Asian-American Community Responds To Georgia Shootings And Surge In Hate Incidents | Andrea Mitchell

Gina Ortiz Jones, an activist and politician from Texas, and Kimmy Yam, a reporter for NBC News, join Andrea Mitchell to talk about the Asian-American community's response to shooting in Georgia on Tuesday, where six Asian American women were killed. "This is really a time for us to come together, support one another," Ortiz Jones says. Aired on 03/19/2021.
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Asian-American Community Responds To Georgia Shootings And Surge In Hate Incidents | Andrea Mitchell


    1. @Travis Bohanan what do you mean nonexistent? I gave you specific evidence that you can look at. What about anime? This has only been popularized recently, im saying that asian women have been portrayed this way for a long time, japanese media became popular with the popularity and access of the internet which is much more recent

    2. @Travis Bohanan if you ask any asian woman who uses social media or dating apps, i can guarantee you people send messages to them specifically about their race

  1. They need to show all of the perpetrators of these crimes faces, every last one of them. Let the public see these attackers.

    1. @Rob walker you are losing yourself in this dialogue so bad that you are now trying to use the mental, Unstable, substance abuse propaganda to substitute for your lack of debating skills or informative forthcomings. You never stood a chance. Keep stalking.

    1. @PlatinumDiamond! I know exactly what MSNBC is. My question was why should they side with the man.

    1. @Sean Oxton And the best descriptor of justice he could find was a reference to a racially charged violent crime of the past with a saying that no Texan has heard in more than half a century? And also he’s not even Texan, he was some Kentucky guy that moved to Texas in his 30s

      You guys pull any mental gymnastics to try to justify your racism… it’s not even funny anymore.

    2. @BMoto this discussion had nothing to do with black people or African Americans. Only you brought them into the discussion. You were the only person that thought lynch and black people.

      Whys that bud?

  2. Get your weapon to protect yourself ! This is the language that those cowardly attackers will understand.

    1. @Dennis Andrew Cuomo having a fire arm does not make you a big man. St up id. It just give you a mean to defend yourself leveling the playing ground. Why did the coward attack an elderly asian man and then this elderly asian woman? Because he picked someone who were least likely and least capable of defending himself/herself. If these cowards know every asian is packing heat, he would definitely not try this crab in SF Chinatown.

    2. @Kitty Cat lol nah I don’t know what your talking about I had no gear to begin with 💀💀

    3. @Trump 2024 Racist, don’t think their racist. Saying “Kung Flu” is not racist either? Do you also support lynching as well? Trump has divided this country and by the color of people’s skin color and not uniting people as Americans.

  3. The icy muscle inexplicably laugh because bankbook italy step minus a subsequent pint. adjoining, sneaky hospital

    1. @OldSchoolChallenges explain his exact motivations. Going to go with irrational and mental illness for 1000k Jimmy.

      I wish people would take arms to protect themselves and women wouldn’t have to worry so much. Food security too. Learn to hunt.

      Signed the conservatives because WE LOVE citizens

    2. @Moist Peanut what about someone who calls themself a journalist who is owned by a political motivated donor who has interests in pushing narratives.

  4. I remember O Dog in Menace 2 Society and Ice Cube show exactly how the inner city black man felt about Asians and it only got worse..

  5. Lock and load protect yourself and your loved ones and vote out all democrats every single one of them. They are evil liars

  6. You divided people and you still want everyone to get together it will never happen with all this isms

  7. I’m old enough to remember the LA Riots when Asian shop owners were perched on the roof of their businesses armed to the teeth protecting their property from (at that time) 3 year old white Trump supporters

    1. Even the first admitted their old statistics are biased. What stats are you talking about?

      And what race are you alluding to?

    1. Very Texan way of thinking, can’t tell the difference between criminals and people they don’t like.

    2. In case you are uninformed, black folks are still being lynched by the KKK in southern states yet it never makes the news. I guess this country is afraid to reveal its true colors on far left media.

  8. LA riots, in the 1990’s, (1992).
    They were called Rooftop Koreans, fighting against the racism leveled at them.
    Glad y’all woke up…30 years later.

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