Associate Of Matt Gaetz Pleads Guilty To 6 Felony Counts 1

Associate Of Matt Gaetz Pleads Guilty To 6 Felony Counts


Joel Greenberg, an associate of Rep. Matt Gaetz, has agreed to plead guilty to 6 of 33 felony charges, and to help in the prosecution of others. Rep. Gaetz is said to be under investigation into whether he violated sex trafficking laws.

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    1. @Laura Walker right, funny how the media doesn’t report on the fact that Trump doesn’t want to be associated Gaetz at all

    2. @Nimbus Nimbus IV funny how you call me a sheep and you’re the one who is gullible enough to believe what you’re told, because you were told to, and I cannot exaggerate this enough… WITHOUT EVIDENCE .

    3. @Muddy Water YouTube is a global platform, and watching your GOP fall apart has been awesome to watch from afar.

    4. @Laura Walker he’s clearly spilled the beans on Gaetz and perhaps others, to have so many charges dropped.
      If his evidence is critical in bringing down a US senator, perhaps the judge will be also lenient with him.

    1. I am just watching the Q, if they will come for Gaetz as they have been looking for Pedophiles. Ooowww… But no they won’t, they won’t the unknown pedophiles only on the left.

    2. He will be a good biaatxh in federal prison, I know he won’t be in the regular population but, there chance he we ne killed they find ways

    1. @H Moore “your people”?
      Who is “your people”?????
      I don’t know who Ron Watkins is, although YOU apparently are well acquainted with him.
      And exactly who is “you people”?
      Do you mean those who actually believe in INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY?
      Do you mean those that would like, AT A MINIMUM, to see actual evidence before making claims of guilt?
      Or you do you mean those who are against the GENOCIDE being supported and committed by the left in this country against blacks and the poor?

    2. @Ëë Mage lololololol
      So a team made up of HELLARY CLINTON SUPPORTERS THAT HATED DONALD TRUMP and spent over two years investigating and FOUND NOTHING wasn’t good enough for you?
      Good Lord!

  1. they’ve got a grass, they’ve got more information than the internet, they’ve got a rat with a roach smoking a canary.

  2. I think Mattie-boy Gaetz is gonna’ try to abscond prior to apprehension. He may even try it as early as this weekend. Hope the FBI or US Marshals are surveilling him.

    1. @Luke A The DOJ with Merrick Garland as AG is not remotely acting as Barr did as Ag with T. He’s not working with Biden. He was before the Congress or Senate asking for a billion dollars to root out the corruption. Barr left a lot of cases on his desk that he didn’t deal with for whatever reason.

      One of those cases was concerning Matt Gaetz and the human trafficking trafficking of a minor. T and Barr both new this was sitting there waiting for it to be sprung on Gaetz. My guess is they figured it would cause more havoc and chaos.

      Garland has also notified the Arizona legislature that gave the actual votes to Cyber Ninja’s has crossed into federal crimes. So that’s another ongoing thing.

      I think Garland is perfect as AG. I doubt there is anyone as ethical as he is to be found. Moscow Mitch prevented him being appointed to SCOTUS, and that is a decision he may come to regret.

      I realize I could be wrong, but for the first time in 5 years or so, I feel like justice really might find some of the big fishies that need to be held accountable.

    2. @Luke A p.s. Part of what what Garland’s DOJ is going over those appointments as T was appointing, or trying to appoint judges who weren’t qualified. Some were caught in the process, but I remember at least one judge he attempted to have put in place who didn’t have law license and another lawyer who had never been in a courtroom.

    3. @Christina Todd Bless you, you dear, sweet, kind-hearted person. Just know your pleas for civility and grace have not fallen upon deaf ears… But this is the comments section of a political video on YouTube. None of those things you spoke of have any business being around these parts. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here…

    1. The only person to not sign on to the Anti Human Trafficking Act… not exactly the brightest spark

  3. The gop used to be the big tent party. Now they appear to be the big bouncy house party.

    1. @MrBrolfe24 Lots of gullible fools did believe it. They cheered it at his rallies. Also, Snopes says Biden didn’t restart funding. That came from one of those misleading posts on facebook pretending to be news.

    2. @tubruton No way. Something that wasn’t true was posted on Facebook and Trump supporters believed it? Say it ain’t so.

    3. @tubruton well if anyone should be given the benefit of the doubt it’s Trump supporters. Historically they have been very accepting of others.

  4. Take Gaetz’s passport for the foreseeable future. Lyin’ Ted has probably sent him brochures for Cancun already.

  5. Originally charged with over 30 counts.. pleads guilty to 6

    yup.. MAJOR plea deal made.. the only way they give him that sweetheart of a plea deal is if he rolled on a VERY big fish.

    1. The 27 were a lot lesser crimes than the 6 majors.
      It’s doubtful Greenberg is going to get all that much of a sentence reduction 6 major vs 6 major + 27 minor. Nobody was killed so there’s only so much time he would have done anyway.
      Plus it’s not like they don’t have all the necessary evidence against Gaetz already, this is just the lid on his coffin.

    1. @Big Hawn What about Nancy Pelosi for insider trading? Oh…wait…Congress passed a bill that makes them immune from such illegal activities!

    1. So, what are they attempting to tell you is important today? I wonder what it will be tomorrow. Click on that little red button to the left there, be encouraged, watch a short video.

    2. @Juan Villanueva That is under investigation so you have no figures to go by, but dear leader, on the other hand had half a million Americans die from his inept laziness and desire to keep his vladdy daddy happy.

    3. Gaetz and his pal Greenberg will be in a cozy Federal penitentiary while their appeal moves forward.
      They’ll never be in a regular prison in the general population!
      Get real folks!

  6. And I thought I had a bad day falling off my bike. People like Gaetz makes me feel much better about my life.

    1. “…they provide a vital service to society, you and me – that’s schadenfreude, making the world a better place to be…”

    2. @Shava Chihera I cracked my knee on the door frame recently. In all my years never & the all doors I’ve walked though. I’ve never bashed my knee on the door frame. HOLY MOLY , IT HURT.

    3. I was decapitated today shortly before being run over by a bulldozer and, yeah, Gaetz makes me feel much better about my life too.

    1. Nah hes going to be passed around and traded for a pack of Ramen noodles once the inmates get a hold of his Chomo @$$ it’s going to be ugly.

  7. Unfortunately we’re not even scratching the surface with the amount of child defiling crimes that goes on in white collar circles

    1. @Censored User And there you go again, getting triggered by main stream media. Regardless, the answer to your blather is “so”? Those who commit the crimes, do the time. Just like you

  8. 33 felonies down to 6? Greenberg didn’t just flip, he did a double backflip-and-a-half with a quarter twist. Gaetz losing his seat is about to take on a whole new meaning.

    1. @johnabuick Poor effort. Troll rating 0.5 /10 Now go to the back of the class and face the wall.

    2. He must’ve took Takeshi 69s school of snitching and then bought the paperback book for good measure.

    3. @K Nelson No I think Gaetz is the prize. Anybody else will be some Mickey Mouse, State Republican official.

  9. When you are corrupt and dealing with other corrupt people, you have to know that they will testify against you to save their own butts.

  10. Joel 100% gave up Matt and other prominent people because 6 out of 33??? he got a great deal and him leaking that letter was the icing on the cake.

  11. And somewhere in the distance, I could hear a sad lonely man yelling “what about Hunter’s laptop?”

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