Assault Between Security Guard & Vendor Heading to Court in St. James, Jamaica – May 12 2021

The St. James Municipal Corporation says that the physical assault incident involving a female vendor and a security guard officer at the Charles Gordon Market in Montego Bay, Jamaica last Friday is now a legal matter.

0:00 – Introduction
4:16 – Jamaica's Education Minister Defends Her Comments
9:08 – UWI Mona Commends Jamaica Gov't on Contribution
16:16 – Jamaican Residents in Manchester Calls on Gov't

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  1. My comment to the police me n good job congratulation do it again ja.maica in America we fell good and rejoice

  2. Its a damn shame how they treating street vendors, I think larger business people are funding this kind of behaviour. While their business will be making bigger profits.

    1. @Mackada Myers Its true, while Foreigners setting up shops and fake businesses in our Island selling us fake goods and poisons. They need to go and find whos killing those dogs and running dat dog farm.

  3. many thanks and praises to the police,you cannot please everyone yep roll dem out Jamaica we need more quick response from the police,i want to feel safe when i visit my country of birth πŸ™

  4. The judge need to stop giving killer bail this is crazy why they give killer bail

    1. @Odane Smith yet still vendors, taxi operators and street walkers can get locked up without any bail. You forgot those who have been locked up for years without any trail.

  5. Ms. Pauline tell me something is that security guard your father??? What a man bright and out of order…. beat you with board… look at your skin… Jah know star ensure you get a good lawyer if you can and fix him business.

  6. If no body else did get shot them would say a gun man do it no question ask
    Glad how things work out

  7. I ultra super support the character development class for every grade level throughout the whole year.

  8. Actually building up the technological infrastructure of the police and justice system. Continue rolling out job well done.

  9. This is in unacceptable to assault this woman and she should be sould be compensated for her pain the individual punished, the education system is one of mediocrity teacher should be compensated based on the results that they produce Start running the government like a business.

  10. Agree. Jamaica will have less crime with the next generation if they are taught ethics, conflicts resolutions. They also need to teach team work from kindergarten.

  11. Lawwd 2 sides to a story..But how him fckin outa order U SURE A NO HIM CHILD? MI HAVE TO ASK . She past time to be there but😳

  12. Discipline is a great problem. Get the parents involve . This is what I observed while I visited a school.

    1. Sometimes you grow your kids with discipline and they follow bad company after they becomes adult while some still stayed well disciplined some of the crimes I don’t think the parents have anything to do with it while some the parents are to be blamed

  13. Big up yourself police officers great job,thanks for all who were involve such bravery, I pray everyday for all officers you guys have family and you all risks it praying for God’s covering over you all.

  14. You are hear to protect our nation,not abusive to the people,she is your mother,or sister, wake up Jamaica and live πŸ‡―πŸ‡²β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ™

  15. An big up Jamaica eye to… Ahhh gugu gaga tek time out of counting im millions fi ge di police dem praise 🀭wowπŸ€—

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