'Ashamed': First MAGA Rioter Sentenced As Another Admits To Conspiracy 1

‘Ashamed’: First MAGA Rioter Sentenced As Another Admits To Conspiracy


In a major development in the MAGA riot investigation, a member of the far-right Oath Keepers pled guilty on two of six charges against him. There are reportedly 15 other members involved. The first January 6th rioter has also been sentenced. MSNBC's Dr. Jason Johnson is joined by MSNBC's Neal Katyal to discuss. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. I have seen people get harder time for breaking into their own house during a domestic violence dispute.

    1. @Bobby Jones yup my white privilege is going to work everyday to pay for everything I own and not collecting welfare and food stamps

    2. @Robert Spencer You do know that more white people are collecting food stamps than any other demographic in the United States.We give more aid to Israel then any other nation on the planet.White.We give farmers more money that other farmers combine .White.We bailed out GM- white.All the state pens, are located in predominately white areas- jobs.All the police that are killing black people are white.All the people the stormed the capital was white.I tried not to make this a race issue, but people like you can’t see racism, because it doesn’t affect you in your day to day movement.

    3. I’m not sure why this would be political? If Antifa was breaking in you think Republicans would want to know.

      But that’s because it Trump and the “oath breakers”

    1. @Chaos gets to watch the rebels be made bent and broken.

      Cheers to Chaos, the Trump Trash that swallows the words of the “Chosen One”. Keep on swallowing- you’re rather good at it.

      Vae Victis

    2. When they see the hard core criminals in jail living near them . with the education of a 3 grader and body pro football players .

    3. You ain’t lying brother! When them cuffs go on and those steel bar doors slam shut, most people crumble in mind and spirit knowing then, “I am not in control anymore.”

    1. Nope. Too big a word for multiple reasons. These people where used as cannonfodder and although that does not excuse their act, treason would require a state of war. As it stands, sedition is the word you’re looking for.

    1. @Gentry Thompson People have been murdered in the lawlessness cities for at least a year. Where gave you been? Oh by the way, these were not Police or Trump supporters which pulled the trigger or struck the match!

    1. @SkyGemini
      The second amendment starts with those words: “a well regulated…”.
      But trumpanzees don’t read the constitution.

    2. @Bryan Hillary Clinton Joe Biden and even Hunter Biden haven’t been charged with any crimes. So therefore they’re innocent of all crimes so please stop spreading lies about them.

    1. @Aquiles yes and that’s why she was appropriately charged with “parading and picketing” inside the Capitol. She will be doing community service as a consequence.

    1. Like mo brooks up there on stage inciting em…. America is gonna suffer if these traitors aren’t eliminated.

    1. Not coddling at all. It’s the way the criminal justice system works. Look how well the mid/late 80’s “LOCK UP EVERYONE” worked out.

  2. “It’d be really fitting if a movement born of conspiracy theories ended in conspiracy charges.”

    1. Exactly, so when all connected to Epstein are revealed and 1000’s of pedophiles are arrested.
      Justice John Roberts
      That little gate was moved by the capitol police and they were let inside of magnetically locked doors.

    1. First offenders ALWAYS get probation for these minor offenses. Even your hero George Floyd got probation with his first run in with the law

    2. @Faux Que this wasn’t minor, this was an attack on the heart of the American political process, the election and the PEACEFUL transition of power. Guess we should have seen this coming when he has been refusing to agree to a peaceful transition of power since the 2016 campaign trail.

    3. @Ben Dover Trumpy Seems reasonable. How about reviewing and censuring the prosecution if they are out of line? They are elected so can they be recalled and run another election?.

    4. @Faux Que How is participating in a violent insurrection on the federal government a minor case?

  3. She wasn’t ashamed when she was bragging about it on Facebook. Shes only “ashamed” now because she was caught. Sentence is BS.

    1. @Curtis Cole
      If that was BLM people there would have been bloodshed and then we would’ve been in a whole other direction.
      Thank you, Jesus.

  4. Well not surprised that republicans would betray their own or throw them under the bus. Its the way of life for them.

  5. Probation isn’t good enough for these crimes I have seen people get harsher sentences for less. What these people did on January 6 was totally outrageous and they need to be treated as such.

  6. At least that judge won’t be presiding over all these cases, she should’ve gotten at least a year in prison

    1. @Biden sucks You are the one making a comment like that under a false name. I write under my real name. I’m not ashamed of people knowing my opinion but obviously you do.

    2. @MailOrderDolph LundgrenSeaMonkeys
      In my former country they would have put them against a wall and shot them.
      Maybe we should start enforcing our laws. Trump brought back firing squads, let them be the first to try them out.

  7. A black guy went to jail for having a bell on his bicycle and she got probation for storming the capital.. What kind of country do we live in.

    1. A racist and unjust system that blatantly spew their hatred for one race. White privilege, call it wtf it is.

    2. Tragic bitter irony. Rules for thee but not for me. You knew it was horse**** when shortly after the 6th judges were letting those arrested for major crimes leave to go on vacation, weddings and the like. Not a race-card/sjw guy but want to guess what color they were?

    3. @crazybongo5 – Exactly! Who couldn’t predict the unbalanced BS way this would go down. Welcome to Trumped up cult 45 ‘Murica.

    4. Yes, indeed, what kind of country do we live in? Same question you asked, with an entirely different meaning. On paper, a country that values individual freedom and the right to speak your mind regardless how offensive or unorthodox your words and ideas are. In practice, it’s what we make it and what we are willing to tolerate. And what the mob wants as of lately, and that not cool, you dig comrades?

    5. @crazybongo5 has there been unequal treatment under the law in America in the past? Absolutely, but we also need to, and owe it to ourselves to keep ideology from skewing our perception of reality. Plenty of folks who stole and even were violent last summer were let off with no charges who were not those considered with privilege. The real oppressed group as of most recent? Poor and middle-class Trump voters of all colors, some who walked into a building and you somehow believe they should be given a year in jail subsequently. Oppress much??

  8. She got community service because she’s not black. So will everyone else. They won’t be tried as a group. They won’t be stripped of their civic rights. The US legal system is just a game played between lawyers.

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