1. <3 stay away, stay inside, stay patient <3 We'll all be hugging like this again one day soon, hang in there <3

    1. @Q S
      Or … you had it but were asymptomatic and actually infected loads of people …
      Your ignorance makes you dangerously irresponsible.

    1. @N 827
      Sounds like your knees are worn out from all that time you spend in your shrine to Trump. πŸ™ˆ

    2. @B. T. Another stupid and NOT funny cheating Joe fan 🀣. We’re coming for all of you cheaters. You will see πŸ€ͺ

    3. @N 827
      With what?
      You already are a paranoid rabbit that is running around in a panic in the comments section.
      I’m sure you and your cane are a big threat to your bingo club.

    1. Facts. I’m sitting here smiling hard at this positivity. Admits the missing Indian submarine. That story is a hard pill to swallow

    1. @The Tweatles damn… you went from being a terrible trump troll…. to being a flat earther…. I guess it makes sense.

    1. @Old Grappler a lot of things. I’ve been watching too many flat earth and space denying videos that I totally forgot most people aren’t that stupid

    2. The ISS has a ventilation system
      Fans and what not

      Please keep your stupidity to yourself

    1. Never say never
      Chances are in 10 – 20 years time space travel will be significantly faster.

    1. In movies they always tie their hair or have short hair. Would be too complicated to add special effects just for the hair floating. But turns out they don’t have to do this in real life!!! Free special effects!!! It’s so cool πŸ™‚

  2. They’re really hugging and smiling because in their mind they’re thinking “Glad to be off that crazy fucking planet!”

    1. @Roger Daht Astronauts have to quarantine (very strictly) months ahead of a spaceflight, both during a pandemic and when there isn’t one. Thus, human spaceflight has continued to take place throughout the pandemic. SpaceX alone has launched three crews (10 people in total) to the ISS during the COVID-19 pandemic. Roscosmos (the Russian space agency) has also launched several crews to the ISS on their Soyuz spacecraft during the pandemic.

  3. Its really amazing seeing then hugging no matter their postures….upside down, across, perpendicular….. really amazing

  4. It must be so weird when people arrive. I imagine you miss earth a lot when you’re up there. So when more people from your planet come it’s probably comforting.

  5. When I saw the thumbnail I thought this was another video about Superstore. Blue and khaki all the way.

  6. When a single video of 11 people hugging and floating around and over each other gives a big old middle finger to the ‘They are all just hanging from wires and a green screen’ crowd of deniers… and I applaud that heartily.

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