Atlanta Journal-Constitution Reporter Says Georgians Are Excited | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Reporter Says Georgians Are Excited | Deadline | MSNBC


Greg Bluestein, political reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, explains just how critical the Senate runoff elections in Georgia will be for the Biden presidency, and how Georgians are feeling about being at the center of the political conversation. Aired on 12/4/2020.
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Atlanta Journal-Constitution Reporter Says Georgians Are Excited | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Hey t’rump supporters!
    Your leader is right. It’s a waste of time for you to go vote because the elections are all “rigged.”
    So listen to t’rump and stay home!

    1. Ro G…… i don’t know if they’ll listen or not. I don’t know if the southern patriots have enough courage to stand up and step back. You’d have to be a REAL patriot to refuse to participate in a rigged election. It all comes down to manhood and balls, I guess. And love of country….

    2. … especially since the best the Democrats can win anyway is a TIE; boycott is the appropriate Republican response in Georgia.

    1. Trump is committing deliberate sabotage of our national security front line and America could be in danger because of it. Biden, do something and people in Ga. got to vote blue.

    2. @Donnie TRUMP go inject more disinfectants like your “god” asked you to… you clearly havent met your daily quota.

  2. I’m excited, too. Trump supporters will boycott the Georgia runoff election. Dems will soon have 50 seats in the senate. Sweet

    1. Or they are scamming someone again. There is supposed to be trouble Akers there, maybe they are trying to keep their loyalist safe or maybe they are just saying that to make Dems be lax not show up.

    1. @kraken Stomp
      There are watermarks AND bar codes on the ballots and/or envelopes.
      Makes me wonder which is harder to counterfeit, ballots or
      hundred dollar bills.

    2. @Richard Darlington there has been talk of it but it’s not been substantiated to my knowledge. (Watermarks)

    3. @kraken Stomp
      I would suppose it varies from state to state.
      Bottom line… this election was not “rigged.”

    4. @Omar Khan I’m hoping there’s a lot of campaign signs up and that these Democrats have good tv time to get Georgians more aware of how much it means and what it means to vote Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock because we’ll get better aid going through the thick of this International pandemic! And thank you for voting!

  3. Coming soon from the makers of The Crown, the story of the Trump moronarchy. It will be called The Clown.

    1. @Graeme Henchel Sad thing Is I am a dual citizen and not only know the law here but there as well since I have a place in Notts as well as business, and will be opening a law practice there.

    2. @John David Stutz you don’t like being corrected hey John. That’s okay there are many people who can’t admit mistakes some even become Presidents and Prime Ministers. By the way I am Australian. Good luck with your legal career but do be careful to read your briefs.

  4. I seriously don’t understand how Republicans can realistically believe the election was rigged yet come out and vote in Georgia.

    1. to prove to the cheaters and liars that we still have a mind to vote honestly. and declare out loud the conservatives intelligent people vote for not the communist demoncrats out to destroy America. give it up now and try for amnesty and you rat on your fellow enemy domestics for all the good that will do you.

    Barely making ends meet?
    Unemployment running out?
    Small business tanking?
    Tired of McConnell’s constant obstructionism?

    1. @Donnie TRUMP sorry for Kentuckians they voted Mitch, they might have to eat that blue grass. The blue state don’t have the money to bail them out .

  6. This is all part of the fascist agenda from the fascist handbook. Divide the country, delegitimize the news and media and elections. Try a coup. Thats the Republican plan.

    1. Have you seen the suit case video out of Fulton, what was going on there, tell everyone to leave and not come back until morning, then pull out 4 suit cases of ballots and keep counting. That looked a lot like cheating, I mean I know it can’t be because MSNBC and CNN has not covered it so it has to be a lie. I mean they tell the left how to think and believe what we tell you not what you see. I just think America should have fair elections and both party’s should want that, Right?

    2. No ,you will one day cry,it your freedom,it your rights,it your entitlement that if there is fraud it is uncovered.But more importantly it is the VALUE OF YOUR VOTE. You may not like Trump,you may not like Republican politics,but do yourselves the greatest favor you can give you children, Don’t embrace ignorance. There may be fraud,there may not be fraud, at the very least give the truth a fighting chance.

    1. What’s your feeling about who will be sent to the senate? 2 greedy wealthy people who don’t give two blips about human need, or the 2 men who truly care?

    1. @Elizabeth Brown
      yes , it IS very heartbreaking

      America has been conned by the biggest con artist they ever saw…
      barely – a- man , meanspirited , most definitely incredibly , pitifully underqualified for the role he was given
      .and heart breaking too that he doesn’t even have a single person to take him aside and say..finally….that is quite enough now…and so , he continues to unravel in front of the entire world

  7. Vote Blue Beautiful Savannah! The Republicans will take away your healthcare, Medicare and Social Security.

  8. Trump has fired all of his Pentagon advisers and replaced them with his loyalist. I think he’s planning to declare martial law

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