Identifying Airborne Transmission Of The Coronavirus | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Identifying Airborne Transmission Of The Coronavirus | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Identifying the virus is simple. It’s orange in color, morbidly obese and found on a private golf course during a pandemic.

    1. We have to remind our friends who are not trumpsters and lazy that we are not just voting for President we are voting for senators and justices I keep doing this and I get the blank looks but who cares

    2. @Fighter Pilot Your god is a delusion. Your world view is based on mythology, and depends on magic being real.
      Go back for your GED, Bubby.

    3. Your people have put my people out on the streets, by ushering in countless “undocumented” aliens. Y’all turned your backs on us, and it’s been going on for decades — if not centuries. We don’t vote blue no more (#democratscretedthekkk) because we are now woke. Did you know that over 90% of America’s corporate news media is owned by only 15 billionaires (“Hosea 4:6, Matthew 10:16”)? Same for big tech. Stop being a sheeple, and get “woke.” Take that red pill, hon. Blue ain’t cool no more. It’s a party of elites. And they attend the same elite colleges and social functions in D.C. — as the members of the press do. Jussayin’.
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    4. @Mark of Excellence That is a perfect example of the kind of hateful, judgmental, self-assured and condescending attitudes in our culture that got Trump elected in the first place, and probably will again.

  2. “Now you know what it’s like when the Penguin becomes mayor of Gotham.” Malcolm Nance.

    1. Nogo.attitude.……

  3. In Australia the government payed for people who were in infected and people who were in contact to be put in the empty motel rooms around the country and have food delivered to their door. The food would arrive and the people would have to wait a few moments before they could open the door, so there was no person to person contact. They also had to take their own temperature daily and if the got sick they were then taken to hospital. This stopped the spread and also gave the motels an income from the government.

    1. @Robert Lee If the three hundred million people all wanted to do the same thing, it wouldn’t make any difference how many there were. The fact that the right wing, starting with the president, think they can profit politically and financially by dividing the nation, so that people can’t even agree on the value of keeping themselves and others safe, has nothing to do with the size of the country. It has to do with their selfishness and their assumption that they can keep themselves in a bubble while everyone else suffers. That’s what the aristocracy in France thought too. And in Russia. And in Italy. And in Germany. And in Austria-Hungary. And in the Ottoman Empire. And in the Kingdom of Iraq. And in the Shah’s Iran and Farouk’s Egypt. And the short-lived Central African Empire. And in the countries with so-called communist aristocracies (thinking Rumania in particular, here). And in every other nation where a ruling elite thought it could maintain complete control…until it couldn’t. (The great fault of communism as has been practiced in most countries we call “communist” is that it produces an elite just like a feudal system does. It is hardly democratic governance of the people by the people. Communists don’t trust the people to rule any more than monarchists do. They admit it is a “dictatorship” just with different dictators from before. Extreme example: Kim Jong-Un.)

    2. Andi Craem, America is inundated with functional illerates! There’s no guarantee of absolute “Personal Feedom”; laws/rules/regs restricts freedom; your freedom ends, where my rights begin. Freedom/ responsibility are inseparable.

    3. @Sue Tam Actually, the unpatriotic egocentric intimidators are comparably small in number but big on noise, approx. 35-40%, Trump’s base.

    4. ​@Robert Lee, If there were 100 people on an island, it wouldn’t matter, nothing is more important than a responsible honest leader capable of problem-solving, Trump’s too unethical to lead. Trump said; “It’s a hoax..I don’t take responsibility for anything…I’m not a shipping company…it’s not as bad as the flu..people die…. it’ll disappear…trust me, I’m like a genius…..”

    1. You should thank Trump for saving Social Security by killing off so many of those leeches!

    2. Too bad voting doesn’t matter when John Kerry ran against George Bush for the 2004 election, both members were from Skull and Bones.

  4. If this were a just world, the people who follow the rules and try to do the right thing would be correctly rewarded, while those who don’t would get their just reward.
    Unfortunately, viruses do not understand right and wrong. Viruses go after everyone.

    1. not only that… but those who do not follow the rules frequently do not get their just rewards… one can only hope the scales of justice will prevail in November… but I fear there will be worse to come in the US before January

    2. Yea! We should arrest them and throw them on the floor. I want my vaccine. Bill gates sterilized kids in Kenya so I’m sure this one will be better

  5. Jeez! This guy is Sherlock Holmes! Why isn’t he being listened to on Pox News instead of Kayleigh Boo Boo? I guess I just answered my own question.

  6. 4:40 “For many children there’s issues in terms of nutrition”. I’ve always thought the US was a developed country, but now I see that it’s a republican dump.

    1. @Mm YOU Trump supporters move to an effen deserted island and take your trailer trash Trump President with you!!!!!

    2. @Mm
      When I was 18, I had the unalloyed pleasure of hanging out with a Buddhist monk who was my mentor. One thing he’d say which applies to your comment is “Life is inherently unfair, but part of what makes us human is the ability to change that.” So if you think that unfairness should just be accepted, you’re not human with all its attendant receipts.

  7. It’s sad to read the right wing comments, laden with conspiracy theories, science denial and an aggressive superstitious ignorance reminiscent of the dark ages.

    1. @James Brudnick they come out and tell us its a scam and you still believe its not a scam , THEY TELL US THE DOCTORS TELL US IT IS A SCAM , BIRX AND THE CDC DOCTORS TELL US THEY RELABEL DEATHS AS COVID you gotta get off MSLSD buddy n wake up fast, none of this has anything to do with a virus, this is an economic reset and topdown lockstep totalitarian rule coming in

    2. @James Brudnick if after the ppl behind the scam tell you it is a scam and you then choose to believe it is not a scam then go back to sleep, you are beyond help, you are lost in MSLSD corporate news fantasy land , a world that never was.

  8. ‘Masks are for political statements and I get tested everyday so there’s no reason to wear one and smudge makeup!”

  9. I keep as far away as possible from anyone shouting, singing or even talking loudly when I pass them during my bicycle rounds. If you have followed the news and not watched the Fox News misinformation channel, you should know this by now. It’s not rocket science.

  10. You wanna see a super spreader event? Open the schools back up in the fall. Kids are super spreaders. Congregant facilities and companies, i.e. nursing homes, prisons, office buildings, churches, salons and SCHOOLS.

  11. stop with the going back to schools, they can wait until Sept now, there is only 3-4 weeks left, seems that the question is starving to death or dying from the virus. Get charitable organizations or the government to feed the kids in need

    1. Louise Dumais, Another issue that needs to be addressed before reopening schools is social distancing which requires a reduction in the number of students per classroom. Many additional educators or larger classrooms will be required to accommodate the curtrent number of students in overcrowded classrooms.

  12. My parents lived through the Great Depression. Everyone pulled together and sacrificed so much to get through. Now it’s somehow too difficult for people to wear a mask to help protect everyone?

    1. Robert Poen, it’s because we have leadership that is playing politics with this. It’s common sense. They’re calling it a hoax, like the death number isn’t sobering enough. Stay safe.

    2. I also heard stories from my parents and grandparents about how they made it through hard times. My grandmother told me stories of the flu of 1918-19. I am glad I listened and have recently read more about it.

  13. this america could not survive a war like ww2 we have to take care of each other not me Firist as it is now


    1. I taught middle school. These students would defy a rule EVEN if it benefited them.. It is a rebellious phase they all go through. Trump is still in that mind set, unable to see the consequences of his choices. To model wearing a mask would keep his base healthy and able to vote. Teaching them to be defiant makes him look tough on the playground, but is placing them at risk. One would think Trump would want to PROTECT his assets not destroy them. He is just so immature in his thought process..

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