As QAnon Fizzles, DHS Warns Conspiracy's Followers Pose A New Threat 1

As QAnon Fizzles, DHS Warns Conspiracy’s Followers Pose A New Threat


As QAnon's false prophecies increasingly fail to come true, a new FBI report warns that followers of the conspiracy theory could target Democrats. NBC's Ben Collins and Ken Dilanian report.

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  1. If you ever feel stupid, remember that people actually claim to be free thinkers and believe a random person on the internet.

    1. @Guacamole Kid Q anon is real, he is a 17 year old kid playing a joke.
      He then bailed when he clued into the fact that he could face SERIOUS repercussions.
      It is the morons who believe it that are dangerous.

    2. @Guacamole Kid q is not real its probably a 15 year old kid influencing a bunch of weak minded people lol basically a bunch of idiots lol

  2. Golly, who would have thought Republicans stoking, courting and enabling crazy for decades would have consequences?

    1. @IMPEACH BIDEN EVERYONE in government knows who they are, and they’re not the only ones watching these social media groups. So keep it up, traitor.

    2. @Jim Zorn also I could go to Amazon and find several books on the absurd lizard people conspiracy many Q-nuts buy into. So that’s hardly proof to support your case for the comic book-esc satan worshiping pedophiles nonsense.

    3. @Travis Brown Well, not long ago, lot’s of people thought that believing in UFOs in general was nuts, but now you can do a search on Fox News or CNN and UFOs and see them admitting, “Yes we thought it was nuts for years, but now we’re seeing that it’s really true”.

      If you talked to a native American five hundred years ago about elephants or giraffes, he’d probably think you were nuts as well. Just because something seems strange from the perspective of our tiny portion of the universe, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

      And what if you find out someday that satanic abuse is real, and you’ve just been in denial all along, like the mother whose daughter told her that her father had been sexually abusing her, and the mother says, “Oh no, your father is a good man, he wouldn’t do that”. Do you think you’ll feel a little sad that you didn’t have the guts to face harsh reality, and that lots of children had to go through unbearable suffering because people like you wouldn’t listen to people like me?

    4. @Jim Zorn Frightened yes, the country is, because everyone has now witnessed the absurd power and control trump has over you cult worshippers, and that you’ll resort to violence in a heartbeat if you thought for one second it would get your fat corrupt idol one step closer to the WH again.

    5. @Howard Moon If that’s what you think, than you are living your life within the fish bowl of the mainstream media. I’d refer you to some sites which would show you information to the contrary, but undoubtedly you’d not be willing to look at anything that would contradict your established opinion.

    1. @Juliet Capulet Your whole existance is talking about Trump. Me thinks you lurrrrve him!

    2. @christopher bawden america has been hijacked. the hijackers are threatening violence. it will come down to the military or GOD if the military doesn’t get it.

  3. “Digital Soldier”, sounding a lot like “Keyboard Warrior”. The complete lack of self-awareness, is astonishing.

    1. @Guacamole Kid We are laughing at you. So when is Trump back in office? How many times can he lose?

  4. How many of their “prophesies” have come true?
    How many times did they say Trump would be coming back?
    About 20 times so far.
    It could be 20,000 times…and still….they cannot admit they are ever wrong.

    1. @Dino The Spanish Flu didn’t have a ‘treatment’ or vaccine to fight it! They didn’t have ‘coordination’ around the country and the World to SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN to help slow the spread. They had no MASK MANDATES in place to help stop the spread, nor did those most vulnerable commit to not doing or going anywhere they didn’t have to to ensure they weren’t overly exposing themselves to anyone sick. Also it seems MORE PEOPLE have a Natural IMMUNITY to either this at all or getting exceptionally sick from it.
      *In short, our RESPONSE to the Pandemic this time was BETTER than our response to the Spanish Flu.*

    2. @Dino um, genius, they didn’t have vaccines so quickly during the spanish flu. Did you even GO to school?

    1. no. these fools have ruined a lot of things for me…church, country music, christian music, and largely my hope that democracy survives this craziness and malignant republicans.

    2. @Los 1 , one thing to agree with in that quote nowdays is ”do not suppose,” meaning do not ”assume” anything.

  5. The best part is how stupid Qanon believers decry “anonymous sources” within the news, yet somehow forget what “anon” means.

    1. @R D Some Americans must be taking it seriously. Marjorie Taylor Greene got elected – who I see is backing off some of her more outrageous statements. Guess she woke up when every Jew in the country let her know she’d never get their vote

    2. @UCJnuzOqehH6LbPSV7JPKtPA These people were promised the American Dream of being more successful than their parents and grandparents. Unfortunately, nobody told them you have to work to do that. They also got sucked into Republican politicians telling them they were victims and lying about the fact it was the Republicans who had a vested interest in keeping them poor. Unions give the people a community voice to help those who are the victims of discrimination. They also can provide educational tools to help them succeed. The Republican stance on immigration has kept seasonal workers (who pay taxes) from crossing the border to do jobs Americans either cannot or will not do. This is disgraceful, and it is keeping this country from progressing into this century. Avarice and exceptionalism do not help the country, they hurt it. Republicans stand for both.

    3. For 6 months, Antifa thugs openly stoked violence causing 2 billion dollars worth of damage and over 100 deaths. Where was the outrage over the actions of this domestic terror group by enablers in the mainstream media? All rioters need to go to jail – right wing and left wing alike.

    4. @Paul Wright There’s no such group as “Antifa” – that’s just a right wing made up name and I have to wonder why, it’s supposed to mean ANTI fascist and that’s a good thing.  Any violent acts being carried out, alongside peaceful protesters, are trump supporters.

  6. There’s a reason why it’s not called IQ-Anon. When you lose your intelligence, all you have is Q.

    1. So you’re saying we will have an even bigger Q following in the future?… Since we closed our schools and our kids lost their intelligence to fall behind in virtual learning? Hahaha!

    2. @Jared S You don’t fall behind because of virtual learning – if anything, kids probably learned more. You fall behind because of a poorly run education system, like the kind you get when republicans are in power and constantly cutting back on things that would improve the country as a whole….then complain because China’s doing better

  7. Gee, who would have thought that the Party whose members were threatening their own officials for not believing hard enough would go and threaten the opposing Party. Uh, America did.

  8. ‘Bullies of Tomorrow’ are the same ‘Bullies of Yesteryear’… the only difference is the name.

  9. It’s hard to keep your “movement” going when not a single one of your “prophecies” have come true. The only people still clinging to qanon are the mentally ill.

    1. That’s funny, Alex Jones is 30 for 30 on his last 30 predictions. Including this: that Hillary would complain about Russia, once Trump won the Presidency.

    2. Religions everywhere would disagree. Xians have been waiting over 2,000 years for their favourite zombie to return.

  10. Like that quote “this is the USA; you can dog whistle all you want on the internet right up to the point where you are breaking into the Capitol…”

  11. It’ll be hilarious when they find out that q is a 14 year old kid named quincy that’s been trolling them for lols

    1. He is actually a 8kun moderator who lives in Japan
      He is not posting because he is being watched. One slip-up in Japan will gladly extradite him to the United States

  12. Q was exposed. He accidentally let slip that he was Q in an interview. Can’t act like an anonymous insider once you are no longer anonymous. Or an insider.

  13. If the Republicans try to sideline the Q supporting members of Congress, expect I expect violence targeted at the Republicans who they believe betrayed them

  14. Why is Flynn still paid a pension from the US Government? Surely, being a traitor the tax payer funded $$ tap should be turned off with this guy. Let him collect a pension from Russia.

    1. @Matt Gaetz
      My point is that
      If your a Democrat you get a “Get Out Of Jail” free card.

      But as a Republican you get crucified by the press on any possible charges.

    2. I guess you missed all of the pardons Trump handed out to his “conservative “ buddies . Literal “get out of jail fee” cards. As long as we Americans defend this kind of crap it’s going to keep happening. We need to start holding these people accountable or we’re lost.

    3. @Jim Sanders conservatives deserve to be targeted because they want to destroy the republic and create a theocratic corporate fascist state. Bark about freedom all you want but those of us who know better can see you for what you really are.

    4. @aclamkhidda
      Let’s mention President Obama here.
      212 Pardons
      1,715 commutations which included 502 LIFE SENTENCES.

  15. Christian prophets: 2,000 years of “any day now!”
    Qtard prophets: 6 months of “any day now!”

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