Aspiring Astronaut, Held Back By Sexism, May Finally Get To Go To Space

Ali Velshi tells the story of women who trained to be astronauts but were ultimately not allowed to attend flight training even though they'd excelled at the other aspects of training. Now one of those women, Wally Funk, has been granted a spot on the Jeff Bezos' ship to finally get to visit space.
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    1. @ZionistsUsingBlacks ToDestroyWhiteChristianCulture Things are proceeding according to plan.

  1. Trickle down economics = space for Bezos while his workers have to pee in bag when they need a break

    1. @Jefryt 67 It seems there is always a worse example of labor treatment by corporations.

    2. @Jefryt 67 Which is why I try to remind people the first division in the world is those who rule and those who are ruled. Everything after this division is manipulation.

    3. @Coldwynn Frost oh absolutely! The foolish ones think the fight is left vs right when it should be top vs bottom.

    4. @Jefryt 67 The foolish ones vastly outnumber the rational ones, and that will determine history.

  2. my wife is possibly someone who could have done this if not for marrying me years ago sorry babe

    1. @KYLE kyle Awe, look. Another incel trying to be relevant.

      “Bless it’s wittle muted heart…”


    2. @N Travis Your assumption, mutual exclusion, is false at this point.

      As a lover, I would work to make her dreams come true as I have no calling of my own other than be decent to people. Why should she sacrifice when sacrifice is not necessary?

    3. @Coldwynn Frost Let me count the ways IDGAF.

      “Goodbye, Friend of Hagrid.”


  3. “More than any other person?” What about Ed Dwight? Ed was a fighter pilot, went to astronaut training, and excelled through space training…oh, and he has an engineering degree. He was omitted from space because he is African American. He’s still alive and should be selected to go into space too.

    1. Obviously all astronauts (in the US anyway) until 1983 had to be white and male. This changed with Bluford and Ride, respectively. The CCCP had no such issues with women, with Tereshkova going up in 1963, remaining the only female to solo into space TO THIS DAY.

    2. @Oracle Of Delphi You’re forgetting that without black women mathematicians and engineers the first space program would have either collapsed or taken more years to be successful.

    3. It’s PR marketing for a ruthless business man, sadly only available because the supposed meritocratic system is biased. It’ll leave a bad taste no matter who goes.

    4. @Margaret Nicol Yes. The late Katherine Johnson for one. Hidden Figures attempted to show their story.

    1. wait wait…which one was Wally? And whoever he is…it sounds like he needs to go get a job. J-O-B.

  4. As crappy as King Bezos treats his employees, I don’t think I would want to take a trip to space with him. Too many things could “go wrong”.

    1. Better the billionaires control the capital rather than hungry, dynamic, innovative, inventive, creative entrepreneurs.

  5. Awesome story, this proves more than anything that individual merit should be the only measure of ability !

  6. Thank you Jeff. I hope your generosity will extend to improving the lives of all the subcontracting delivery people that you squeeze for every penny.

    1. Jeff Bezos repairing Americas long standing bad reputation, hate towards woman, sexism etc…

  7. Congrats Wally! Im happy for you to finally do what you have dreamed of. Please try to locate another planet while you are there because rich people have nearly killed this one getting richer and richer. Please.

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