Swalwell On Confrontation With Marjorie Taylor Greene Aide Over Mask

After leaving the House floor, an aide to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene yelled at Rep. Eric Swalwell to take his mask off. Swalwell said he has had enough of Greene's "marauding goons" who try to "terrorize" his colleagues in Congress.

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  1. How do we the people require all elected officials to go through the real security clearance process and psyche eval? Can ‘t happen fast enough.

    1. @Blue Bishop so… Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore,… are Republican? Funny. They act just like Democrats.

    2. @ksbans1 If you personally know ANYONE who believes the election was stolen .. really believes that then tell them to prove it or shut up. They can prove that by not voting in future elections. Seriously .. if they honestly believe “the lie” they should stay home to prove it!!!

    1. @NPC#967216 do you have a driver’s license? Is your car inspected? Do you pay taxes? Do you submit to screening at the airport? Do you walk through metal detectors in government buildings? Have you had any vaccines? Do you have a social security number? Do you use a smart phone? Do you have a gun permit? Would you stop if signaled to do so by the police? If you answered no to all then you are truly free from ‘government oppression’ and I’ll respect your position on this matter.

    2. @DeadlyPlatypus if you were a serious person you would engage in some kind of normal debate on the issues rather than throwing out “nazi slaver’. Sort of funny though, in a ‘30s comic book kind of way

    3. @Hal I am a serious person, but after the last five years of listening to openly seditious leftists calling EVERYONE they disagree with a “Nazi,” I’ve decided to fight with their rules.

    4. @Hal You made 2 logical fallacies:

      again, you are making false equivalencies, once again shifting the goalposts. Demanding someone wear a mask or to stay at home, forcing them to live as second class citizens to make you personally feel better, has been done in the past to commit unspeakable atrocities. That is what this is setting up. If you were a “vet” you would not only understand it, but have nothing but respect for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice in order to make sure their future generations would not have to endure such horrors first hand. You are both a disgrace and a mockery to these brave heroes and victims who have had to learn about these horrors.

      This is one of the many reasons you are intellectually dishonest. Simple
      conversation is based on trust and respect. You have neither.

    5. @NPC#967216 if it makes you feel free to put others at risk then you haven’t any concept of civic responsibility and AS a vet I KNOW I am qualified to talk about sacrifice. Prove to me that you are too. I don’t believe you understand the concept of logic fallacy as you have done little to support your argument. So make all the personal attacks you want. It doesn’t change the fact that your freedom does not mean more than someone else’s safety. And for the same reason you take an eye exam at the DMV or comply with government enforced traffic safety laws. Do you also get mad because you aren’t allowed to speed through school zones? Come on man

    1. @Johnny Young AOC smart is an oxymoron; it’s like saying democrat smart. The two are mutually exclusive

    2. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle hahahahah judgement by your name I assume you’re a Trumpet, mate your supreme leader couldn’t debate his way out of a lunch box, when AOC talks she makes sense even when I disagree with her, so please don’t talk your kind don’t have a leg to stand on.

    3. @Globe Samurai I judge a person by the content of their character, not the sound of their voice.

    4. @Globe Samurai I didn’t say she doesn’t make sense… she just makes bad sense.

    5. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle well mate, for the past four years Trump made no sense to any educated person

  2. The ONLY way to go after MTG at this point is directly through her donors and voters. Don’t do business with any of them. Their judgement is not to be trusted.

    1. @Little Dikkins “RACIST” is the predictable fallback for leftist. They never have a real response

    2. @Stefan Schleps all of my comments have either two or zero thumbs up. So much for you theory about liking my own.

    1. @Shel Hudson

      Bet if MTG told her constituents precisely what Maxine Waters told her own, you’d want her punished and demand so.
      Knock it off with the sanctimony.

    2. @Shel Hudson Except she DIDN’T sneeze. She literally told people to get out and harass others.

      Or, are you too dumb to understand how that works?

  3. My reply would be: ” I’ll remove my mask as soon as you remove yours. Oh wait that’s not a mask… that’s your face? I think you have bigger problems than me to worry about.”

    1. @Trent Bonebrake do you know what a source is? A report from a reputable news outlet, video, audio, etc. Of course the guy would deny it, and I seriously doubt the congressman made it up. Try again if you like, citing a credible source.

    1. If only he stood up for Americans when he was banging a Chinese and spoon feeding her secrets then hiring her friend the Chinese spy to continue the spying

    1. @fordsrule35 If you personally know ANYONE who believes the election was stolen .. really believes that then tell them to prove it or shut up. They can prove that by not voting in future elections. Seriously .. if they honestly believe “the lie” they should stay home to prove it!!!

  4. The Marjorie Taylor Greene has had no one really confront her for her own bullying of her peers. No one should be intimidated by this creep who is only there to showcase self and gets nothing done.

    1. She is a horrible little person, she shouldn’t be in charge of anything! That is not what leadership is about.

    2. @J5L5M6 Freedom of speech is not necessarily accosting someone. In that case, the people getting in the faces of outdoor diners in D.C. would’ve been WELL within their rights to defend themselves.

  5. Since when did staff in Congress get the right to abuse Congressmen? In any commercial enterprise, such abuse would be grounds for summary dismissal. A stand needs to be taken on this issue, now.

    1. When Trump became president. Remember how rude he was so much of the time? That is where she got her lessons from.

    2. Since congressman got to bully citizens. DONT EVER FORGET YOU SHILL. The people hold the power. These “congress people” are nothing more than mouth pieces that wouldn’t survive for a second in an environment that required an actual man.

  6. She has people help her harass others? Who is surprised by this strength only in numbers bully approach?

  7. I’m confused. How did wanting to not be forced to wear a mask turn into wanting to force others to not wear a mask?

  8. I don’t blame him Its about time someone gets in their face right back its abhorrent how Greene behaves.

    1. @DeadlyPlatypus Wrong! Marjory is just a hater who wants fame at any cost. Mrs. Waters is a champion of justice for all. Also she has class and respect. You go on back to your world Deadly

  9. If any of my employees behaved like MTG, they would be fired immediately and security would escort them out.

  10. If she was the psycho-bully in a Hollywood movie, we’d condemn the screenwriter for making the character too evil and too predictable.

    1. @ksbans1
      The political party doesn’t matter. It’s the person’s temperament and mental health that does.
      Some people are flat out crazy and can be dangerous when pushed.

  11. They should all file harassment and get a protective restraining order keeping her AND her staff away from other members. Violation is jail time!!!! Barry

  12. “Bullying happens because weak people need to prop up their ego by beating up or humiliating others.” ― Bruce Dickinson (English singer and songwriter)

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