVID well shouldn’t the parents be made responsible for their deaths..

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