As Country Reaches Grim Milestone, Trump Moves Goal Post | Morning Joe | MSNBC

As Country Reaches Grim Milestone, Trump Moves Goal Post | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. People like you are the ones who made this loser/bum president. How could you ever have liked him??

    2. Wait!, Vote for him as punishment for being such a nutcase. Keep him politics as a birthright curse. Ha Ha Ha it’ll keep him from enjoying these last good youthful years of his life by being a public “servant!”…that’s sweet justice 😁

    3. Thank you for being “real” and admitting you voted for trump. You learned a valuable lesson…good for you…share with more people who voted for trump WHY you changed you’re mind. Every little effort helps..thanks and again bless you👼😎 for owning the truth..takes courage to say this..

    1. @Gloominusdm I agree…once trump became president (and even before) MANY hateful heartless, nasty, angry selfish people came out of “Their closets” they had been hiding in for so long. trump made them feel it’s “More than okay to be angry, hateful selfish resentful lying people. Like a stupid young man said at a beach the other day on the news “I don’t need a mask if the president doesn’t wear one I won’t either”…learn by example…thanks trump..

  1. Why is he treating humans lives like game scores? Man! This guys is really heartless and evil wow just wow!

    1. I agree with u….he is so dumb its actually evil…he is almost like a 5 year old with a loaded gun thinking its a toy gun

    1. There are too many people on this planet. The vaccine and the masks will eliminate millions, leaving a better place for the rest.

  2. this person is talking about people’s lives like he was counting eggs in the fridge.

    1. So if we look at the EU. Belgium, Italy, Spain, Ireland, UK and a few more are still higher in deaths per M than the US. I guess a bunch of countries are incompetent too?
      This thing hit the EU and the US back in mid to late Dec, that is even according to CNN. How the heck does one stop a virus that is unknown, highly contagious, and mostly asymptomatic? Keep in mind if you do have symptoms in the middle of flu season so would be written off as than, mix that up with holiday travel and there was no way it was stopping.
      If you want to call the US incompetent, we should also include the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Spain, and a few others. I guess all if EU and US is incompetent according this that way of looking at it.

    1. That’s what I keep saying. It hasn’t left yet. My state hasn’t peaked yet. So ridiculous.

    1. You know there are better things to put one’s energy on , but I have to admit that this president for as long as he’s been in office really does bring out the worst in people. Therefore I really do not like him.

    2. @Kiit Morgan I would suggest that working to prevent people dying unnecessarily, your national economy crumbling and your civil rights, not to mention your environment’s destruction are pretty important. And if that situation is being facilitated by the presence of one man in the white house , then it is very important thing to spend energy.
      But hey, I’m open to suggestions. What kind of ‘things’ did you have in mind which are more important than life, liberty and a clean environment?

  3. Where’s our Wartime President? Oh! That’s right,he put his tail between his legs and ran!!!!

    1. Our wartime President is out of action with bone spurs. Will back on deck soon. The bone spurs don’t seem to be affecting his golf game.

    1. Silvio Nunez Silvio, He does not love or care for you, look into your heart, I say this not to criticise you, I believe you are a good person, I care about you, I mean that, I wish you well, stay Safe🇦🇺🇺🇸🇦🇺🇺🇸🦘🦘🦘🦘

    2. @Patricia Barnes he uses brainwashing tactics just like Jim Jones did and a lot of our people drank his Kool-Aid

    3. @Juan Valdez you’re not good at brainwashing so just stop it with your stupid crap stories

    1. Keep in mind Trump was associated with Jeffrey Epstein, a human trafficker for the elite (Trump, Bill Clinton, “Chris Tucker”, Alan Dershowitz (longtime friend of Trump), Prince Andrew, Bruce Willis, etc. etc. They all denied knowing what he did, but somehow ended up on his private jet to St. James Isle in the Caribbean. Epstein had dirt on all of them and that’s the reason no ones willing to go after Epstein’s partner Ghislaine Maxwell. She has dirt on all of these monsters and it’s real suspect that our intelligence agency can’t find her. They either are sweeping her under the rug OR they’ve already “taken her out”, because a lot of powerful people would have gone down with her.

    1. Have you ever noticed that when one of his followers response to someone with an opposing opinion of this President they start throwing out names at them like Lefty, and so on. The real sad thing is is they have never met the people they do this too. They have no idea who they’re even responding to. So I take this as evidence of a great lack of cognizant on their part.

    2. To tell you the truth I I’m messing with these orange man cult followers trying to find out what good hes done and nobody knows

    3. Trump has said 100,000 people dieing is not bad cause is he waited longer to respond it would be worse

    1. @Peter Smith Yep. Noticed how Fauci has been silenced? That was after his comments be made from home. Trump is scared. Very scared.

  4. You notice that he never gave the families of the people who were lost by the virus his condolences! To him people were only numbers not members of families!

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