As Trump Fumbles Vaccine, Small Businesses Say They Face Double Standard | The Beat With Ari Melber 1

As Trump Fumbles Vaccine, Small Businesses Say They Face Double Standard | The Beat With Ari Melber


New reporting shows the Trump administration passed on a chance to get additional doses of the Pfizer Vaccine. At the same time in California, some Democratic leaders are under fire for the capitalist double standard of certain Covid-19 rules. One restaurant owner, Angela Marsden, discusses with MSNBC's Ari Melber how small business "need help" to "open in a safe way." She details how she spent over $60,000 to go "above and beyond" and follow Covid-19 safety protocols, only to have the outdoor patio of her business shut down due to a new ban on outdoor dining. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 12/8/2020.
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As Trump Fumbles Vaccine, Small Businesses Say They Face Double Standard | The Beat With Ari Melber


  1. If we don’t support small businesses and working people, the Great Depression will end up looking like a walk in a park compared to what’s in store for us. Congress and certain state governments are clearly okay with a dystopia where the only businesses are those run by Jeff Bezos and his Big Corp buddies.

    1. Capitalism is build by Big Entreprise not small business.
      So Gov always save the big enterprises first. Small business and workers are the last.

    1. @RahRan123 If the President thought of himself as a divinity he must of come to his senses by this time. I hope that this vaccine does what it is intended to do. Until then I wear a paper mask and wash my hands a lot (good idea anyway) and drop a prayer at evening Vespers.

    2. @Longster86 Are you kidding me? She needs financial help more than anything! That’s the stimulus ! That’s on the Republicans! I to live in Cali! We all need federal help and who’s blocking it? Mitch McConnel! That’s Republican!

    3. @Longster86 Or with the Republitards hiding among citizens. You will recall how some rural CA sheriffs don’t enforce the mask/distancing rule. In terms of virus spread, that’s like having a peeing section at the swimming pool.

    4. @John Zeszut ..said like someone who shirks responsibility. Do us all a favor and stay home and try not to touch anything.

  2. Well the retail places have more “essential” things, like t.p. and good
    But we NEED to support these small businesses
    The disparity is all money anyway, so lets save our small business with “handouts” like unemployment, and subsidies for business owners like this lady (oh no! Socialism!!smh) and really smother covid in these 100 mask days

    1. Capitalism is build by Big Entreprise not small business.
      So Gov always save the big enterprises first. Small business and workers are the last.

    2. @WilMar government interfering on behalf of any business, by definition, is not free enterprise…. our system is not one of free enterprise, it is a corporate welfare system….

    1. Thinking of the dying patients who insisted they didn’t have covid because -trump- said it was fake.
      Was proving -trump- was not up to the job worth hundreds of thousands of American lives?
      Ask Republicans in the Senate.

    2. @Cowboy Bob If the vax worked, big-pharma wouldn’t tell the government to coerce people to take it. I’m pro free choice, if anyone wants to take a experimental cocktail go for it. Search for, *’ask-the-experts-covid-19-vaccine-now-banned-on-youtube-and-facebook’*

  3. I feel so bad for these business owners because our government is not helping. Everyone should have the means to stay home if the pandemic requires us to so.

    1. the means? so yea is we all made 5k a month or more maybe we could all afford bunkers and storages of 6 months of food or longer right?

    2. @William Phillips So maybe the minimum wage needs to be raised because you can’t count on business owners to pay their employees a living wage.

    3. @Alaska Pirates please … do you really think Pelosi is better? They didn’t want to sign 1.8T$ check before election because all they cared was that it could help Trump. How about helping people and getting votes because you are doing right by them? Both parties care only about themselves and their donors, let’s not kid ourselves.

    1. @Kimmie Belcher But she did block the 1.8T proposal. This is a clear fact that she blocked the proposal. I am also not denying that McConnell is delaying the stimulus as well. However I maintain my position on the matter, that if Pelosi would have agreed to the 1.8T stimulus, Trump would have done anything he can to get McConnell to approve of it , especially when that 1.8T stimulus was proposed before the elections. My point on the travel ban, is that even if Trump blocked all travel in and out the country and maintained that lockdown for months, people would still critisize him and say hes acting like an emperor.

    2. @Zac I agree with you 100% and I do not understand why more people do not make this point. The easy availability of massive amounts of money, funded by the American people, that went to huge corporations and friends of the current administration should be much more of a talking point and should legitimately make the American population angry at the hypocrisy of it all. The lockdown without monetary assistance for small businesses is a direct result of what has and is happening to small businesses all across America which is totally unfair and downright wrong.

    3. @Bryan McConnell wouldn’t allow trump to sign anything over 1t.. and yes trump wanted to push that thru and it would have been good for everyone, except McConnell who has rejected everything just so he can blame pelosi, which yeah she holds blame as well. What those details held I’m sure don’t go to the benefit of the most needed Americans

  4. Listening to this small business owner makes it even more despicable that Corporations and millionaires like Tom Brady’s company, Trump organisation and Kushner companies benefited from claiming PPP in the last bailout.

  5. I went to IKEA today and no temperature checks and there were hundreds of people inside. I can really sympathize with this woman. It’s so unfair. We need assistance for small businesses.

    1. Where I live, masks are “optional” and its incredibly upsetting. Now there’s a huge covid spike, and they wonder why! The store fronts all say “masks mandatory” but the poor greeters at Walmart and such cannot reinforce it. I can’t wait for this nightmare to be over- unfortunately now people I know have covid and my family and I are in quarantine. Its all a joke until people they know start dying- I said that in the beginning. (I am obv one of the few dems in my small town) it makes no sense….

    2. @Karasene 13 It really doesn’t make much sense. Even with the vaccines there will be so many unnecessary infections and deaths before most people get the vaccine. Imagine what it’s like to die in a war that is over. I can imagine the futility of the deaths as we are seeing the end of the pandemic before our eyes. These people who refuse to wear masks are literally responsible for spreading the virus to others around them and possibly responsible for some potential deaths too

    3. @Mike Higgins Are you really that naive?? Search for, *’ask-the-experts-covid-19-vaccine-now-banned-on-youtube-and-facebook’*
      *AND WAKE UP!*

    4. I really do believe in making facial coverings a mandate. when in public, we should do everything we can to keep our noise levels down, keep our interactions to a minimum when we are in small gatherings, etc. Above all we should make it a crime to not have a mask at hand or not be wearing one at least for the next 3 weeks; instead of closing small businesses down. This could lead to a drop in numbers…

  6. The House passed the Heros act in May of this year. Moscow Mitch has spent his time pushing Judges through the Senate.

    1. Why can’t they hire both the catering company and her restaurant? If it’s not in the budget, do half and half. I wouldn’t want the caterers to lose their contract either. They are in the same boat as so many small businesses are. Just trying to survive!

    2. Why should a film company be responsible ? what about the government. What about all the people who never had a restaurant to begin with.

  7. Every single business out her made efforts to follow the outdoor rules. Now they close again, with no help. I understand why they are upset.

  8. Don’t be mad at rules, be at those who can’t follow them and have selfishly prolonged the suffering of their fellow Americans.

    1. We shouldn’t be under this unconstitutional lockdown in the first place. Advise citizens about masking and social distancing and let personal responsibility carry the day.

    2. @Longster86 Our government should help us long enough to stop the virus! Like other countries have that are not as wealthy as our country is. But no, the help they approved to help us trump and McConnell filtered to themselves, their families, and 600 other companies they gave 10 million each, that didn’t need it because their owners are very wealthy. People like the woman in this video are suffering and our government holds up their middle finger to them! Why do you think we are the worst at handling this virus? Because the wealthy donors are just fine and now wealthier than before the virus! Anyone voting republican are voting for the wealthiest to have everything including our lives. The democrats aren’t much better when it comes to needing their donors but they want to help the regular people to, it’s in all their bills they pass that don’t even get a vote in the senate..

  9. Jared Kushner & Donald Trump received $ 3. 5 Million in Coronavirus relief funds, that was supposed to be given to small businesses.

    1. @Cheryl Millard They use local businesses.

      Also, she just admitted to having terburculosis which is highly contagious.

      Also 150k has been raised for her and celebs are stepping up to help her and her staff financially.

    2. @itziebitz most people living with with TB have latent TB which is not transmittable and is effectively dormant. However, the disease can reemerge itself if the carrier becomes immune-compromised… which, I believe was her point… if she contracts a respiratory infection, like covid, which wreaks havoc on the immune and pulmonary systems, her TB can reassert itself, complicating her treatment options and lowering her chance of recovery.

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