Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: March 18 | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: March 18 | MSNBC


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Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: March 18 | MSNBC


  1. Can the FBI question Devin Nunez officially, or as a sitting Congressman, does he get the same treatment as the previous President?

    1. No Devin, can be questioned, and indicted if he is found to have known, and intentionally fed the misinformation. Nunez, should have known better.

    2. Now we know why Trump continually called the FBI the deep state along with others. This a history lesson on massive misuse of power and declassifying this document was a smart move.

  2. It’s so nice to know that our former president was in bed with the Russians. All along. The Chinese and the Koreans were jealous but Trump felt he had picked the prettiest girl at the dance. Putin~and his great-granddaddy, the monk, Ras….putin

    1. Excuse me! Anybody home. Can I come in la, la land. Trump might have wish he was in bed with the Russians. But they came will China. After. The chosen Dummies, said, less just take little bonnie oil. The Russian and China showed up. And Trump magically disappeared. Naw he might have thought Putin, was his friend. Do you know how much that would have set them back. Why do you think Russia is working the middle east, And China is Working Africa. Pay attention. That fake dollar is real. Just like those bombers that sat on that runway.

    2. No, Trump wasn’t in bed with Russians all along. Maddow is simply lying to you. All of US legacy “news” media – all they do is lie. Nothing they say is true. It’s all propaganda.

  3. Caputo was also named in the muller probe , he’s part of the trump gang like stone n manafort. Think he’s even married to a Russian lol

    1. You: I’m still stuck on Mueller, Russia, and Trump
      Me and the CCP (who are natural enemies): HAHAHA, WHAT A BAIZOU

    2. All of those GQP members are tied up with Russia, and that’s why they’re fighting so hard for Trump. And if those NY prosecutors take as long as Mueller did investigating Trump, he might phuck around and get elected before they arrest his @$$. That’s why Trump and the RNC is working on it now to suppress our votes.

    1. And he feels so entitled and above that law that he could care less about turning over anything to FBI. I’m so over the Republican Party.

    1. The cows are worth more than you People…..sad shame you have all become


    2. @Geoff Bell Your honor, he’s so stuuuuupid, I just had to mooooooove out. (yes, cows DO talk like that, just ask one)

    1. @Dennis Vance that you’ll return your stimulus money? Yeah I figured that. Ethics aren’t usually valued too much on the red side, are they, more about who can we step on next

    2. What prosecutors? The US government is a criminal syndicate, and has been for a long time. Nobody is going to jail.

  4. This is not “nutty stuff.” This is treason. They DOJ should most definitely be “knocking on doors.” ASAP

    1. @Agolf Twittler NOTHING to say about Biden bombing Syria? Nothing to say about M4A. Nothing to say about Biden not giving a press conference the longest in history? My god are you pathetic. No wonder you listen to Rachel maddow.

    2. More deflection, projection, lies, foul language and shameless drivel, but still no response to known facts:
      >>NOTHING to say about Biden bombing Syria?>Nothing to say about M4A.>Nothing to say about Biden not giving a press conference the longest in history?>My god are you pathetic.>No wonder you listen to Rachel maddow.>VOT BLUE NO MATTER WHO WAS AND IS A DISASTER !>NO MINIMUM WAGE>NO M4A>BOMBING SYRIA FOR NO REASON>BIDEN IS NO DIFFERENT THEN TRUMP THEY ARE THE SAME BOTH PATHETIC JUST LIKE YOU.

    3. Judging from the Q-arens poor grasp on the English language, it’s obvious that it’s unable to comprehend anything besides maybe the five lame and out of context Q-aren talking points it keep repeating like a parrot.
      I’m seriously considering to do some translations to get the message across.
      If only I knew what language they speak on the Q-arens home planet Uranus.

      A complete re-count of the ballots conducted by a team of Trump University graduates confirms that Donald J. Trump has won tremendously bigly in all 67 states, including the crucially important swing states North Vagina and Breast Virginia.
      Or so I’m told by a Q-aren

  5. At what point will the Justice Dept. say there are several treasonous republicans including Trump and charge them!

    1. Well the problem is there is no evidence of anything really going on, this was all designed to distract people like when you jingle keys in front of a baby. Not you of course.

    2. @Eric Holdsworth Biden does but 4 years of background on Trump proved that the Dems are lying and hiding the facts again

    3. @shr00mhead Some people want it out of hate but facts hurt their feelings, so they want it changed to fit is all. Spoiled adults

    4. @Eric Holdsworth Pretending again i read. Hate rules yur heart and living in the darkness doesn’t help. And when and if you decide to stop believing the easy lie, well it may be to late for ya. But God bless ya anyway!! O ya plenty of evidence startingbwith Moscow’s x mayor’s wife and Ukraine for Biden and family but 4 years of the last guy was a waste of tax payer . But sense tur so rich again you could careless unless OMB. TDS rules ppl like you and that’s sad. So belittling me doesn’t save you from stupid

    1. Every single one of President Reject Donald J. Trump’s henchmen should be investigated, indicted, prosecuted, judged and sentenced to the extent of the law.

    2. @Soupy Anderson Sir, I have to object.
      That’s an insult to cows.
      Cows are generally gentle and rather intelligent animals.

  6. How are all these unethical and immoral people in high government positions? Why isn’t there a code of ethics these ppl need to be held to? We need to do better

    1. Because corrupt people are easy to control, which is why we have a senile old pervert as president that had his son placed on the BOD of Burisma who took bribes through him.

    2. @Eric Holdsworth you sir, are the one that wants to believe. The fact that there are conspiracy theory believing politicians is embarrassing to the United States. I believe provable facts and not unprovable theories someone pulled out of their behind

    3. @Gina M You don’t believe in facts, this whole story is a conspiracy theory. Don ‘t be a moron. The whole story as she said came from intel people who of course never lie even though that is what they do for a living. Reporters should be skeptical of anything that comes out of CIA and NSA, but not this network who hires them.

  7. “China did not deploy interference efforts” because they can see we are disintegrating without any input.

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