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Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: March 18 | MSNBC


  1. Back in 2008, my mother-in-law took my wife to Norway to buy some fish. They started talking to the tour guide about the minimum wage of the two countries. The tour guide asked if a person in the USA, with one hour of the minimum wage, could, go to a movie, buy some popcorn and a drink, some candy and have money left over, well they could in Norway. Bad comparison. Sorry.

    1. @Jess Frankel Well, prices were high but so were wages. They get something for their taxes, like good healthcare and a good infrastructure, including great public transportation.

    2. @Jess Frankel well, I wouldn’t mind living two years longer. They look healthier because they are healthier. Statistically, Americans spend more overall for poorer health care.

    3. @Mikka Linka Oh, no! Taxes are high but medical is free. So if you get seriously sick and can’t work you won’t run up thousands, tens of thousands or more in medical bills. Oh the horror of it!

    1. better pay off ridiculously high fee’s with tax payer money. Look at healthcare makes college look tame.

  2. I got paid $2.50 an hour before.My rent was $160 a month for one BR apartment,now it’s $1.200 a month the same apartment!

  3. All true. I started college back in 1978. It cost me around $450 per semester and I was easily able to pay for it myself. I came out of school with zero financial debt.

    1. No question it’s more difficult now. I went to university in the mid 80’s and I finished with a degree and no debt. More should be done to make education more affordable

  4. Student loans were pretty bad when I was in college in the late 1990s. In the past two decades they seem to have become even worse.

  5. Get rid of student loan debt or “we the people” will get rid of them in 2022.

    1. We have to get rid of them no matter what. They’re already made, they don’t care about the rest of the people. It clear in their statement.

  6. The Republicans weren’t scared because they were in on it. The mob paused before going in. Think I’m the only one to see that?

  7. 1975 I made $10 an hour as a mechanic at 20 years old, in today’s money about $50 an hour… my phone bill was $7 a month…

  8. I am 73, educated & I know I am slipping! I consider running for office because I am honest and a good person and that is needed but I cannot! Those oldsters need to go except for Bernie!

  9. Just for reference as to what the GOP senator said: Six dollars in 1980 equates to more than $19 today. If he’s OK with raising the minimum wage to what he was actually making that’d be great.

  10. A judge once told me if he had to pay what we pay for law school, he would have never went.


    1. Well, I live in a medium sized town in Idaho. I haven’t been everywhere here but I have never seen a homeless person here. I did see a guy begging for coins at a stop light but he was dressed like everybody else. Of course it gets cold here, sometimes near zero and we sometimes have 2 or 3 ft. of snow. Bums probably prefer warm big cities. I did meet a beggar who was happy to admit he made half again more than minimum. Some people do need help, but not all.

  12. Working twice as hard doesn’t help, you have to work *twice as long* to pay of your student loans before you even start accumulating any sort of middle class wealth (savings/house/assets).

  13. We repaid my wife’s loans within 2 years of her Graduating back in eighty. Few thousand bucks, under 4. My son has 2 degrees( last one 11, owes over 100000$

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