1. Was this really honest or necessary? They’re not trying to game the system. It’s not their fault that any compensation comes from tax payers instead of the police pensions.

  1. How can we trust judges to rule on qualified immunity issues when they themselves fall under the umbrella of immunity protection?

  2. This is ludicrous! My heartfelt sympathy goes out to your family Luke. Prayers for family and friends.
    I want to support police but they better start weeding their frickin garden. God will get bastards like this cop.

  3. A lot of the mentally unstable are those LEO’S that think they are the LAW. instead of implementing the law. My father has passed, but he left law enforcement because the handwriting was on the wall with certain rotten-corrupt cops. I’m sorry that your brother was murdered. May he RIP. 🕊️

  4. If the system don’t hold cop’s accountable it’s time the American people hold these corrupt government agencies accountable for their actions and crimes against us all white, black, red, yellow.

  5. I am a black guy , but I am sceptical.
    Been pulled over twice by white policemen, and nothing happened, i was compliant and polite.
    Should I by sorry about my comment ?

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