Asian Small Business Owner Talks About Challenges She Faces On Economic Road To Recovery | MSNBC

"A challenge every single day": NYC small business owner Joanne Kwong talks about the road to recovery that's been exacerbated by the rise in anti-Asian hate.
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    1. @Brødy and they still have businesses booming 😂 funny how that works California has 1 fire and can’t fix the problem for decades California is right next to the ocean but can’t solve wild fires 😆

    2. @Brødy remember when Obama went to flint Michigan and drank the water 💦 😂 10 years later still not fixed I guess it’s trumps fault 🤷‍♂️

    3. @Cee Dee Wow, Biden stole 30M votes and yet Team Trump has found ZERO evidence in more than 6 months of looking! That’s amazing. OR Trump is lying to you idiots.

    4. @OUTLAW Videos GTFOH. Do you have any idea how few businesses were affected by arson versus how many were affected by COVID? Y’all really are desperate! Remember, most places didn’t see BLM protest or any other protests. Why are their businesses struggling?

    1. As opposed to Trump who’s only policy focus was to be anti Muslim, anti immigrant, anti poor, anti Black/Brown 🙄 Biden’s policies didn’t stoke xenophobia or cause our current economic catastrophy.

    2. @FDM 215
      Don’t forget anti-Asian too. Trump is anti everyone except white men. Heck! He even hates white women who don’t sleep with him.

  1. CNBC flabbergasted — Biggest jobs miss in 23 years…

    U.S. added just 266,000 jobs in April, March payrolls revised lower

    ‘The worst miss in 23 years’

    1. Everybody was flabbergasted. There don’t seem to be any projections that expected so few jobs. Why call out CNBC as if they are some outlier? Just goes to show, the GOP fantasy that every thing is magically going to be fine is obviously wrong.

  2. Implicit (unconscious) bias is an insidious problem in the USA. However, correlation is not causation.

    1. I know, Trump really p*ssed black America off this time and now they’re going around attacking everyone. What a disgrace for a president, he should of been more of a brown noser like Biden and this wouldn’t be happening smh

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