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Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: March 18 | MSNBC


  1. Most Americans can’t tell Chinese from Vietnamese, Thai, or most of the non-Chinese nationals! The attacks on any group is disgusting.

    1. I’m European. I would have difficulty telling the difference between certain Asian nationalities/ethnicities. But that doesn’t make me racist or ignorant. I also have difficulty telling the difference between various European nationalities.
      (Italian is easy, watch the hands!!!)

    2. @Mugdorna the point I wanted to make was that a nut job who wanted to take out their frustration about Covid-19 on an American of Chinese ancestry would be unable to tell the difference between any of the peoples of Asia.

    3. @DaDaDa ! I’m not sure why the anger is being directly at myself. I’m European, as in born and bred in Europe, NOT the USA.
      But I sort of agree with you (and Whoopi Goldberg) all Americans should be just that. No “xxxx-American”, just “American”.

    1. @Kiera Shepard Boy Doméstico Terrorista .viu e not o Boy Doméstico Terrorista em 👻onde em que lugar .vai continuar temando nessa tese . Seus Dementes . Avarentos Ladrões . A Constituição Sai pra Vocês .e Sabe o que a Constituição Diz ..⚖️📜👩‍🎓

    2. Reply to arcadie: you are absolutely correct.ravismhas been around for a long,long time it seemed to have gotten better on some level,like alot of young adults now don’t participate in it.but trump made it easy and ok for people to speak up about their hatred towards others.

    3. @Chocolate Labrador no they are activists against it,which you’s so nicely try to twist it around I believe that’s the deflection you’s always talk about.

    4. @לוין חנניה כהן לוין I ran your comment through Google translator, but there is no Stupid to English translation.

    5. @Rusty Maximus Yea he got to it started by daring to run for Prez. Him winning is what ignited full blown racism from the unhinged ultra-right wingnuts.

  2. I’m pretty sure that no matter how bad a day the shooter was having the people he murdered and the families left behind had/are having a much worse day

    1. @Steven Curtis better have a joint to improve the mood. But if u r in a red state, then sorry for u, coz the GQP thinks marijuana is more lethal than guns or AR-15s.

    2. Having a bad day, HAVING A BAD DAY! What a stupid, crappy way of describing a mass murderer. Demote that cop.

    3. @Mohsin Dalvi No I’m not in a red state, and about marijuana i only do that at night time, helps me sleep.
      An AR-15 will put you to sleep for ever in the wrong hands.

  3. Speech has consequences.
    The people spoke.
    Republicans lost.
    They’ve learned nothing. 🤷‍♂️

    1. @Angela Daye Five States at midnight did not stop counting votes in 2016 at midnight. How many votes needed to be made up, ballot dumps at 4 am Nov 4th, 2020 made up the difference.

    2. @Deborah SzczesniakI am all for the ME TOO MOVEMENT. Andrew Cuomo gets a free pass after 8 woman came forward saying this guy is a pervert. Seems the left gets away with murder just as Cuomo put COVID patients into nursing homes which caused thousands of deaths. The left is truly demonic.

  4. The information the FBI has of the Jan. 6 assault on the capital needs to go out to local tv stations & news companies

    1. I typed Rewards because I got my lost cat back twice by advertising in the local papers and the second time, they wouldn’t accept the money. It works, tho.

    1. It’s obvious the “interviewing” officer identified with the killer. The officer sounds like he could be representing the killer’s defense team.

    2. He plead guilty and then gave his motive. What does the murderer gain by lying? A few years being knocked off a 150 year sentence. If he gets a death sentence he will still die the same way.

  5. Thank you. My daughter, 14 – was bullied at school because she is Asian descent. I called the school and they take this more seriously than our Government!!!

    1. Reply me when you get the email okay ?check your email I messaged you already delete your email from the comment

  6. Everything that comes out of Jon Johnson ‘s mouth is so cringe worthy. Not the kind of person who should be a public figure. He should be in a back hall corner office working alone since he can’t work with others

  7. The shooter’s church kicked him out and gave a statement reaffirming the value of Asian people and women.

    1. @Deborah Szczesniak The Pathetic Oleaginous Obsequious Party or P.O.O.P. for short cannot govern as they don’t believe in governing and their moron-in-chief didn’t know how to govern. To retain power when you accomplish nothing but destruction you have to revive popular memes of jim crow racism and internment camps. It helps when the racist xenophobes have their own cable channels. Farcical Opinionated Xenophobic noise is not news but motivational hatred tropes to let the racists know they are real Americans. Fox’s Alt Right Taint or F.A.R.T. is what the P.O.O.P. rely on for their common scents.

  8. America is so filled with hatred. Trump never called the Covid virus anything other than the Chinese virus. Is anyone surprised?

    1. Trump is a racist piece of crap. He turned back the clock on prejudice by half a century. What a tool.

    2. @Davey B You are so correct. Trump harmed old friendships. However, here in Canada Trump never had the brains or power to totally split us. We fought too many wars side by side. We sent hockey players to you and you sent football players to us. Worked real well for 0both sides. Trump like Hitler will soon fade along with the cults.

    3. Wasn’t it always so? It seems the quiet minority was reactivated by Mr Trump and co? Republicans Senators may have shot themselves in the feet! 2022 may see a rise in Independants. The world watches while America goes low

  9. So Mr Johnson wasn’t afraid ? Then why was he hiding from them? His remarks are disgusting just like him.

    1. If they were smart they would go after the uneducated unfit orange 🍊 clown’s 🤡 money.
      trumpo has no character and his only religion in his life via fred his father is the kkk, since he was arrested in NY at some point, there’s no denying it. Wake up America.

      As far as our so-called representation in our government, we need to have Term Limits for all representatives and no more than 3 terms and out you go to get a real job as the rest of Americans. They go in as middle class or less and come out millionaires. Now is that a Public Servants dream or what?! Wake up America, wake the f—k up!

    2. @Marine 1775 já tá TheT o GOP .dele Trumps todos eles eu Tenho a Constituição .e só Aplicar de Vez .Neles .

    3. @Maryanne Comment I saw video of Johnson and Green saying to they were refusing masks while in hiding Jan 6 and I saw them smirking. I thought they looked like they were enjoying insurrection.

    4. @Marine 1775 And those on the left havdcharacter. Go after them. Biden is a criminal as was Hillary and Bill. You seem to vote for people without character all the time.

    1. LOOK, its easy for us to say…. but dude had a bad day. Come on guys. lets cut him some slack here..

      Of course not!!!! Thats crazy!

  10. Goes back to mid 19th century in California. Remember how the Chinese were brought in to build the railroads and remember how the Chinese were mistreated back then. Can’t forget how the original people have been treated.

  11. Johnson wasn’t afraid because he was on their side. They were his peeps and he should go to jail with them, or at least removed from office via the 14th Amendment.

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