Man Granted Bail | 14 Yr Old Jamaican Girl Stabbed Died | TVJ News – May 11 2021

A 20 yo man named Omario Nelson, who was charged with buggery of 5 year old boy in St. Ann, Jamaica has been offered bail when he appeared in court.

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  1. If i was like him i would asked the judge to keep me in custody as he isn’t safe outside of jail knowing how our people stay

    1. @Abigail Gordon What he did was absolutely wrong but jungle justice is wrong too.

    2. @Living on Purpose !! Yes but if its your child and you get no justice its hard to resist jungle justice tho. Yes its wrong to take the law in ones hand. I would say punish him but kill him? NO!!!!!

    3. @pryncess-abledbyGod He’s being punished. He was caught and and only God knows what was done to him while in custody. He’ll also be monitored (hopefully the system sticks to it) and allegedly receive mental health counseling.

      All of sins great or small, done once or habitual, are all worthy of judgment and that judgment according to God is *death* so, my human nature would want justice but my mind has been transformed and I leave all justice to God. That’s just my stance. Just mine. I’m not chucking it on no one else’s conciounse. I want to led by the Holy Spirit not my flesh. My flesh got me into trouble last week.

    4. @Abigail Gordon I’m not sorry for that loser it’s just that we have enough killing going on in our country we don’t need to add him to the list as we are already #2 on a list i saw last week for being the most violent for killing and what not Mexico of all places is way below us on that list 😒

  2. So dat deh man deh really get bail???
    Really!!!!?????? A wah kind a system this, how it slack suhh jah know

    1. Money they love ,taking bail money from him to do it again to someone else child

  3. How she’s saying they didn’t have a relationship & the step father said he tried numerous times to stop it? Is the age of consent law being enforced in Ja?

    1. @Abigail Gordon the stepfather and the guys father confirmed they were in a relationship only the mother is denying it

  4. Wait, what!? 20 year old man on bail a few weeks after violating one of our 5 year old boys? If our justice system let’s these guys out so leniently, at least show me his face so I can effectively keep my kids away from him.

  5. Sigh , Jamaica a real hell giving a man bail after they did that to 13 year old πŸ˜ͺ

  6. It look like something wrong with these judges in a Jamaica …how can you give ppl like these bail ? Now u send him gone a different parish fe go do the same thing ? Look like unu need evaluation more tban some a dem ppl ya weh unu a gi bail….kmt

  7. When Little school girls take on big woman matters, they deal with big woman sonsiquencies… Patents need to be vigilant and patent their children and nuh leave them up to society to teach them life skills

  8. Looks like it’s only the artist them the judges have strength for This got to be a joke I am so upset what the hell is going on in Jamaica that man should be behind bars with no bail 😑 and no 21 year old man couldn’t be sleeping with my little 14 year old daughter and still living πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

  9. Let him out yes..mek wi get fi tek care of him claawwt..a only 13 parish deh fi him guh. . We need a photo..he may not be on the police wanted list but he is on ours..

  10. The justice system just be impartial but everyday it seems like it is taking the side of the criminal as Jamaicans begin to lose faith in the system it will wither away.

    1. I don’t understand how these criminals get bail so easily, sometimes the case even die down. It’s not like they don’t have proof.

  11. Kmft Jamaica Justice system a joke thing.. if the laws of the land is to protect the ppl. On a continuous murderous and criminal offense committed on a daily basis no one will be left in Jamaica.

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