How AI Can Help Fix Aging Infrastructure | MSNBC 1

How AI Can Help Fix Aging Infrastructure | MSNBC


NBC News Correspondent Josh Lederman joins Geoff Bennett with a special report from South Bend Indiana, on how Artificial Intelligence can help the city's aging infrastructure.

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    1. @No Show Joe What science has been compromised? Other then the snake oil cap that was pushed I mean.

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  2. To me it does not look like AI is really being used here. It’s a great use of technology but it’s not AI. They’re sensors are simple sensors not “smart Sensors” that drives a model that redirects materials to spare capacity. That is not AI that’s just tech. AI would involve unsupervised or supervised machine learning which would analyse the current trends and factor in things like maintenance, expansion, climate change, housing density, urban planning etc.

    1. it probably anticipates need based on patterns, using a neural net to anticipate where water flow will be is pretty simple, that’s a form of artificial intelligence

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  3. Why do they need an AI? It doesn’t take artificial intelligence to figure out America spends too much on military and not enough on infrastructure.

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