The Republican Fight Against Critical Race Theory | MSNBC 1

The Republican Fight Against Critical Race Theory | MSNBC


How conservative groups are funding inflaming communities against critical race theory. NBC News Reporter Ben Collins, and Senior Writer for The Root Michael Harriot join Geoff Bennett to discuss.

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  1. I have thought for historians should write history books and teachers teach from those books.

    1. @Courtney Elyse no you dont you teach a different history to your geographic location. The US has never taught real history its a whitewashed version filled with tons of misinformation and outright propoganda.

    2. Jordan Powell historians write history books and historians write textbooks. No one reads them. The state curriculums are indeed whitewashed (intentionally and unintentionally). But there are plenty of textbooks written by historians, great award-winning historians. It is up to Schoolboards to pick them. Don’t blame historians for the responsibility of the local and state authorities.

    3. @Courtney Elyse your inncorrect in the US might want to look at how the US history curriculum is taught by state students get to college and have very different history knowledge if any truthful history especially now.

    4. Jordan Powell I’ve taught history at both high-school and collegiate levels, in both Massachusetts and Texas, about as far apart politically as it gets. I’m very aware of how schools are taught and I’m very aware of the textbook selection process. The textbooks are edited by accredited and celebrated historians like David Blight, Eric Foner, Rebecca Edwards, James McPherson. The American Pagent Textbook which is used in most AP classrooms is edited by Liz Cohen and David Kennedy—two great 20th c historians. There are good textbooks out there and they are available nationally. As I said in my last comment—the blame isn’t on historians or their writing. It’s on the school boards, local and state governments who choose what gets taught and how—and that’s where the politics comes in. Some of those choices are intentional (civil war about states rights) some are not (no one teaches the 1918 flu).

    5. @Courtney Elyse fair point sry I missed that. But the issue is more that that and systemic within the US educational systems. Hope it gets better for teachers there cheers.

  2. You cannot properly study the modern history of America (from 1600 onwards) without considering the effects of slavery and racism.

    One of the biggest problems with the study of history is the tendency of people to impose their own prejudices & beliefs onto the events of the past to explain them – that is nearly always very bad history interpretation. The 1619 Project has at times fallen into that fallacy in trying to explain parts of US history.

    I strongly support consideration of critical race theory to deepen the understanding of US history but at the same time being mindful of its limits

    1. America was founded in 1776 and everyone who goes to school is taught about racism and slavery. We don’t need ☭Critical Race Theory☭ CRT poisons the minds of children. It causes children to start looking at all people as oppressors and victims… It breeds anger, resentment, jealousy, helplessness, fear… This is not a good technology for children.

    2. @Sylvana Baptista are you talking about after the civil war when the Democrats wrote the Jim Crow laws.
      I can understand that before the end of the civil war slaves wanted to rebel because Democrats didn’t want to end Slavery…

  3. We’ve got these bills in Texas too. Idk why we didn’t make it on the graph, especially since our textbooks are likely what your state uses. I know it’s a bit cliche to think that Texas matters…but with education, it always does.

  4. kids do not feel bad about themselves if their parents raised them in the right way. that equal is whats needed . equal for all. regardless of creed or color . then all kids can feel good about themselves.

  5. Those states have ties to restrict Indian rights along with minorities by the republican party. That is bull !!
    LOOK IT UP !!!
    They don’t want the children to know how they can protect themselves for future aggression.
    Our children deserve to know the past in order to prevent attack in the future.
    However, it should be done in a correct way without bias.

  6. Critical Race Theory needs to be taught in schools so that children can make the World a BETTER place for the generations that are to come after us.
    BUT I do know that I believe in Equality due to my own mixed race.

    1. CRT is stupid and people who like it are stupid.

      Tell me:
      What is a good cane toad recipe?

      Or are you too busy imprisoning people for misgendering

    1. I seriously doubt you could either since every point is historically false. If you actually do any research into their claims you can with a 20 sec google search prove every point is false. CRT is white supremacy cloaked in Marxist language and based on Marxist theories. The same theories that led to 120 million deaths in the 20th century and are currently responsible for the extermination of the Uyghurs.

  7. So the _Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings Brigade_ are offended by the facts of slavery?

  8. Critical race theory is old. It has been used in academia for many years. I have used it in my college writings. Why are they just now talking about it? Do they not have pertinent problems to address at this time? Such a distraction. Do your own research about this theory and so many others that one could condemn to fit his or her agenda.

  9. they’re your actions…. you did it you were proud of it when you did it it made you rich it made you powerful it made you who you are children to know who you are. Wanting to walk away clear of accountability and responsibility. But trust and believe me you will , you will.

    1. I hope you don’t use You Tube to teach you the full truth about anything. Read a book if you really want to know the truth. A People’s History of the United States is a good one to read.

  10. Basically there’s not really any way around the effects of US history on any group including whites no matter what you call it unless you start US history around the disco era.

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