As Vaccinations Hit A New Record, Is It Time To Begin Re-Opening? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. We are opening up, Joe. I can’t speak for Boston in general, but even you were able to take your kids to a ballgame there.

    1. @Sea Shepherds Who said what? Fauci? The same guy who said DO NOT WEAR MASK, THEY DON’T HELP? Then said wear mask. Then said 2 mask are stupid then said 2 mask are twice as good? The same man who in 2006 praised HCQ for its effects of destroying Corona Virus? The same man sitting right next to his friend at a ballgame without his mask on? That Fauci? Over a year now. Me nor anyone I know wears a mask at the levels some people do. Not even close. I have worn it to my VA doctors appt 3 times in a year. I have went to Graduation parties, Christmas Parties, Birthday Parties and not once did I or anyone at them have a mask on. None of us got the Wuhan and No one Died. I know a whopping 3 people who tested positive. 2 had ZERO symptoms, and 1 was in Fla, visiting his son and was given 4 doses of HCQ and felt amazing 2 days later.

    2. @Wisconsin Man Shut up a about Fauci and the recommendation not to wear a mask; there wasn’t a lot of science on the matter and recommendations were made based on the science. Too bad if you get all jacked out of shape when a health official changes advice based on data. Your anecdotes about not wearing masks tell us nothing except that you and yours have been fortunate. There’s so much anti science BS in your comment – it’s people like you, who share and are impressed with anecdotes, who will be the death of the species when a more deadly and contagious virus finds its way to the human species.

    3. @Madison Heights So mask were a new concept when the Wuhan started? No. Boxes with mask say, WILL NOT STOP VIRUS. Is Wuhan the first Virus ever? NO. My God. Listen to your trained Seal self. If you think “Doctor” Falsey, had no clue about Mask and it’s effectiveness about stopping a virus, you’re special….needs. So when he said 2 mask was to much and not needed, let me guess, he wasn’t sure of the science then either, right? Then he says what? 2 mask will work twice as good. My God. Wake up. As far as me and mine being fortunate? Well guess what? 99% of everyone in America is Fortunate as you say. 26 states I know people and 3 total people tested positive. 2 had no symptoms at all and the only reason they were tested was, 1 a business trip the other his routine check-up. Then a 78 year old visiting his son in Florida got sick went to ER they said yes you have it, Doctor gave 4 doses of HCQ and 2 days later was 100% and 4 days later was back in Wisconsin and cutting firewood. WAKE UP

  2. i’m not going out untill the supply of shots is more than the demand for a couple of weeks. my doctor sead i won’t servive covid 19 as bad as my lung condition is.

    1. We are there in many areas. In Illinois there are unused appointments in most counties. Indiana is even looking at surrounding states to fill appointments.

    2. I think you are smart. If all high risk folks took measures like you are, the death toll would be miniscule.

    3. @Carthy Grickwirt if that was true, the UK death toll would always have been miniscule, since they’ve had compulsory “shielding” in place throughout

  3. About 6 weeks before schools close and maybe 2-3 weeks till the virus tipping point, the option should have been there a month ago but beyond option I don’t see the purpose. After 12 months I don’t see 3 or 4 weeks of school makes a difference, now catchup summer schools should be considered if you see certain areas suffering from lack of schools. You don’t have to set your hair on fire 2-3 weeks before the tipping point, it’s been going on for 12 months a few weeks more will not change things much.

    1. In reality, at this point you just assume all kids have missed a year of schooling & effectively have them all repeat a year & modify the program over the next few years to catch them up, or just keep them always as being a year behind their entire school life. ALL years are in the same position, so there’s no drama with it

  4. Since the beginning of this thing we’ve been reactive rather than proactive. Listen to the experts and when they say do X, do X two weeks later.

    1. You are brainwashed. You think these experimental vaccines are effective against the variants? Hahahahaha

  5. Im from a country that had an actual Lockdown and quarantine. What the US had was nothing compared what my country and several other countries in the world had to do. We literally would be taken to prison if we were walking outside during curfew hours.

    So it really bothers me when Americans cry about businesses being closed or having to wear masks. The US quarantine and lockdowns were nothing compared to other countries.

    1. ​@Moist Peanut Well done! Notable isn’t it how many lives you saved by doing things right. Congratulations from Australia, we respect you/your country 🙂
      How are things there now? Are you fully re-open & recovering? We are, cause we did as you did & weren’t so arrogant as to play down Rona’s impact. I’m not sure if your borders are closed as hard as ours are or not, that will influence how open you can be now, there’s no question though you did right & have shown up the US & they REALLY don’t like it do they lol You deserve the credit for your had work though!

    2. ​@Lp78Ch asymptomatic people CAN infect others, but it’s rare & at low volumes BUT the US seems to have a LOT of difficulty in understanding that asymptomatic & pre-symptomatic are NOT the same thing & pre-symptomatic is the most infectious time of all!

      Knowing you’re safe if not symptomatic only works if there is effective contact tracing in place informing & isolating everyone who’s been exposed to a case for 14 days. I just saw a joke on one of our news reports that a chicken had been sent into 14 days quarantine, cause it sneezed on camera. That’s genuinely what we do with humans who do that & why that chicken was at an event with 60,000 different people a day, no masks, no social distancing & no fears of covid anywhere

    3. ​@Wisconsin Man dumb comment! You know that all your rich have moved their businesses to Australia so as to get permission for them to move here for the duration of the pandemic right? Do you HONESTLY think America is “sort after” right now?????? Just look at where all your celebs are filming movies & then staying to live right now! It’s NOT your country! REALLY dumb comment you just made there without even knowing where the smart peanut is from!

    4. @Me Here @Moist Peanut and others. As demonstrated above in this thread you can see why we have a huge body count as a result of covid but even more causal as shown above by the “patriots” speaking about our American freedumbs and rights is the selfish disregard for others that has infected the USA. So many couldn’t be bothered to make any small sacrifice they saw as inconvenient to their life and now many don’t have life anymore and showed that freedom to die prematurely but the truly tragic part is many who did sacrifice for the common good lost their life due to these selfish fools who falsely believe they know better than anyone and annoyingly always need to tell you about it as well. They have in fact reduced the freedom of all by dragging the virus out far longer and by allowing it to be far more prevalent and saturate the country but they can’t grasp their culpability in the current situation and outcome. They will whine about their freedoms and scream oppression claiming that they are patriots protecting American ideals against tyranny but what they showed so many is they are in fact not patriots and are so self obsessed they couldn’t make any sacrifice or adjustment to support and protect the country from death and disease. They are simple minded children on a huge whiny power trip fueled by obvious insecurities and a need to project a false toughness to cover for the weakness we all see in every fiber of their being. Tonight they’ll curl up next to their AR-15 and tell themselves that they are tough strong men even though fear courses through them at such a level they would’t feel safe with out the semi auto security blanket they cuddle that has been decimating innocent real Americans who actually were willing to make sacrifices for the country and the health of her people.

  6. No, don’t end mask mandates. Not yet. We just have to hunker down a little longer. I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine last week. Two weeks after my second dose I can take my beautiful wife out to dinner to celebrate — she’s already fully vaccinated.

    But no, we need to keep doing what we are doing and stay safe.

    If we can all stay strong and stay safe, in a month from now maybe we can think about lifting restrictions.

    We’re so close, stay tough!

    If we all stay tough we can have brunch with mimosas in May.

    1. Both my husband and I are fully vaccinated for at least a month now, but we are still very cautious and not in a hurry to go to some restaurant just yet, nor am I even ready to rejoin the health spa or do in person church just yet. It’s not just about us, it’s about other people too.

    2. @ross meroe….@Kathryn Duda and spouse will likely outlive you and yours.
      They are the responsible citizens.

    3. Good comment! Joe’s being incredible irresponsible, glad you’re seeing reason, I hope a lot more of your countrymen are too!

  7. Michigan is having one of their biggest surges ever. Its reported right on Joes channel. Go ahead. Im staying in.

    1. Good, stay in, more room for people who aren’t scared of something that 99% will never be affected from.

    2. @Wisconsin Man Can you imagine the level of brainwashing and fear mongering? People literally have a higher chance of being struck dead by lightning than dying of this ”virus”, and yet they are too scared to leave their houses!! It is just madness.

  8. We are at a point that we can have this conversation, but I give more credence to medical professionals than politicians and each area may be at a different point.

  9. I am mix about reopening to be honest with you. I would see how bad the surge will be because the youth.

    1. But you didn’t bother asking last year when cases were going down quickly and THEN a mask mandate pretty much everywhere and then the cases went BACK up did you? Or how Texas removed the mandate and cases have dropped dramatically.

    2. @Wisconsin Man like I said I am mixed about reopening. Right now there will be a surge in Texas sometime in May. How bad it is? It is a guess. Mask mandate is up to individual business.

    1. @jacen cade No need to call someone a moron. Some people though lucid and smart have difficulty typing out their thoughts due to neurological conditions that retrieve words that sound like or start with the same letter. Seriously, there’s no need to be rude when supplying someone with the correct word/spelling. (It’s basically inconceivable that someone would think that pundits are called pendants when pendant has an actual meaning that most are familiar with. You’d think that would’ve clued you in that the person simply mistyped.)

    2. Thanks so much for your comments and especially for your compassion. We’re also a multi generational family, 3 generations live in My home , as I have a physically disabled Son who lives at home still as does his teen aged daughter. So juggling needs has been made more difficult. We sadly had 45 botching everything he pit his fat fingers upon .I’m doing my best to be kind. We’re a nation in turmoil, Covid19 shined an airplane light on that. We all planet wide need representatives in our governments who actually represent their constituents not their doners. My heart is happy for our brothers and sisters in Australia and their attentive government who made this pandemic a priority not a tool to divide.

  10. To the people of Massachusetts, Joe Scarborough wants you to risk your lives so he can get a burger. What are you waiting for?

  11. My 33 year old only son got his first dose a couple of weeks ago. I am on the waiting list in my county in southern Colorado. Kris lives in his college town of Durango, Colorado. Massive crowds to clinics… or almost Yankee stadium . Here we are limited. Waiting still!

  12. Many of these schools are old and their ventilation systems need to be retrofitted to ensure clean air circulation. Perhaps with the Biden Infrastructure bill funds can be designated for this purpose. This is imperative. Get it done our Children?’s lives deserve protection!!!

  13. Wear masks, sanitise/wash hands for 20seconds. Maintain 1.5metres distance. Our schools are open with Covid protocols in place. Your governors have too much power!

  14. I’m a Grandmother and the Mother of a Special Education teacher. This entire experience has been overwhelming. The worst thing we can is once again put more stressor upon our children and insist they return to school.The real issue us not the kids mental health it’s the wages earned in America are not sufficient to allow parents to care for their own children. The internet is not democratic. We all are suffering. Going back to school is nothing more than a bandage. We must on a Federal level insure that Families across the board can afford to care for their families.

    1. Just to share how the school system worked in Australia when we had covid in the country, very early on, mandatory school attendance was removed & parents allowed to choose if they wanted to keep children at home & those doing so were given access to online learning, the government buying mobile broadband for students that didn’t have access to proper broadband. As the pandemic worsened, children were to do their schooling via remote learning at home UNLESS they were children of essential workers or “at risk children”, in which case parents were permitted to send them to school. Parents decided if they needed to send them & no child was turned away, however ALL children learnt via remote learning, teachers taught in the classrooms, students at the school were supervised in their online learning by young teaching assistants, while well spaced at desks in large rooms like school halls, so there was no motivation to send children to school unless the parents actually needed to.

      Disability schools saw some short shutdowns in some places, due to a shortage of PPE for staff in the early stages, but getting that to them was a prority & as soon as it was received, those schools fully opened, cause it was considered as essential respite for parents & that those children couldn’t learn via remote learning. Regular school resourses were diverted to those schools to assist as needed, but overall that community was very conscious of covid anyway & everyone within it was taking extreme measures to avoid exposure, so there was no real risk to anyone in those environments.

      There are low stress options for dealing with these situations – IF a government cares enough to implement them! All the best with your situation, I hope things get sorted out soon for your family & everyone you care about

  15. I agree that openings of school and businesses could open…….IF they could open safely. The problem that I see it is that there are still many people who don’t give a crap about respecting distancing, wearing masks, etc. Kids might not get symptoms, but they could infect their parents. I drove by a school the other day at lunch time and there were teens in groups without wearing masks properly, less than 3 ft apart. My brother in law just got down with severe symptoms after doing a shift at work, in contact with a guy who just got tested positive (without symptoms) who apparently got it from his kids. So, while I’m hoping my bro in law’s condition won’t require hospitalization, or worse, this is IMO a reason why everybody should hold on just a little longer.

    But yes, the argument popped up: it’s not about sending kids to school for kids, it’s for their parents. Perhaps their parents should have more help from the govt during this time until the parents can get vaccinated too.

    1. Just be aware that in the US, you have NO IDEA where you’re getting infected from! There is nothing to indicate that person got it from their kids. If you were in Australia, New Zealand or Vietnam, you would know where it came from, but not there! For all you know he got it off the pizza he bought for his family 3 weeks earlier.

      I hope your brother in law’s ok though & please remember that covid has a half life of 28 days on most surfaces at 20c, tenfold increase in survival time for every 6c temp decrease, so be sure to disinfect everything he had contact with to keep the rest of your family safe! Particularly anything he touched in the fridge or freezer!

      & yes I agree, more support for parents is needed & also optional school so those that need to can send their kids, but others don’t have to, therefore reducing numbers at the school, therefore keeping everyone safer

  16. When Joe Scarborough becomes a public health official I will take his advice on opening a city during a world health pandemic.

  17. This discussion is like someone made a suggestion, “ How can we ensure that we have several more good surges before this whole Covid thing is over ?”

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