What could police reform look like? 1

What could police reform look like?


Derek Chauvin's conviction for murder brought home the issue of police misconduct. But what can be done to fix the problem?
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  1. Traffic stops needs written procedures. Supervisors should face consequences if they have a “Bad” officer in the field. The procedures should protect officers and the people.

    1. @RowStone It would sure help if you didn’t resist arrest. What procedure would you like them to follow when that happens? Let them take and gun and POP! You’re dead. You have to deal with reality.

    2. @Bradyn Lotterman Whatever the reason. It’s happening. If procedures are not put in place to protect the police then it could cause less people to become police.

    3. @RowStone Less people are becoming police and are quitting because they have been told that even if they do their job, they will still get thrown under the bus.

    1. @Leaf yeah I know what you mean but the whole thing was the girl in the pinks fault she was bullying ma’khia who was defending her self
      he could’ve aimed at her foot at legs
      Although I do appreciate the situation he was put in
      He did save the other girls life
      Still maybe if he aimed at her legs she could still have falling and dropped the knife and still be alive

    2. The BLM type want to defund the Police. Ok, lets give them what they want: All Democrat cities, Defund them; Send the extra funding to the Red states- give them more Police.

    3. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr what would chauvin do during capitol hill insurrection? I love to see chauvin exercise his extreme force on the whiteys. But nah…. Won’t happen to his own kind

  2. Dude on the left gave away the whole game when he said “Police dont want to stop cars, theyre required to” and they said quotas aren’t real…

    1. @Joe Alderman yeah.. Key word there is “legally” …
      But that isn’t “reality” now is it

    2. @Meaghan Cote-McAuley 9 times outta ten? wow, where do you get your statistics from? theyre so believeable… if you believe that 9 out of ten cars cops stop, have illegal weapons or warrants… maybe you should go outside more. 9 out of 10 cars are criminals? sounds sus

  3. I spent the 1st 25 years of my life living in the projects before I started my own business. The police in my old neighborhood knew they could get away with ANYTHING and they knew it. I’ve had the gun pulled out on me for things as simple as failure to signal it got to a point I thought it was NORMAL protocol. Now I’m 36 living in the burbs where cops treat ppl wayyy different.

    1. @Christian 153 I said the 1st 25 years of my life. You must be a real bum I thought ppl moved out at 18. Atleast I did but im sure that just runs in your family… lmao just weird. The only parent’s you need to worry about is the woman that spit out your brothers and sisters in the toilet.

    2. @Christian 153 No what’s a childish is assuming people in the projects don’t have jobs. What’s childish is ASSUMING and I don’t take the high road I love to stoop down. Lmaoooo

  4. What would news media reform look like? Election campaign and lobbyist reform look like? Pentagon and military reform look like? Pharma and insurance company reform look like? Yeah, that’s about what police reform will look like.

    1. @USN Corpsman it hasn’t been proven..you’ll get insults because thats what you deserve..you lost fair and square stay mad about it troll

    2. @Joe Blow I was raised to not take advantage of a defenseless person, so I’m not going to get in a battle of wits with you, if you can’t figure it out, that’s the least of your problems.

  5. Prob won’t look any different than before… they will set “goals” and not reach them and hope that people forget and move on to another topic till it happens again then everyone will again ask the question… it’s perpetual in nature.

    1. @GeminII* I can identify as anyone I please. I’m a black woman now. Oh look at me! Im a victim. Gimme money.

  6. “You’re travelling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a dangerous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. There is the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the DICTATOR Zone!”

    1. i dont know if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram account by using InstaPlekt. Find it on google 😉

  7. That is correct. City of Port Arthur Police officer caught & admitted to accepting bribes. Fired & then rehired due to union negotiations.
    So being a police officer in Port Arthur, Tx , its ok to accept bribes.
    Nothing that tax payors can do about it.

    1. @Desmond Joyner I’m waiting on all the prisoners Kamala Harris used to fight wildfires, to file a class action law suit over the cancer they likely all developed after being exposed to all the chemicals in the air…even actual fire fighters using protective gear are developing cancer and other problems related to their exposure. I will never understand how Republicans can be dumb enough to think Democrats are lefitsts, when they have been the ones who put forth the 1994 Crime Bill, and also militarized the police…nothing leftist about that right wing bullshit.

  8. There are many industries where if someone has committed a crime…..their organization will put you on a list that can be accessed by anyone….potential employers, employers from other states…..this needs to be done with the police departments as well. Imagine going to see a mental health therapist only to find out he/she is a sexual predator, same with a teacher…….catch my drift?…..

  9. In Germany we hardly have any car stops either. Unless you were speeding or something very obvious. It seems in the US it seems to happen all the time because they are incentivized to arrest people.
    And people call the police all the time for little things here too. But there are hardly ever any people who get killed.

  10. While no one talking about another stabbing . “Ohio girl, 13, stabbed to death, and another 13-year-old girl is charged with her murder”

    1. Since when does the Democrat propaganda machine (of which CNN is a part) care about any murder that doesn’t suit their racist narrative?

    2. Exactly. That’s why they disgust my soul. Not saying they’re aren’t bad cops out there, but it just seems like they are using the narrative to promote their disgusting agenda.

    3. @Truth’s Knight_0777 There are many more bad criminals than bad cops. But criminals are supposed to be bad.

    4. @antonio freire Wow. You just summed up the root of social degradation in that last statement. You see what you liberals fail to understand is that law enforcement isn’t the source of human socialization. The home has that responsibility. It’s convenient to blame the police for the death of someone, but, who do you blame for the failings of the people responsible for not having that person educated, cultured and socialized to the point of not being in that position to begin with? That’s why I draw the line at mourning the victim with a rap sheet as thick as a phonebook. That’s just me. I blame the parents.

    5. The obvious distinction to be made is whether the killer is captured, jailed, and will face criminal charges.

  11. Maybe they should be required to get a bachelor’s degree and go through training on “therapeutic communication” before they’re allowed on the streets. Also, create a licensing board with continued education requirements for license renewal

    1. Police in the US are woefully unqualified and undertrained. In most cities, you can join the police force with a GED, undergo an average of 19 weeks of police academy (about one semester), then get your badge and gun. There is more required training to become a manicurist and cut somebody’s nails, than to earn legal authority to use deadly force.

    2. @Alex vonehr They might have a probationary period for a year or two, but cops get a badge, a gun and full legal authority immediately after graduating from police academy. Look up any big city PD website and you can find information about hiring qualifications and training.

      Also, if you recall, Derek Chauvin was himself field-training new LEOs when he committed murder in broad daylight. Now those rookies have been fired and face criminal charges for listening to their training officer.

  12. I am still waiting since January 13, 2013 as to Kern County Sheriff’s reasons for their criminal behavior on that day towards me. I handed that officer state evidence and it was not placed into evidence. I told him it was important. Then May 4, 2017-May 9, 2016 and that officer’s crimes. Still waiting for the FBI to finish those investigations.

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